Meet the 'Dream Attic' Crew


Bobby Eichorn



What is your role within the 'Dream Attic' Band Tour?  

Stage Manager/ Guitar Tech/ Charity Musician!

As stage manager my job is to coordinate all aspects of the stage.
Getting things in their proper positions and creating a safe working environment. Also coordinating with the house manager and LD (Edmond) to make sure everything starts and ends on time. If there is more than one act it involves keeping the various musicians and bands in their respective time slots etc.

As guitar tech I tune and maintain instruments before, during and after the show.

I generally make sure the stage is functioning properly and everyone is comfortable and has everything they need to put on a great show.


How long have you and RT known each other and how did you meet?


I met and began working with RT in, I believe, 1998 or 1999. I received a call from Simon Tassano whom I met in 1995/96 when he was called in to replace the previous tour manager on a Carly Simon tour I was involved with. Both Michael Jerome and I started at the same time. I met Danny and Pete then as well. Also Teddy was playing in the band at that time. Taras I met in 2007 and Joel just recently in 2010.


Please list the equipment you brought on the road.


I always bring out new instruments from my collection for Richard to play. This time I brought one of my favorite white Telecasters with me but I don't think I will ever see it again at my house!  He flashed a big grin and put on his "Sweet Eyes" the first time he plugged it in. How can you say no to that! Besides it sounded so good in his hands and that makes me happy.

Please describe the 'Dream Attic' show visually and musically.  

That's easy! It's what Dream Attics are made of.


What is your favorite track on the new album and why?


I love them all except the really bad ones! Actually it will vary from time to time. This week I like "Sidney Wells", next week "A Brother Slips Away". So many great songs on "Dream Attic".

What song performance did you find the most challenging?  



How did you keep in shape during the tour? Did you follow any special diet or exercise regimen?


No, we spend so much time on our feet, being active during the day and the show that you get enough exercise. As for diet, Walkers shortbread cookies work for me!


What do you find to be the toughest part of touring?


Not enough sleep!

Can you share a favorite memory of the U.S. tour?

Too Many!

A brilliant guitar solo here and there.

Taras's face when he has to pay a fine. Also "Bass Face" is something to behold.

Wholesome Joel Zifkin drunk (aftershow) on the last night of the tour.

Nancy Covey's Hoover experience.

Recording Richard in a hotel room.

Negotiating money with RT by passing papers back and forth instead of speaking. (Real gangster like!)

Late night snacks with MJ.

Pete Zorn in general.

Simon totally drunk in love and mildly drunk at a French Bistro!

Russ receiving the coveted "Dube Award" for the largest single fine!

Edmond negotiating a price to bring his lady friend on the bus.

To travel from Boston to NY.

Leon singing Happy Birthday to his daughter in a way that has never been sung before or since!

Joining in with the band for a tune.

And a few hundred others!

How many fines did you accumulate and what were your DA road infractions?

Please share the fine system including how the kitty was spent!
  I had about $20.00 in fines mostly for bastardizing or changing words to songs and titles that are in the set.

Infractions in general include bad notes or chords, monitor/front of house mic squeals, bad lighting cues etc. Fines are $5.00 each.

Being late for bus or lobby calls is $1.00 per minute.

Michael won the prestigious "Johnny Come Latest" Award!

Taras won the "Golden Clam" Award only by the slightest margin! RT won it last time!

The kitty was I believe $471.00 this time and was spent at a steak house where the bill totaled over $800.00.

I look forward to Europe where fines are 5 quid. Dinner will be in Paris!

To what other RT projects or tours have you contributed?  

I believe I have done every band tour since '98 as well as most "1000 Years of Popular Music" and "Cabaret of Souls" performances.


More About Bobby Eichorn

Please summarize your background. Where do you call 'home'?  

I was born in New York  and have lived in many parts of the state and city over the years. I have also lived in San Francisco, Oslo and Trondheim, Norway but now reside in Austin, Texas.

How did you become interested in music?  

Jimi Hendrix of course!

Who got you started?  

My grandpa let me use his basement to make as much noise as I wanted!

Please list all the instruments you play.  

I play guitar, bass, can keep a beat on the drums and play really bad keyboard. I have a studio in my home and I'm not afraid to use it!

Are you self-taught or formally trained?  

I am self taught at many things as well as having learned things from those professionals that came before me.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?  

I have worked on projects from Classical to heavy metal and everything in between!


Who would you say are your greatest musical influences?


Too many to list.

First I would say Bjorn Nessjo for giving me my start as a writer. Bjorn is from Norway and is a brilliant producer. It is also where I learned many engineering and production skills. We have done many projects together in the 80's and 90's, along with Rune Nordahl who is a superb engineer. During that period we scored many Number One hits for the European market, as well as several Top Ten AOR hits in the USA and one Billboard Hot 100 single chart. I believe it only went to Number 46 so I can still maintain some credibility of not being in the top 40!

In recent years it is Richard. I had became very bored with music (mostly the bizz) and RT kind of re-sparked my interest in playing again. I sometimes go up to him on stage to swap out a guitar after a solo like "Can't Win" or a dozen others and have to kind of wait a few moments for him to come back to earth. He is physically standing there on the stage but the rest of him is definitely somewhere else! I remember that feeling of exploration and the sheer joy of playing and miss it very much. He reminds me of that every time I hear him play. Hell, at his worst he's better than the rest of the pack. I have been a player for a long time and have worked on tours or in studios in various positions with many of the "other greats" and nobody elevates electric guitar music like Thompson. He's not a big bag of licks or tricks, He's the real deal. Then he has the audacity to take the acoustic guitar to new heights as well. Oh yeah, then for kicks he writes brilliant songs & lyrics and just when you think you have him figured out he creates "Cabaret of Souls"!

I'll most likely get fined for saying all that because after all, both Richard and Bjorn are perhaps two of the most humble human beings I have ever met and to me that is truly their greatest influence on me.

Do you compose your own music?   Yes.
Are you a songwriter? A vocalist?   Yes.
Have you recorded solo projects? Are you a member of another band?  

I am in the process of recording one now and thrilled to have Richard Thompson playing a few solo's on it! If that were not enough Danny Thompson, Pete Zorn, Michael Jerome, Taras "Bass Face" Prodaniuk, Debra Dobkin, as well as many other musicians I have worked with over the years from Europe/New York and even some new ones in Austin have already played or are scheduled to play! Even good ol' Simon wants to mix a track!


With whom have you recorded/ toured?


To name a few: Carly Simon, Ian Hunter, Ben Taylor, Bon Jovi, T-Bone Wolk, Stage Dolls, Dance with a Stranger, Aretha Franklin, Hall & Oats, Tom Jones, Ol' Edvard Antonsen etc. etc. etc.

Oh yeah, and what's his name…
Richard Thompson!

What is the strangest venue or gig you've ever played?  

Parking lot in Nashville with RT.


What is your most memorable musical experience?


Too many so here's four:
Frank Zappa, Ann Sophie Mutter, RT, Carly.

What's the most 'rock star' thing that you've ever done?  

Way too many. It's a toss up between Carly Simon holding a private jet for me in Atlanta because she did not want me to have to fly commercial. (She is so sweet!)  Or, that lovely weekend in Sweden with the H....n sisters that I really can't talk about!


On what dream tour would you love to work with any past or present artist/band?


Hendrix/Thompson/Zappa Band would be fun!


If you had to give up music - what would you do to be creative?


I would be a private chef!


What advice do you have for people who want to pursue a musical career?


Follow your dreams but go to medical school first!

Tell us anything else that you would like people to know about you.  

Besides eating cookies with Michael Jerome… Lets see…. Oh yeah, I have more gold records and hits than Richard Thompson but I barely deserve to tune his guitars!

Thanks Boss, you're the best!

What is next for you?  

More of the same until I can't do it anymore!

How can fans learn more about you and your music?

New CD will be available on RT's website in 2011. Also on the merch tables at RT's live events.

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