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Pete Zorn



What is your role within the 'Dream Attic' Band Tour?   Woodwinds, guitar, mandolin, vocals, mediator (for fines).

How long have you and RT known each other and how did you meet? Describe the same for any other band members with whom you have a history.

  We met on the Gerry Rafferty tour when Richard and Linda's band were opening. I'd have to look up the year. I was in Gerry's band. (sleep well, Gerry.)

Please list the equipment / instruments you brought on the road.

Sopranino Sax
on "Money Shuffle", "Demons"
and "Sidney Wells"

Alto Sax
on "Al Bowlley" and "Tear Stained Letter"

Baritone Sax
on "Burning Man", "Bad Again"
and Bright Lights"

Eb Flute
on "Geordie" and
"Angels Took My Racehorse Away"

on "Among the Gorse"
and "One Door Opens"

on the rest.

Oh, and maybe
on the January tour!
Please describe the 'Dream Attic' show visually and musically.   Unfortunately, no one on stage can see what the lights do, so I'll stick to the music. The first half is the album itself, a fine body of music - it comes on musically and sounds more band-like than the previous tour but I think the recording still captures it well. The second set (after all the new material in one lump) is always well received by the audience and is a more relaxed set generally. Good fun!

What is your favorite track on the new album and why?

  This keeps changing with me. This time around it's "Stumble On" for it's dynamics and it's stately quality. Also, it's a good metaphor.
What song performance did you find the most challenging?   "Sidney Wells". The sopranino's "banshee" sound is tough to maintain. But pushing instruments is what it's all about. After "Sidney Wells" the little sopra goes to bed!

How did you keep in shape during the tour? Did you follow any special diet or exercise regimen?

  Being in shape when you come on tour is important. Walking is the best all-round exercise, so get out and see it all! Try to skip breakfast at least twice a week.

What do you find to be the toughest part of touring?

  The middle bit.
Can you share a favorite memory of the U.S. tour?
  It makes me smile to think of Edmond and the stage "rigging" he concocted for the tour. It must've been a mighty task putting that together on the floor of his apartment. But honestly, making ratlines the same diameter as the shrouds! And on top of that, no Matthew Walker stopper knots for the seizings on the dead-eye lanyards! I ask you, how can you tour under these conditions?
How many fines did you accumulate and what were your DA road infractions?   Not many, really. I'll try harder next time.

To what other RT projects or tours have you contributed?

  "Cabaret of Souls".

More About Pete Zorn

Where do you call 'home'?  

I was born in Somerset County, PA in 1950. Moved to Berea Ohio in 1955 and Phoenix AZ in 1961. On to L.A. in 1969 and London in 1971. Home is Gipsy Hill, South East London.

How did you become interested in music?   I can't even remember a time when I wasn't interested in music.
Who got you started? Was it with a different instrument?   I started with flute in the school band in Ohio. When we moved to Phoenix I found that the school band had too many flutes and "could I play one of the school Alto Saxes?". Silly question!
Please list all the instruments you play.   Saxes, flutes, recorder, mandolin, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, vocals.
Are you self-taught or formally trained?   Both. I think it's vital to read and "fake it" to be a real grown-up player, hence both. Everything I've learned that's been worthwhile I've learned in bands, but the formal training helped me to assimilate it.
What genre of music do you consider your work to be?   Folk and Rock.
Who would you say are your greatest musical influences?   Too many to list. Individual songs are my biggest influence - a great story well told. The writer tells the story, we illustrate it.
Do you compose your own music?   Every now and then but not for performance, more to see how things work.
Are you a songwriter? A vocalist?  

I've only written a handful over the years but singing, harmony singing, I've always loved.

Have you recorded solo projects? Are you a member of another band?  

No solo projects. I've been in 3 bands: FF&Z, Easy Street and WAZ.


With whom have you recorded/ toured?


Gerry Rafferty (on bass, not "Root-Toot Doody-Doo"!), Albion Band, Chris While, Simon Nicol, Steeleye Span and Beth Nielsen-Chapman.

What is the strangest venue or gig you've ever played?  

After 40 years, I can't even narrow it down!


What is your most memorable musical experience?


Again, too many. I guess I'm just lucky.

What's the most 'rock star' thing that you've ever done?  

Checked into a hotel.


On what dream tour would you love to play with any past or present artist/band?

  The Band.

If you had to give up music - what would you do to be creative?


Starve to death.


What advice do you have for people who want to pursue a musical career?


Get up in front of people as soon and as often as you can. This isn't a "virtual" profession.


Tell us anything else that you would like people to know about you.


I love my grandchildren!

What is next for you?  

Steeleye Span this Spring and Autumn (UK only). As for in-between, bring it on!

How can fans learn more about you and your music?   Google PETE ZORN.
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