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Dream Attic
Shout Factory, Proper Records  2010
1. The Money Shuffle
2. Among The Gorse, Among The Grey
3. Haul Me Up
4. Burning Man
5. Here Comes Geordie
6. Demons In Her Dancing Shoes
7. Crimescene
8. Big Sun Falling In The River
9. Stumble On
10. Sidney Wells
11. A Brother Slips Away
12. Bad Again
13. If Love Whispers Your Name


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Big Sun Falling In The River

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Shout Factory 2010, 826663-12112
Proper Records 2010, PRPCDX064
current status: Proper Records Release Date August 30, 2010
current status: Shout Factory Release Date August 31, 2010

Available Formats:
Audio CD
Deluxe 2 Audio CD Set w/13 song Acoustic Demo Disc
Vinyl 2LP set

All compositions written by Richard Thompson
Published by Beeswing Music (BMI), administered by Bug Music

Produced by Richard Thompson and Simon Tassano
Edited, Mixed and Complied by Simon Tassano at Rumiville, Austin TX
Mastered by Jim Wilson at Airshow Mastering, Boulder CO
Audio recorded live by Tony Brooke of at The Showbox, Seattle WA, The Aladdin Theater, Portland OR, The Shedd Arts Center, Eugene OR, The Van Duzer Theatre, Arcata CA and The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco CA.

DreamAttis Personae:
Richard Thompson: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Pete Zorn: Acoustic Guitar, Eb Flute, Sopranino Sax, Baritone Sax, Mandolin, Vocals
Michael Jerome: Drums, Vocals
Taras Prodaniuk: Bass, Vocals
Joel Zifkin: Electric Violin, Mandolin, Vocals

Russ Cole: Monitor engineer and production manager
Bobby Eichhorn: Guitar tech and stage manager
Simon Tassano: FOH engineer and tour manager

Thanks for their help on this project to:
Ed Haber, Nancy Covey, Tim Bernett, Frank Riley and all at High Road, Terri Baker, Lauren Hulstedt, Nancy Scibilia, Derek Dressler, Lauren Gaffney, Michael Ribas, Jeff Thompson, Fred, Mark and all at Westwood Music, Phil Garfinkel of Audix, John Jennings of Royer, Elixir Strings, Mates Rehearsal Facility, LA and all the fine staff at the various venues.

Management: Tim Bernett/Deep Blue Arts
Booking Frank Riley/High Road Touring (North America)
Paul Fenn/Asgard Agency (Europe)
Legal: Terri F. Baker, Esq.

Art Direction: Al Quattrocchi and Jeff Smith
Package Design: Tornado Design, L.A.
Attic Photography: Drew Reynolds
Live Photography: Pgs. 2, 10, 14-16: Annaliese Moyer,
Live Photography: Pgs. 6-7, 12-13: Valerie Shoaps,
A&R: Derek Dressler
Business Affairs: David McIntosh
Production; Jeff Palo
Artwork/Package Supervision: Karrie Stouffer
Editorial Supervision: Dorothy Stefanski
Project Assistance: Robert Kim