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Live, Love, Larf & Loaf
Rhino Records   1987
1. Wings ' la Mode
2. Killerman Gold Posse
3. Where's The Money?
4. Hai Sai Oji-San
5. Drowned Dog Black Night
6. Surfin' USA
7. DrumBo ogie
8. A Blind Step Away
9. The Second Time
10. Tir-Nan-Darag
11. Disposable Thoughts
12. Bird In God's Garden/Lost and Found
13. The Same Thing
14. Night Comes In
15. Invisible Means
16. Quick Sign/Suzanne
17. The Madness Of Love

Updated: 2.26.08

John French/Fred Frith/Henry Kaiser/Richard Thompson

current status: out-of-print in the U.S.; in-print in the U.K. on Fledg'ling Records

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Rhino Records c.d., RNCD-70831, U.S.A. [including two extra tracks: "DrumBo ogie" and "The Same Thing]
Demon Records c.d., FIEND-CD-102, U.K. [though unlisted, this includes the same extra tracks as the U.S. c.d.]
re-issue: Shanachie Records c.d., 5711, U.S.A. (also includes the same two extra tracks)
re-issue: Edsel Records c.d., DIAB-8038, U.K.
re-issue: Fledg'ling Records c.d., FLED-3067, U.K. [including the original two extra cd tracks: "DrumBo ogie" and "The Same Thing" and also adding four extra live bonus tracks, "Night Comes In", "Invisible Means", "Quick Sign/Suzanne", and "Madness Of Love"] The Bees Knees

Killerman Gold Posse, Drowned Dog Black Night, A Blind Step Away, Night Comes In, and Madness Of Love written by Richard Thompson and published by Beeswing Music
Tir-Nan-Darag written by Henry Kaiser/Richard Thompson and published by Beeswing Music
Wings a la Mode written by Adams-French
Where's The Money?, Lost And Found, and Quick Sign written by Fred Frith
Hai Sai Oji-San written by Shoukichi Kina
Surfin' USA written by Chuck Berry
The Second Time written by John French/Fred Frith
Disposable Thoughts, DrumBo ogie, Invisible Means, and Suzanne written by John French
Bird in God's Garden written by Hakim Conrad Archuletta
The Same Thing written by Willie Dixon

The original Rhino cd track order inserted the first bonus track, DrumBo ogie, to be following Surfin' USA and the second bonus track, The Same Thing, as the final track. The Shanachie and Fledg'ling c.d. re-issues maintain the original vinyl l.p. track order and add DrumBo ogie and The Same Thing to follow the original vinyl last track, Bird in God's Garden/Lost and Found; while the Fledg'ling cd adds its four additional live bonus tracks at the end following The Same Thing.

Produced by Henry Kaiser
Recorded March 1987, Mobius Music, San Francisco
Engineer: Oliver Di Cicco
Assistant engineer: Kay Hopper
Mixing: Oliver DiCicco + Fred Frith + Henry Kaiser
Mastering: Phil Brown
Shanachie c.d. remastered in 1996 by Paul Stubblebine at The Rocket Lab
Night Comes In, Invisible Means, Quick Sign/Suzanne, and Madness Of Love recorded live at The Ashkenaz, Berkeley, California and are previously unreleased.

John French: drums, vocals
Fred Frith: bass, violin, vocals
Henry Kaiser: guitar, sanshin
Richard Thompson: guitar, vocals

Hai Sai Oji-San is sung in the Okinawan language.
Fred Frith plays the second of the three guitar solos in the middle section of Tir-Nan-Darag.