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Invisible Means
Windham Hill Records   1990
1. Peppermint Rock
2. To The Rain
3. Lizard's Tail
4. March Of The Cosmetic Surgeons
5. Suzanne (J.French)
6. Quick Sign
7. Begging Bowl
8. Kalo Takariva (Requiem for Maurice Halison)
9. Invisible Means
10. Loch Lomond
11. The Book Of Lost Dreams
12. Days Of Our Lives
13. The Evening News
14. The Nearsighted Heron
15. Now That I Am Dead
16. Hunting Sunsets
17. Killing Jar
18. Play with Fire (live)

Updated: 01.10.09

John French/Fred Frith/Henry Kaiser/Richard Thompson

current status: out-of-print in the U.S.; in-print in the U.K. on Fledg'ling Records

Order from

Windham Hill Records c.d., WD-1094, U.S.A., 1990
Demon Records c.d., FIEND-CD-199, U.K.
re-issue: Edsel Records c.d., DIAB-8020, U.K.
re-issue: Fledg'ling Records c.d., FLED-3072, U.K.
[including one extra live bonus track "Play With Fire"]

Peppermint Rock, March Of The Cosmetic Surgeons, Begging Bowl, and Killing Jar
written by Richard Thompson and published by Beeswing Music
To The Rain, Suzanne, and The Evening News written by John French
Lizard's Tail, Quick Sign, and Hunting Sunsets written by Fred Frith
Kalo Takariva, The Book Of Lost Dreams, and The Nearsighted Heron written by Henry Kaiser
Invisible Means written by B. Adams/John French
Loch Lomond traditional
Days Of Our Lives written by Henry Kaiser/O. Salazar
Now That I Am Dead written by D. Blair/John French
Play With Fire written by Nanker Phelge

Produced by Henry Kaiser
Recorded at Mobius Music, San Francisco, California March 19-23, 1990
Engineer: Oliver DiCicco
Assistant engineer: Jane Scolieri
Mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California by George Horn
The Fledg'ling 2008 reissue adds as track 11 (between Loch Lomond and The Book of Lost Dreams) Play With Fire recorded live at The Ashkenaz, Berkeley, California.

John French: drums, lead vocal
Fred Frith: bass
Henry Kaiser: guitar
Richard Thompson: guitar, lead vocal

additional vocals:
Catherine Keen: mezzo-soprano
Bob Duskis: whistler