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Watching The Dark
Hannibal Records   1993
1. A Man In Need
2. Can't Win
3. Waltzing's For Dreamers
4. Crash The Party
5. I Still Dream
6. Bird In God's Garden/Lost and Found
7. Now Be Thankful
8. A Sailor's Life
9. Genesis Hall
10. The Knife-Edge
11. Walking On A Wire
12. Small Town Romance
13. The Shepherd's March/Maggie Cameron
14. Wall Of Death
15. For Shame Of Doing Wrong
16. Back Street Slide
17. Strange Affair
18. The Wrong Heartbeat
19. Borrowed Time
20. From Galway To Graceland
21. Tear Stained Letter
22. Keep Your Distance
23. Bogie's Bonnie Belle
24. Poor Wee Jockey Clark
25. Jet Plane In A Rocking Chair
26. Dimming Of The Day
27. Old Man Inside A Young Man
28. Never Again
29. Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song)
30. A Heart Needs A Home
31. Beat the Retreat
32. Al Bowlly's In Heaven
33. Walking Through A Wasted Land
34. When The Spell Is Broken
35. Devonside
36. Little Blue Number
37. I Ain't Going To Drag My Feet No More
38. Withered And Died
39. Nobody's Wedding
40. The Poor Ditching Boy
41. The Great Valerio
42. Twisted
43. The Calvary Cross
44. Jennie
45. The Hand Of Kindness
46. Two Left Feet
47. Shoot Out The Lights

The History Of Richard Thompson.
Retrospective 3 CD set.,

current status: in-print

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CD, HNCD-5303

Disc A
A Man in Need
1987 - 1988: Can't Win live (remix), Waltzing's for Dreamers, Crash The Party (live), I Still Dream, Bird In God's Garden/Lost And Found (French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson)
1969 - 1970:
Now Be Thankful Fairport Convention (remix), A Sailor's Life (Fairport Convention), Genesis Hall (Fairport Convention)
1981 - 1982: The Knife-Edge, Walking On A Wire (Richard & Linda Thompson), Small Town Romance (live), Shepherd's March/Maggie Cameron (live), Wall Of Death (Richard & Linda Thompson)

Disc B
1978 - 1980: For Shame Of Doing Wrong (Richard & Linda Thompson), Back Street Slide (Richard & Linda Thompson), Strange Affair (Richard & Linda Thompson), The Wrong Heartbeat (Richard & Linda Thompson), Borrowed Time (Richard & Linda Thompson)
1990 - 1992: From Galway To Graceland (live), Tear Stained Letter (live), Keep Your Distance, Bogie's Bonnie Belle (live), Poor Wee Jockey Clarke
1974 - 1975: Jet Plane In A Rocking Chair (Richard & Linda Thompson), Dimming Of The Day (Richard & Linda Thompson), Old Man Inside A Young Man (Richard & Linda Thompson), Never Again (Richard & Linda Thompson) Hokey Pokey, The Ice Cream Song (Richard & Linda Thompson), A Heart Needs A Home (Richard & Linda Thompson live), Beat The Retreat (remix)

Disc C
1985 - 1986: Al Bowlly's In Heaven (live), Walking Through A Wasted Land, When The Spell Is Broken (live), Devonside (live), Little Blue Number (live), I Ain't Going To Drag My Feet No More (live)
1972 - 1973: Withered And Died (Richard & Linda Thompson) Nobody's Wedding, The Poor Ditching Boy, The Great Valerio (Richard & Linda Thompson) Twisted
1983 - 1984: Calvary Cross (live), Jennie (live), Hand Of Kindness, Two Left Feet, Shoot Out The Lights (live)

Compilation produced by Edward Haber
All songs originating with Island Records (except A Sailor's Life, Now Be Thankful, and Beat The Retreat) mastered under the supervision of John Wood at The Hit Factory, London, February 1993- mastering engineer: Tim Young
Devonside mastered at Sterling Sound, New York September 1986-mastering engineer: Jack Skinner
All other songs mastered at Northeastern Digital, Inc., Southborough, Massachusetts, February 1993-mastering engineer: Dr. Toby Mountain
Additional mastering engineers: Mark Chalecki (Capitol Records), Joseph Palmaccio (PolyGram Records), and Dan Hersch (Digi Prep for Rhino Records)
Original mastering engineers: Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk (Capitol Records) and Phil Brown (Rhino Records)