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Daring Adventures
Polydor Records   1986
1. A Bone Through Her Nose
2. Valerie
3. Missie How You Let Me Down
4. Dead Man's Handle
5. Long Dead Love
6. Lover's Lane
7. Nearly In Love
8. Jennie
9. Baby Talk
10. Cash Down Never Never
11. How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
12. Al Bowlly's In Heaven

current status: in-print in the U.K. on BGO Records; out-of-print in the U.S.

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Polydor Records CD, 829-728-2, U.S.A.
re-issue: BGO Records CD, BGO 138, U.K.

All songs written by Richard Thompson and published by Beeswing Music

Produced by Mitchell Froom
Recorded at Sunset Sound, Sunset Sound Factory, Town House, Three and Larrabee Studios
Recording engineers: Larry Hirsch, Tchad Blake, and Dennis Kirk
Mixed by Neil Dorfsman
Digital editing: Larry Walsh
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York by Greg Calbi

Richard Thompson: guitar, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, theramin, vocals
Mitchell Froom: Hammond organ, piano, emulator, theramin
Jerry Scheff: electric bass, string bass
Mickey Curry: drums
Jim Keltner: drums on Missie How You Let Me Down, Lovers' Lane, and Al Bowlly's In Heaven
Alex Acuna: percussion
John Kirkpatrick: accordion, concertina
Chuck Fleming: fiddle
Philip Pickett: Chinese shawm, shawm, symphony, recorder
Clive Gregson: backing vocals
Christine Collister: backing vocals
Brian Taylor: cornet
Tony Goddard: cornet
David Horn: tenor horn
Brian Taylor, Tony Goddard, and David Horn courtesy of Fairey Engineering Band
Ian Peters: Euphonium