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Mirror Blue
Capitol Records  1994
1. For The Sake Of Mary
2. I Can't Wake Up To Save My Life
4. The Way That It Shows
5. Easy There, Steady Now
6. King Of Bohemia
7. Shane And Dixie
8. Mingus Eyes
9. I Ride In Your Slipstream
10. Beeswing
11. Fast Food
12. Mascara Tears
13. Taking My Business Elsewhere

current status: in-print in the U.K.; out-of-print in the U.S.

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Capitol Records LP , 0777-7-81492-1-7, UK, 1994
Capitol Records CD. 0777-7-81492-2-4, USA 1994

All songs written by Richard Thompson and published by Beeswing Music
On the vinyl l.p. issue the 8th song is titled: Brando Mumble, Mingus Eyes

Produced by Mitchell Froom
Engineered by Tchad Blake
Recorded at The Sound Factory, Los Angeles-2nd engineer: John Paterno
Additional recording at RAK Studios, London-2nd engineer: Henry Binns
Digital editing by Dave Collins at A&M Studios
Mastering by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Studios

Richard Thompson: vocals, guitar, mandolin
Mitchell Froom: keyboards

Jerry Scheff: bass, double bass
Danny Thompson: double bass on Easy There, Steady Now
Pete Thomas: drums, percussion
Alistair Anderson: English concertina, Northumbrian pipes
Tom McConville: fiddle
Martin Dunn: flute
Philip Pickett: shawms
John Kirkpatrick:accordion, Anglo concertina, bass concertina
Christine Collister: backing vocals
Michael Parker: backing vocals