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you? me? us?
Capitol Records  1996
1. Razor Dance
2. She Steers By Lightning
3. Dark Hand Over My Heart
4. Hide It Away
5. Put It There Pal
6. Business On You
7. No's Not A Word
8. Am I Wasting My Love On You?
9. Bank Vault In Heaven
10. The Ghost Of You Walks
11. Baby Don't Know What To Do With Herself
12. She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair
13. Hide It Away
14. Burns Supper
15. Train Don't Leave
16. Cold Kisses
17. Sam Jones
18. Razor Dance
19. Woods Of Darney

2 CD set

current status: in-print

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Capitol Records CD, CDP-7243-8-33704-2-9, USA, 1996

disc 1 (Voltage Enhanced)
Razor Dance, She Steers By Lightning, Dark Hand Over My Heart, Hide It Away, Put It There Pal, Business On You, No's Not A Word, Am I Wasting My Love On You?, Bank Vault In Heaven, The Ghost Of You Walks

disc 2 (Nude)
Baby Don't Know What To Do With Herself, She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair, Hide It Away, Burns Supper, Train Don't Leave, Cold Kisses, Sam Jones, Razor Dance, Woods Of Darney

All songs written by Richard Thompson and published by Beeswing Music

Produced by Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake
Recorded at Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood, California
Engineered by Tchad Blake
Additional recording and 2nd engineer: John Paterno
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios Inc., Portland, Maine

Richard Thompson: guitar, vocal, mandolin, hurdy gurdy
Simon Nicol: guitar
Mitchell Froom: keyboards
Jerry Scheff: electric bass, disc 1
Danny Thompson: acoustic bass, disc 2
Jim Keltner: drums
Pete Thomas: drums
Suzie Katayama: cello
Sid Page: violin
Tchad Blake: guitar on Razor Dance
Christine Collister: vocals
Teddy Thompson: vocals