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Henry the Human Fly
Island Records  1972
1. Roll Over Vaughn Williams
2. Nobody's Wedding
3. The Poor Ditching Boy
4. Shaky Nancy
5. The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
6. Wheely Down
7. The New St. George
8. Painted Ladies
9. Cold Feet
10. Mary And Joseph
11. The Old Changing Way
12. Twisted

Updated: 8.22.04

Current status: in-print in the U.K. on Fledg'ling Records;
out-of-print in the U.S.

ILPS-9197/IRSP-20 UK
Warner Bros./Reprise Records LP, MS-2112, USA
Re-issue: Hannibal Records LP, CGLP-4405, USA
Re-issue: Hannibal Records CD, HNCD-4405, USA
Re-issue: Fledg'ling Records, FLED-3045, U.K.

All songs written by Richard Thompson and published by Warlock Music Ltd.

Produced by Richard Thompson and John Wood for Witchseason Productions Ltd.
Recorded at Sound Techniques Ltd., London
Engineered by John Wood

Shaky Nancy is dedicated to Big Muldoon

Richard Thompson with:
Timi Donald: percussion, vocals
Pat Donaldson: bass, vocals
Sandy Denny: vocals; also piano on Painted Ladies
Linda Peters: vocals
David Snell: harp
Jeff Cole: trombone
John Defereri: tenor sax
Clay Toyani: trumpet
Sue Draheim: fiddle (Sue alone plays on The Poor Ditching Boy)
Barry Dransfield: fiddle
John Kirkpatrick: accordion (accordion played by Richard
on Roll Over Vaughn Williams)
Andy Roberts: dulcimer
Ashley Hutchings: vocal