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RT Covers by Others I
RT Covers by Others 

Updated 07.23.10

An incomplete list of Richard Thompson songs as recorded by others

  • Albion Sunrise
    Albion Country Band-Battle Of the Field, Island Records, HELP-25, U.K./Antilles Records, AN-7027, U.S.A./Carthage Records, CGLP-4420, U.S.A./BGO Records, BGO-CD-354 also on Ashley Hutchings-Burning Bright: The Life And Music Of Ashley "Tyger" Hutchings, Free Reed Music, FRQCD-50, U.K., 2005

    English Air (Vo and Rachel Fletcher)-English Air, Paradise Records PAR-1001, U.K.

    Ashley Hutchings-The Guv'nor's Big Birthday Bash, HTD Records, HTD-CD-39, U.K.
    re-issue: Talking Elephant Records, TECD-033,U.K

  • Al Bowlly's In Heaven
    Norma Waterson-The Very Thought Of You,
    Hannibal Records, HNBL-1430, U.K.

  • The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
    Dave Burland-His Master's Choice: The Songs Of Richard Thompson, The Road Goes On Forever,
    RGFCD-009, U.K.

    Hedgehog Pie-Just Act Normal, Rubber Records,
    RUB-024, U.K.

    Hedgehog Pie-Live!, Blue Guitar Records,
    BGCD-023, U.K.

  • Baby Don't Know What to do With Herself
    Heather Mcleod - Crossing Tides, Record Label:
    Leod, EAN:5031642625424

  • Bad News Is All The Wind Can Carry
    Brass Monkey-Brass Monkey, Topic Records,
    12TS-431, U.K./re-issued on The Comlete Brass Monkey,
    Topic Records, TSCD-467, U.K.

    The Lark Rise Band-Lark Rise Revisited,
    Talking Elephant Records, TECD-124, U.K.

  • Beat the Retreat
    June Tabor-on Beat The Retreat: Songs By Richard Thompson [various artists compilation],
    Capitol Records, CDP-0777-7-95929-2-O, U.S.A.
    also available on June Tabor-
    Always, Topic Records, TSFCD-4003

  • Beeswing
    Roy Bailey-Coda, Fuse, CFCD404, 2001

    Mary Lou Lord-Live City Sounds, Rubric Records,
    RUB-30, U.S.A.

    Christy Moore-Burning Times,
    Sony & BMG/Columbia Records/Newberry Recording,
    82876739682, Ireland & U.K.

    Tom McConville-Tommy on the Bridge, Tomcat Music, TCCD06, UK 2007

  • A Blind Step Away
    June Tabor-Angel Tiger, Green Linnet Records,
    GLCD-3074, U.S.A.

  • Burns Supper
    Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy - Adieu False Heart
    Vanguard Records, ASIN: B000FP2IYQ

  • Cajun Woman
    The Ashley Hutchings All-Stars-As You Like It,
    Making Waves Records, SPIN-CD-135, U.K.

  • Calvary Cross
    Black Flowers-I Grew From A Stone To A Statue
    Bo'Weavil Recordingtsa, weavil-34CD, U.K.

    Home Service-The Mysteries: Music from the National
    Theatre Production of The Nativity, The Passion,
    Doomsday, Coda Records, NAT-001, U.K./
    Fledg'ling Records, FLED-3014, U.K.

    Peter Laughner & Friends-Take The Guitar Player For A Ride, Tim/Kerr Records, TK-93-CD-043, U.S.A.

  • Can't Win
    Christine Collister-Blue Aconite, Fledg'ling Records,
    FLED-3010, U.K.

  • Civilisation
    Iain Matthews-Spot of Interference, Rockburgh Records, 2383-582, U.K./RSO Records, RS-1-3092, U.S.A. Line Records, LICD-9.00060-O, Germany

  • Cold Feet
    The Bushwackers Band- Murrumbidgee,
    Boot Records, BOS-7196, Canada/
    Image Records, ILP-776, Australia

  • A Commercial Proposition
    Matthews' Southern Comfort-Matthews' Southern Comfort, UNI Records, UNLS-108, U.K./Decca (MCA) Records, U.S.A./BGO Records, BGO-CD-313, U.K.

  • Crazy Man Michael
    (written by Richard Thompson/Dave Swarbrick)

    Dave Burland-His Master's Choice: The Songs Of Richard Thompson, The Road Goes On Forever, RGFCD-009, U.K.

    The Buskers-The Buskers,
    Hawk Records, HALPX-142, Ireland

    Fairport Convention-In Real Time,
    Island Records, 7-90678-2, U.S.A

    Fairport Convention-Old New Borrowed Blue,
    Woodworm Records, WRCD-024, U.K./
    Green Linnet Records, GLCD-3114, U.S.A.

    Fairport Convention-Acoustically Down Under 1996: The Woodworm Archives-Vol. Two, Talking Elephant Records, TECD-081, U.K.

    Fairport Convention-Beyond The Ledge: Filmed Live At Cropredy '98, Image Entertainment, ID-5868-CLDVD (DVD)/ID-6219-CL, U.S.A

    Fairport Convention-Live At Open Air Burg Herzberg, Germany - 16th of July 1999, Think Progressive, CD-033,Germany
    Natalie Merchant-The House Carpenter's Daughter,
    Myth America Records, U.S.A

    Dave Swarbrick-English Fiddler: Swarbrick Plays Swarbrick, Naxos World, 76045-2, U.S.A

  • Died For Love
    Dolores Keane-Dolores Keane, DKLP-1, Ireland/Wundertute, CD-TUT-72.136, Germany