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JANUARY 1-31, 2011
"January 2, 2011"
Northamptonshire Congratulations to Richard on his much deserved, long overdue OBE.
Louisiana Not enough publicity
Dumfries, Scotland simply the best of the best
Vermont I enjoy all of Richard's work. I am wondering if he has ever considered doing an entire album of traditional songs. Something akin to 1000 Years of Popular Music, but geared more toward old folk or blues tunes? Just a thought - love everything he does
California Actually, listening since 1971 ... Major Congrats on the OBE Award from the Queen.
"January 3, 2011"
Cheshire Congratulations on the OBE, very well deserved.
Virginia Thank you!
Galway I have known Richard's music fir a long time but it seems to speak to me more of late... Am thinking of trying to make a folkish ( ! ) cd and would love to record Dimming of the day but need to make it mine first.. it is one of my favourite songs of all t
Yorkshire I haven't found RT's website user-friendly-in that I just wanted to check the tour dates and cannot spot "Tour Dates"-of course I may have failed the intelligence test!!!!!!!!
Oklahoma LOVE IT!!!! Hope that you will come through Oklahoma!!!
"January 4, 2011"
Ontario Just lookin' at your tour dates. It will be warm in Toronto by June-July. How about it?
California Congrats on the OBE!
"January 5, 2011"
Missouri Haul Me Up kicks butt! Our horses love it!
California I am looking forward to the Santa Cruz CA show.
"January 6, 2011"
Baden-Wuerttemberg Congratulations on the OBE ,well deserved.Your guitar playing is a big inspiration.
"January 7, 2011"
NSW It's a long time between drinks here in Australia.... when will Richard head down to the Antipodes?
New York Thank you so much, Mr. Thompson! Gradually building my collection. It's all brilliant stuff.
Nevada Where talking about you at
"January 8, 2011"
Plaisir Quite simply the best!
"January 9, 2011"
Chesterfield thanks for many hours of entertainment over the years
"January 10, 2011"
California I loved the Vincent Black Lightning song you did for KFOG, Live From the Archives. thank you
"January 11, 2011"
West Lothian, Scotland Small Town Romance is my favourite album. I like the solo acoustic guitar and playing things in different tunings
"January 13, 2011"
Yorkshire You should know, Rhino UK have taken payment for a copy of Shoot Out the Lights; they tell me its out of stock when my account says its in stock; offered a refund but didn't pay; have now stopped responding to my emails. Result £20+ spent, nothing to show for it. Maybe not a good company to use? Thanks for listening!
Hawaii Great website! We love Bees and Music!!
"January 14, 2011"
Florida I'm a DJ on WSLR 96.5 Sarasota Florida, my show is called "aerial boundaries" and airs every tow weeks on wednesday nights, 7 to 9, featuring fingerstyle guitar music...most of the time
Cádiz I've been listening to his music since Fairport Convention's first album. How long's that?
Texas Tell him I said thanks. Thanks for everything.
"January 15, 2011"
London One of my all-time musical heroes!
"January 16, 2011"
Illinois Just keep doing what you're doing, Sir.…
"January 17, 2011"
Manchester Hi Richard and gang.Ace gigs at The Lowry,Salford.Never expected 'Racehorse'....brilliant! Doffing my cap for the OBE....we are not worthy etc! Saw Albion Band recently and Fairport soon. Thanks to all for quality music since late 60s....Love to all
Anglesey, Wales Great gig Saturday at the Lowry! Every time it is still astounding! Loved the violinist and the harmony vocals - as well as all the 'usual'. Thanks!!!!!!!
"January 18, 2011"
Carmarthenshire, Wales I am bringing my 12 yr old daughter to Richard's concert in Cardiff - her first ever proper gig (as opposed to festivals) to celebrate her Dad's birthday. Her Dad, Buz was the son of the wonderful Dolly Collins and a talented musician himself - Richard was one of his musical heroes. Sadly, Buz took his own life 8 years ago, and I hope this gig may ignite a connection to her musical heritage and give us some quality music blasting out her room for a change. Thank you for your art and the healing it inspires.
Henley on Thames Thanks for a storming show at Aylesbury. 17-1-11. Come back soon Thanks
Cleveland I really started listening to Richard at the concert he did at the Sage year or so ago. I have been aware of Richard for many years and always admired him but a live performance is the best introduction to him. He is a National Treasure.
"January 19, 2011"
England Don't EVER stop performing live.
Yorkshire Saw you in York on latest tour, superb. Last 3 times I've seen you have been fantastic experiences. Tour with Danny Thompson and the 1000 yrs at the Meltdown in London last year. I know the response in York and Salford was fantastic, my old friend Maart and my sister saw you there and were blown away. So good luck with the rest of the tour and thanks for the memories. I have to say my son, now in his 20's is a big fan ever since he nicked the characters and part of the plot from Cooksferry Queen as part of his English asignment (GCSE), he got an A for it, but failed to credit RT as a key source! You see you can never know the impact you have!
"January 20, 2011"
Middlesex Thanks for so much joy. Look forward to seeing your concert at Royal Festival Hall on 2/2/11
Virginia I'm always interested in knowing when R.T. will be in the area for a show.I saw him in N.Y.C. at Irving Plaza and became an instant fan. Long life and health, Richard!
London Music for life for dreams in heaven
"January 21, 2011"
Massachusetts Great guitarist. Doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Don't get me started on how great a songwriter he is!!
Netherlands This is music. Real great.
"January 22, 2011"
Staffordshire "Just to say a HUGE thanks for bringing so much extraordinary music into my life,from Fairport days,with Linda,and lots of solo stuff...all of it fabulous!"
Eltham, Greater London First saw you in concert in Cantebury on 1000yrs music tour, then this month in London, but I've really listened since Fairport days. Brilliant, keep on with the music
California I have just purchased tickets to Richard's upcoming performance @ the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz Ca.I wish I could have afforded Gold circle! I look forward to it very much…
Bristol I was really overwhelmed to have you dedicated a song to me at the Bristol gig tonight, because of my "health issues" - thank you so much. Thanks again for an amazing show. Best wishes
Hampshire just seen dream attic tour at salisbury. brilliant! mrs now a confirmed fan too. a set for cropredy?
New York When I was in Reno, Nevada my friend from Australia said that all he knew about Reno was a reference in a Richard Thompson song. I'd heard about RT for years and am now catching up. Going to Istanbul for 4 months so adios for now.
Bristol Rest assured that the dedication was very much appreciated - and "Racehorse" is a favourite of mine, and I intend to stay "in the running" for a while yet. Thanks again!
"January 23, 2011"
Bristol Thanks for another great night at the Colston Hall!
Middlesex Great show at the RFH London on the 18th Jan!
Cardiff, Wales Just returned from a fabulous concert at St. Davids Hall, Cardiff. You always blow us away.
Pennsylvania Last concert I saw RT was at the Philadelphia Folk Fest in August '10. Starting to go into withdrawal. Need to see RT in 2011. Hope he will return to the area
"January 24, 2011"
Cardiff, Wales Great show in Cardiff last night!! Sorry about the mad man in the crowd, he was just saying he loved the show.
North Carolina RT, please come to the Charlotte, NC, USA area!
"January 25, 2011"
Buckie, Scotland I'm still getting over "sneaky boy" just another of his to the point lyrics, that have the accuracy of a sniper. It must be some sort of masochism, thankyou, truth hurts.
Bristol Richard Thompson is part of my life
Glasgow, Scotland Just seen RT tonight live at the Glasgow Concert hall, Fking pure dead brilliant! best concert this decade so far!! I'm only a young guy whos only just discovered RT but thats me now a fan for life!
"January 26, 2011"
Glasgow, Scotland Loved the show in Glasgow last night
Glasgow, Scotland Thanks for the show in Glasgow last night. The new stuff is great. No doubt these will be well known favourites in the years to come! Thanks again RT..really enjoyed it.
Melbourne Please could you tell me some track on which you play accordion. Hope you're touring here again soon.
UK Thank you for such wonderful music!
"January 27, 2011"
Troon, Scotland Attended the Glasgow Gig on Jan 25th.Loved all the new album tracks but of course the night would not be complete without hearing all the hits......with a small h!!! RT=pure genius. X
Essex keep rocking on can i buy Strict tempo on C D or by download concert booked for 2 02 2011
Wales The man is my musical hero - a total one off.
"January 28, 2011"
Nottingham Saw Richard and band tonight-- so brilliant
Brum My first introduction to RT was on John Peel's show - circa 1972. Have enjoyed the music ever since. The quality has never slipped.
Illinois One of the greatest live performers I have ever seen, at least a dozen times, always tremendous.
Tennessee My Wife bought "Walking On A Wire (1968-2009)" for me for Christmas and I am enjoying it immensely, but I can't make out all of the lyrics. Where can I see the lyrics for the box set? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
"January 29, 2011"
Pennsylvania Getting back into FC and early stuff. Still rocks
England Having seen a lot (A LOT) of live gigs, I've never seen anything to compare to Richard
Oxfordshire My open mic night (OX2 6BT), best in Oxford, clashes with Richard's Oxford gig tomorrow, but if Richard has nothing to do after his gig we're on till 10.40!!! Love the music.
England With such a good fiddle player on the current tour, could Richard please consider playing Devonside. Its such a great song
"January 30, 2011"
England mr thompson is not without some talent
Melbourne Any plans to come to Australia?
Debryshire Just been to the concert in Nottingham – Brilliant covers it with RT’s lyrics and playing – FANTASTIC plus all the Band too. A FANTASTIC NIGHT.
Lichfield Was at Warwick Arts on Friday- great show
Kent Please don't share my details with anyone - just let me know event detais please!
"January 31, 2011"
Leicestershire Saw Richard in Warwick over the weekend - wonderful stuff as ever. Great music, great playing and a very funny man, too.
Buckinghamshire Saw Richard in Oxford last night - one of the best concerts I have ever seen and I've seen a lot
Gloustershire Was at the Oxford gig last night - scorching and absolutely beautiful. The sound of that guitar will stick in my mind for a long time. Thank you for that.
Washington Please come to the great Northwest!