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JANUARY 1-31, 2012
"January 1, 2012"
Alabama Newbie to his enthralled....CANNOT get enough
"January 2, 2012"
California Dear Mr. Thompson, Have listened to your music since about 1970. Attended '1000 Years of Popular Music' at Royce Hall a while back, (unfortunately) the only time I've heard you 'live'. Didn't want to leave this world without thanking you. You're fabulous. Have enjoyed your work. Thanks!
"January 4, 2012"
Normandy keep going !
"January 5, 2012"
Adelaide I have seen Richard Thompson live both in England and Australia. As I now live in aus when he tours its like being visited by an old friend. Last concert at norwood south aus was fantastic never ever disappoints!! When will he come to australia again???? Desperate!!!!
"January 8, 2012"
New York Missed you last year - would very much like to see you this year
"January 12, 2012"
Georgia please come back to atlanta ga. a s soon as you can. thanks richard!!!
"January 13, 2012"
Leicestershire Intersted in any future concert opportunities in the East Midlands
"January 14, 2012"
Oregon In exile in Yachats. Listening to RT is my link to civilization.
"January 15, 2012"
Pennsylvania Just discovered Richard from watching Sons of Anarchy. His song "Dad's gonna kill me" peaked my interest in his music;;;;; and on from there !!
"January 16, 2012"
California would love to be emailed tour dates as they come (want him back in sf).
California You are my musical idol! You never stop moving forward with your creativity! You know no boundaries!
"January 17, 2012"
New Mexico Saw you play in August 2010 in Albuquerque at the Art Museum amphitheater - the most awesome concert - you played so well and so many many favorites
"January 19, 2012"
USA I heard Richard's song, "Dad's Going to Kill Me". It went right to my heart. Few musicians can do that to me. I look forward to hearing more of Richard's work.
California Vincent Black Lightning moves me to tears...thanks
Wexford i love richards songs gifted man i ve been playing guitar since 75 and have just started writing songs ! but when i listen to farewell farewell or beeswing i realise just how good a song can be ! i ll never be able to write a song one millionth as good as the great one
"January 22, 2012"
California He is an artist I truly follow and look forward to hearing more of his genius. #69 please the other 68 know better!
"January 23, 2012"
Arizona Thank You for all those wonderful songs!!
"January 24, 2012"
Maine great sounds
"January 25, 2012"
Middlesex First saw Richard in Fairport Convention at Usher Hall, Edinburgh - November 1970
"January 27, 2012"
Banbury Oxon Tour more in the uk???!!!
"January 28, 2012"
Rhode Island Great songs, great guitar, amazingly tasteful and endlessly interesting!
"January 30, 2012"
USA Thank you for accompanying me on my life's journey!
"January 31, 2012"
Auckland love it
California used to listen to fairport convention from time to time. Richard is indeed a special and gifted person