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FEBRUARY 1-28, 2011
"February 1, 2011"
Bristol Thanks to Richard for the brilliant Bristol show,I was in the front row and we had a little joke about 'half time and oranges'It was a great performance by you and a terrific band, thanks again.
Aylesbury Just to let UK viewers know that my Mastermind appearance on "The Life and Music of Richard Thompson" will be screened on Friday Feb 11th at 8 o'oclock on BBC2
Hants Saw the show in Basingstoke. Great gig. He makes it look so easy! Can I have him as my luxury item on Desert Island Discs please?
Florida Saw the show in Basingstoke. Great gig. He makes it look so easy! Can I have him as my luxury item on Desert Island Discs please?
"February 2, 2011"
Oxfordshire I met Richard backstage on Sunday (30 January, Oxford New Theatre) and told him my boss loved Unhalfbricking and would like his autograph. That same boss would very much like to invite Richard to dinner at High Table or in his lodgings, and wondered whether Richard would be interested in working with the choir. Can't find another way to get in touch, so using this. It was a staggeringly great concert; the way they did Hey Joe off the cuff was extraordinary and great.
Newbury, Berks Saw Richard and the Band last night at Basingstoke and totally blown away. Met Richard after the show, what a gent. Can't wait for the next time.
Suurey I SO enjoyed the gig at the Anvil in Basingstoke. I wish I'd seen Richard before now but I'm a bit of a latecomer!
West Liss luv his music! plus I play guitar too
Wisconsin love the music.I can only dream of ever playing and writing so artisticly
"February 3, 2011"
Mountsorrel Richard, well done on you OBE, much deserved. Saw you again in Nottingham on 26th January, simply brilliant.
England you rock! Listen to my Myspace please I am a singer songwriter too…
London Saw Richard and the band three times on the recent Dream Attic tour - twice at the Festival Hall, London, and once at the Anvil Theatre, Basingstoke. Each performance was marvellous and so enjoyable - truly inspirational. A big thank you to Richard, Nancy, the band and all the crew (sound was brilliant!), from me and my wife, Sue. p.s. Any chance of doing another "Strict Tempo"-type album??
"February 4, 2011"
Ohio Night Comes In !!!!!!
"February 5, 2011"
North Carolina Yours in NC, 2006 was the final concert that the love of my life and I attended after 25 years of great musical performances ... you will forever hold a special place in my heart. Our 23-year-old son is a fellow RT enthusiast--- A dream of mine is that he and I will have the opportunity to see you...hope to see you in NC soon! Oh, and thanks for the music.
Dublin also love lindas singing and saw teddy in the academy dublin recently excellent.will richard come to dublin soon
"February 6, 2011"
West Sussex The older he gets the better he gets.
West Sussex When are you touring in the uk again?
"February 7, 2011"
Bagnolet Fabulous show in Paris 6 Feb 2011. Great jams. Love the line-up, especially the addition of the fiddle. Any chance of a live album from this tour?
"February 8, 2011"
Amsterdam Tonight (Februari 8, 2011) a concert in Amsterdam, looking forward to it!
Napoli I need a DVD with dad's gonna kill me
Arizona Tasty guitar slinger.
"February 9, 2011"
Boechout first time i saw Richard was at the Sevilla '92 concert.
USA Clearly I_ve failed as a parent. The other day I noticed my 14-year-old daughter humming _Beeswing_ to herself in the kitchen. I asked how she learned the song. Turns out that through the vagaries of family syncing she ended up with a healthy dose of RT on her iPod. _It_s one of my favorite songs,_ she told me. Feeling pretty good about that, I said that I was sure Mr. Thompson himself would be pleased to learn that his music was reaching another generation. _Oh,_ she asked without hesitation, _Is he still alive?_ Please carry on, Mr. Thompson, and I'll try to pick up the slack on my end.
"February 10, 2011"
Western Australia christy moore put me on to you and i love it, keep up the good work
California Any chance of dragging the electric trio to Los Angeles? That should be an exciting show.
"February 11, 2011"
Dorset a guitarist of natural beauty invoking feelings of joy wonderment and restfulness,and a great encourager to play the guitar
New Jersey was exposed to his music late but do so appreciate it! Saw Richard in concert at Town Hall NYC fairly recently, plan to see him in concert again…
Pennsylvania Richard is my favorite musician.
"February 12, 2011"
Minnesota I saw Richard for the first time in 2010 at First Avenue in Mpls. Almost got kicked out for throwing ice at a guy who stood right in front of our table blocking my view. Lied to the bouncer about committing the offense and greatly enjoyed the show, whew. Currently talking my wife into going to another show in California. She's weakening. Go Richard!
"February 13, 2011"
County Durham keep on doin what you do
Virginia I am fortunate to be able to get on a ship today ( And see and hear richard and other great artists for a week.
Warwickshire Amazing gig at Warwick Arts! How could I have been without your music in my life for so long?!
New York You and your music have enriched my life immeasuably! Thanks much!
Leicestershire well done with that OBE mate. your music (particularly the stuff with Linda) kept me going through some difficult times. I saw you at leicester Poly when you were overtly muslim (We had to smuggle alcohol into the venue under our coats!) and a few years later when you played at the Phoenix theatre in Leicester when you basically walked up and down the aisle asking folks what they wanted to hear and then played it, fantastic stuff. I like your miserable stuff so theres plenty to choose from. Cheers
"February 14, 2011"
Victoria He just gets better & better. Dream attic is brilliant.
"February 15, 2011"
Antwerp I'd love to see him live again
Inverness, Scotland On your next UK tour, please play Inverness, or as close to it as possible!
St Maur des Fossés Richard might like to read this piece about a Vincent
Michigan Thanks and thanks; I return to your stuff again and again: I never tire of your work (though I sometimes skip over the very darkest material I appreciate your exploring those dark, almost unspeakable, characters).
"February 16, 2011"
Yorkshire unable to find any recording of RT singing 'farewell, farewell?'
Birmingham, West Midlands I recently watched Richard with two other artists at a small venue and thought him elegant and humerous.
Shropshire Review / photos of RT at warwick on Midlands Rocks Website - link below-
Cornwell Oh my Thompson, Nicol, Hutchings, Denny, Swarbrick of long,long ago. May I salute you all
"February 18, 2011"
Ontario "Hey I'm only 60, not over sixty.It was only natural I'd end up being a fan as we share the same name, play guitar and grew up at the same time."
"February 19, 2011"
New York I used to be able to see your shows at least twice a year....they charged my batteries....back in money no time.....miss you...videos are great! ......Deborah
"February 20, 2011"
Warwickshire Saw him in concert in coventry this year, fantastic.
New York He keeps doing amazing things, a true artist.
"February 21, 2011"
Isle of Wight simply one of the best
England Discovered this gifted singer songwriter far to late in life, but I'm making up for lost time! Would love to see the man in concert.
"February 22, 2011"
Staffordshire Just amazing
Maryland Just was on the Cayamo Cruise where I saw and loved all of Richard's performances!!!
"February 24, 2011"
South Carolina come back to the upstate of south carolina soon, we miss you.
"February 25, 2011"
Oregon Husband has been listening for 40. Been enjoying you a lot on our local independent radio station KBOO lately. Will look forward to a visit here in Portland Ore. which must be a sister city to one in the British Isles. A lot of pirates here. Thanks!
"February 26, 2011"
Dumfriesshire, Scotland In awe of this man's his songs on my guitar at every chance…
Bromley fab music
"February 27, 2011"
Kent What a star!
"February 28, 2011"
North Carolina Yes, just two actually. Wow an OBE.. will his ego be able to get through the door? Joke.. Congrats to someone most deserving. All the best
Illinois ...visionary forms dramatic... - william blake -