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FEBRUARY 1-29, 2012
"February 1, 2012"
California Was introduced to your music via a link on the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's "Center Stage" link. Sad to just now have found your music, but more happy that I have!
"February 3, 2012"
Florida I saw Richard for the second time tonite in Tampa. Went to a concert years ago at Janus Landing in St Petersburg. Both shows were fantastic and inspiring. Thanks Richard!!!
"Febraury 4, 2012"
Texas Saw electric trio last year Austin TX - first time live since 1973 with Fairport. Best live performance ever. Sorry you won't be at the Old Settlers Festival again this year.
"Febrary 6, 2012"
Aceh british kingdom following you...:) good sign for muslim in British...Allah bless you..
"February 7, 2012"
Florida Great stuff! learned shoot out the lights from a cover by bob mould. Def a classic and a new favorite for me for all times!
New York the best!
Pennsylvania How I long for a Lowden I cannot put into words
"February 8, 2012"
Wirral Great to see Pete Zorn in the band - really enhances the experience.
"February 9, 2012"
Virginia Come to Tidewater sometime.
New York The absolute best in cynicism and guitar playing.
"February 11, 2012"
Washington saw richard in seattle on his last stop and he sounds better than ever
Massachusetts Will you perform in Baku?
"February 12, 2012"
West Midlands sorry I'm so late to the party that is RT!
Ontario how I wish that musicians of RT's caliber were leading the music industry! but I'm glad to know some of his music, just the same
Texas Camayo 2012 - What a wonderful surprise! Wife, Jaci, and I saw your acoustic solo set, your trio, and Loud and Rich. You have two new fans. I have several performance photos to share if you're interested.
"February 13, 2012"
Pennsylvania Just foot back from Cayamo 2012. Outstanding performances as always!
New York you rocked on cayamo
Pennsylvania Just got home from my first Cayamo, you were one of my absolute favorites!! Hope to catch you again sometime soon !!!!
Massachusetts He is fantastic
"February 14, 2012"
Utah of course i love your music. thanks for giving we mere mortals a glimpse into your soul.
Pennsylvania cant wait to see you at the city winery
"February 15, 2012"
Florida Thank you for every appearance on Cayamo 2012. And at Ponte Vedra the week before. I'm so overwhelmed.
Texas The best guitarist I've ever seen. Traded every ticket I had on cayamo to see every one of your shows! Hope to see you next year.
Kent Started as a fan of Fairport, still am, but followed Richards brilliant career as well.
"February 17, 2012"
North Carolina Loved him saw him play in Carrboro NC 2 years ago last saw him in NYC years ago.
Melbourne I am just back from a trip round cape horn, and sat down to re-read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner...... The 4th last verse starts "Farewell, Farewell", and by coincidence your song with Sandy singing, on my favourite album, has 4 verses, of identical cadence ........ a coincidence? Sandy, of course, is still my favourite singer and voice. Ps. We once met in London, when I Ccosted thou on the street, embarrAssed to walk past a face I recognised...... I think I'd seen you at glastonbury a few weeks previously. You of course didn't know me from Adam. Ciao, and thanks for all the great songs. PPS. 30 + years of Listening.
"February 18, 2012"
Caithness Became a convert after Cayamo this year.
New Jersey question about a song; "in the dream i'm running down streets of molasses". is this a new song/old song? can't find it on the web or on my rt cd's. making me nuts. saw rt perform it in concert last night and i need to hear it again! (dammit)
"February 21, 2012"
Ontario Loved Cayamo particularly Loud and Rich! Please come back to Toronto or Chicago with the trio would be fantastic!
Hampshire What do you say which doesn't sound fawning? Great songs, great guitar player, a gift to show business!
Middlesex First saw Richard in Fairport Convention at Usher Hall, Edinburgh - November 1970
"February 22, 2012"
California It was a joy seeing your sets on the Pearl this month.
Kansas When is he returning to Lawrence?
California Come back to Sacramento soon. Introduced to Richard's music by KTHX the "X" in Reno, Nevada
"February 23, 2012"
Massachusetts Just wanted to say I was so grateful to be able to hear you *6 times* on Cayamo! The trio was astonishing. And I would dearly love it if you could also bring Judith and Debra and do the 1000 Years show. Judging from peole's responses this year, I really think Cayamoans are willing to abandon all trepidation and follow you down the centuries.
"February 24, 2012"
Ontario I saw a video 4 Spell is Broken in 85 and had to check you out,you blew me away. Have been a fan since, and turned my wife on to your music about a year ago. What a mistake ,two R.T. nuts in one house. Thank You Richard, and Long may you Rock.
"February 25, 2012"
Alaska I've done some RT songs here in Dillingham (population 2400, off the road system), love them all, and someday, will master Kirkpatrick's accordion riffs/solos/duets. I would love to have updates on the tour schedule. Anchorage is the closest city, but family lives in the lower 48, so could combine a performance/family trip! I've never seen RT live.
"February 29, 2012"
California I have always loved and appreciated Richard's musical genious.
Sydney When are we going to see you in Australia?! Love your music!