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March 1-31, 2012
"March 1, 2012"
Texas Beeswing is possibly the most beatuiful song i've ever heard.
"March 2, 2012"
Illinois One of my fave all time guitar player, singer/songwriters!!
"March 3, 2012"
North Somerset I ordered the RT box set last year and the service was excellent. I ordered the Songbooks earlier in the week and look forward to receiving them. Cheers.
Vermont I am a guitarist, and to say that I have been influenced by RT would be an understatement. I have be listening ever since I heard Matty Groves all the while back. His mastery of guitar is second to few...... His writing and intellect is brilliant and fascinating..... Please tell him that I said so... and thanks for a ton of years of excellence in that which he does so well..
Indiana Please stay alive and writing. I'm getting tired of my favorite artists shuffling off.
"March 4, 2012"
Doncaster how about another uk tour
"March 5, 2012"
Surrey More concerts in the UK please...........
"March 6, 2012"
Tennessee you move me
Arizona My 29 year old son made me listen to this guy on youtube yesterday. He was stunned and disappointed that I didn't know about RT or his music, and frankly- so am I! Awestruck. Concert schedule? Gotta see this guy live.
"March 10, 2012"
New York Discovered Richard Thompson on WFUV in New York. Wish I had heard of him alot earlier.
"March 11, 2012"
Marsh Saw Richard in 1970 Bath Festival Shepton Mallet just after Sandy had left. Bought first Fairport Album and "Holidays" and they were never off the turntable. Followed him ever since. Favourite gig? Albany Empire Deptford 1983(?) when he did a blistering version of Tear Stained Letter to start and never looked back. Gregson and Collister in the band if I recall correctly. Weirdest gig? Orchard Theatre Dartford where he was interrupted by a fire alarm. Signing autographs round the back of the theatre and posing for pics with two Japanese fans.
"March 12, 2012"
Lund Please come to Sweden again!
Queensland I seldom enter personal information on artist's web sites. This a rare exception and gives, at least, some idea of the regard in which so many of your fans hold you. Thanks for the integrity. Thanks for the music. It has never failed to lift my spirits.
Munich What about touring the South of Germany? I would be delighted!!!
"March 13, 2012"
"Swansea, Wales" Is there any chance of doing a guitar/songwriting workshop in the UK? If so may I suggest my native Gower Peninsular? The location may have a certain resonance for RT followers. hehe
California rt is as good as it gets and he seems to get better thru time, hope he lives long and prospers, i am his devoted fan.
"March 15, 2012"
Surrey When is he going to tour the UK again? I know he is at Cropredy but anywhere else?
"March 16, 2012"
New York As a redhead with a favorite black leather jacket who's married to an Englishman named James, I think I'll just be quiet and enjoy it.
"March 17, 2012"
Rhode Island recently joined a band that has been keeping things simple. here in R.I. we have a "Rhythm & Roots" show every year that has been gaining momentum and my interests in Fairport Convention and Thompson as a solo artists. Better late than never.
Bethanga Thankyou. I am halfway through laybying a Joe Gallacher guitar and the first song I will play on it won't be one of my own; it will be Poor Ditchin' Boy.
"March 19, 2012"
Georgia I'm a slide guitarist with an angry-girl blues outfit called Mad Whiskey Grin. Your work is subtle and nuanced and gorgeous.
Ontario Dream night concert Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson in Toronto at Trinity St. Paul's. Thank you for such great music and I love the Celtic Connections DVD which I just received as a present. Fantastic.
"March 24, 2012"
New York Love your music keep it up and keep coming to the egg in Albany new York!
"March 26, 2012"
Bolton Love the celtics connections DVD
"March 27, 2012"
Tennessee Very appropriate photo. Keeping an eye on us, discreetly. It's like attending one of your shows.
Indiana Music happens in a specific moment when the listener engages the performer. After years of vague awareness of the name Richard Thompson I'm suddenly enthralled. Wonderful
Ohio Inspiring music! I've seen RT four times, and I am always surprised at how talented he is. I don't think you truly appreciate the talent he has until you've seen him live.
"March 28, 2012"
Ilford Apart from English what other languages does Richard sing
British Columbia Working hard to get the voicings in the the Am to B section in the solo in Put It there Pal. Like how do you come up with this stuff? For me this is the same guy I met in How Do You Like The New Me. In other words my former business partnervwhonshall remain nameless. Love your work - the best! Cheers
"March 29, 2012"
Toronto Last concert in Toronto was brilliant! Was my first time to see you live and looking forward to another chance before we all wither and die.;-)
"March 30, 2012"
Nottingham Keep on rockin!
East Sussex much admired and copied, never matched.
"March 31, 2012"
Teeside I noticed Richard is playing some concerts in England this year, I hope he is coming to the North East again after his last barnstorming performance in Durham which seems like ages ago, I'm getting withdrawal symptoms!
Galicia Richard Thompson is the most generous and talented musician on the earth.