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APRIL 1-30, 2011
"April 1, 2011"
Florida Thank you Richard.
Ohio How could I have missed this great artist?
"April 2, 2011"
North Carolina Saw you in Charlotte a few years ago where you signed your new album, Sweet Warrior. Thank you. Please come back to Charlotte soon.
California It is most dificult to make out black lettering against a dark green background. Please change this.
"April 3, 2011"
Pennsylvania Thanks for all the excellent work..I (after 37 years!) play some of your songs in pubs and at parties, and ALWAYS advise folks who are bored with "radio food" to explore your material and buy your albums....I hope this is fair compensation for playing you tunes without your permission.? Preforming your material has definitely made me a better and more dynamic player..your work moves me in a way very few other writers can..when ever I finish one of your songs ( alone or in public) I say, "Thank you, Richard" and ask that the Muse continues to bless us both. THANK YOU!, (and happy birthday!)
New York Happy Birthday, Richard! As I write, I've got OLD KIT BAG on the stereo, and it's occurred to me that in all the zillions of times I've come to see you in concert, I've never heard you sing "A Love You Can't Survive." Next time, please! By the way, my wife has had the chance to meet the Queen; she found her very beautiful, and I'm sure you will, too. When's the big day? Thanks for all the music. I don't mean to flatter you uselessly, but you're the only singer who just keeps getting better. Many happy returns!
England love the britney live performance
"April 4, 2011"
Antwerp pleace play at the Roma , in antwerp
"April 5, 2011"
North Carolina I've been proselytizing on RT's behalf for years. We love him to pieces and wish he'd come back to Chapel Hill for some shows.
Missouri A loyal fan who has travelled to see him in Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin
Colorado Richard, Will you please please give us a recording of the tour with Musicians of the Globe?
"April 6, 2011"
Minnesota Just realized I stupidly have never seen RT live. Don't want to miss another show.
"April 7, 2011"
Solihull He remains an inspiration 44 years after first seeing him perform!
Germany rush in allways a good feel
Chester I've seen RT 3 times (Chester, Burnley, Liverpool) & he's top class every time. Keep on keeping on!
"April 10, 2011"
North Carolina Beautiful voice, I discovered you on NPR, already buying some of your music
"April 11, 2011"
Galway i recently converted to Thompsonism after several years exile in spiritual wasteland. Richards music has filled an enormous vacuum in my psyche and given me the courage to be the musician i have always been afraid to be.crippling shyness self-doubt/loathing. I would like to extend a very sincere thank you to Richard for being a truly inspirational musician and decent human being. Thank you Richard.
"April 12, 2011"
Katoomba wonderful wonderful music
Dublin Richard I notice you are comming back to Dublin during the Summer. Can't wait!
Texas Love love love!
London Big Sun Falling in the River and Wall of Death are two of my desert island discs. thank you!
"April 15, 2011"
Vienna Oh my God! His Richardness is going to play in Vienna and Waidhofen Austria at last! Incredible! I've been waiting my whole life long for this moment - I can't really believe that finally this dream will come true!!!! With best regards from Vienna.
California Sir Thompson, Congratulations on the OBE !! See you in May at the Words & Music 2 Benefit in Santa Rosa :)
Texas Richard, Please come back to Houston!
California Hoke simpson says you're the best.
"April 18, 2011"
California Awesome since Liege & Leaf!
"April 19, 2011"
Germany I just like the web-site
"April 20, 2011"
Macclesfield Looking forward to learning a lot more!
"April 22, 2011"
Ontario Love your music and loved being introduced to it at Cayamo. Hope to see you there next year!
"April 23, 2011"
England How sad I've only listened to the man as an individual these last couple of years - what have I been missing!!
Maine Glad you are back on Cayamo & coming back to Brownfield Maine
"April 24, 2011"
Illinois Our favorite artist
New Providence Looking forward to taking advantage of an obvious experience I should have had 40 years ago!!
"April 25, 2011"
California Brian Cullman turned me onto your music in college. Loved you then. Love you now. Last time I heard you was at Irvine Barclay.
"April 26, 2011"
California Richard is my favorite performer. He's actually the only person I can think of who I would stay up past my bedtime for to hear perform. I am thankful for the way in which he has enriched my life.
USA First found Richard when a friend would play Liege and Lief while we drank our illegal ale. Found him again in the early 80s with Shoot Out the Lights and haven't lost him since.
"April 27, 2011"
Florida Welcome back to Florida Richard! I hope you have a blast at the Gamble Rogers Festival in St. Augustine, it's a truly wonderful place and everyone will be delighted to see you. If you have a chance I think you'd love Pierce Pettis's songs/set if you have an opportunity to catch him, he's a really great songwriter. Also, didn't see him on the bill, but another Florida singer/songwriter treasure is Don Dunaway who plays the Milltop tavern, just about my favorite songwriter. While there, please throw a dollar in the tip-jar for me and request Kennesaw Line or Paducah... two truly great songs! Hope you meet many new friends during your St.Augustine stay in Florida! Didn't mention Del Suggs, a wonderful human being I hope you meet as well. Also, while you visit the Milltop ask Don to play ""Julie Ann"" and Micaha's Song"" of different times but super sweet.
"April 29, 2011"
Georgia Come play Atlanta or Charleston, South Carolina and bring your band!
Isle of Wight Richard - Could you play on the Isle of Wight on 4th or 6th August 2011? It would be great for all of us who have had to travel to see you since the very first Isle of Wight Festival (1968) and the Royal York Hotel 1968/9.I'm sure I could organize it! Best wishes, Graeme
"April 30, 2011"
Texas Most poignant love song ever: I'll Never Give It Up. The final couplet knocked my legs out from under me.
California Richard is my favorite artist and I wish I had known about him sooner. Hi Richard!