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April 1-30, 2012
"April 1, 2012"
Mississippi rich work. thank u.
Alberta When is Richard coming to Alberta Canada?
"April 3, 2012"
Cork Happy Birthday! Heard you on radio today (listening in Spain) and prompted this e. Concerts in Everyman and Opera house in Cork remain highlights of my musical life.
Ontario Happy Birthday, Richard! Please come back and play Toronto soon.
California Hey Richard, They say it's your birthday! You_re gonna have a good time!I_m glad it's your birthday! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Richard! Happy Birthday to You! Enjoy your special day !!
Northland Happy birthday to Richard!!
"April 4, 2012"
cornwall i'm thom p. richardson's dad ! who was born 4th April 81 the day after Richards birthday... see you at Cropredy, probably for the 15th time!
"April 6, 2012"
Burgdorf, Hannover First heard "Gethsemane" - breathtaking, awesome... and now listening to your stuff - great music! GREAT! Thank you
"April 7, 2012"
California I wish that I had listened to his and FC much earlier in my life.
"April 9, 2012"
Devon Keep it up RT
"April 16, 2012"
Arizona I have so many relatives named James Adie that I wonder where the name came from. would like any comments. Music is fantastic loved listening but loved more seeing him play...WOW!
"April 17, 2012"
Hants Loved 'Pour Down Like Silver & First Light' Do another album with Linda!!!!
"April 20, 2012"
newcastle upon tyne first seen richard @ newcastle city hall when he and linda supported traffic
"April 21, 2012"
Washington DC Thank you for the music!
"April 23, 2012"
Plymouth Love the song Bee's Wing, such a beautiful song!
Texas I have enjoyed every show that Fairport has put on including Cropredy. Richard has always been the most impressive.
Florida Can't wait for Cayamo! Again
"April 26, 2012"
Massachusetts Please send me tour updates.
Pennsylvania I really enjoy listening to RT. I own about 15 cds and dvds.