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MAY 1-31, 2011
"May 1, 2011"
Somerset Keep going!
Massachusetts Dear Richard, Your work and skill are where I would put the axis of the wheel of existence if they asked me where it should go. Do I kid? Often, but not at the moment. I can only respond by using the inspiration to be lifted by it. But I have been. Hope you can see this:
Florida Saw him in St. Augustine FL on April 30, 2011! Loved it!
"May 2, 2011"
Florida I just RT for the 4th time on Sat in St Augustine,Fl. Amazing, as usual.The place went crazy when he broke out The Who's "Substitute" for the encore.
Georgia Posted a clip on You Tube and wanted to get your ok before leaving it there.
"May 5, 2011"
Dublin I'm very much looking forward to Richard Thompson's concert in Dublin in July.
"May 6, 2011"
Yorkshire Richard just gets better and better each year. Now, break out that Grimshaw solid and wail away!
"May 7, 2011"
California Richard Thompson in a small venue... ungahwah!
"May 8, 2011"
Dublin love guitar. look forward to seeing richard in vicar st
"May 9, 2011"
Ontario I have just been introduced to your music via a Led Zep FB link. I love a new chance to be exposed to music that will somehow move me. Thanks, I love your work already :)
"May 11, 2011"
Ontario such would be superfluous.
"May 12, 2011"
Oklahoma A friend sent me a copy of "Among The Gorse, Among The Grey" yesterday. I am blown away. Lived among the gorse and grey all my life. They never never never quit trying to bring you down to their level: NEVER! If I never ever hear another of your songs again I will forever appreciate this one: Thank You Richard Thompson.
Texas Heard Richard at Old Settlers Festival last month in Austin. "Fab festival" as he put it. WOW!!! My fiance is a long time fan - I recent listened to a past CD - I played 'Vincent 52' over and over. Come back - and come to Houston! Thanks for a great experience.
USA His music in wonderful and incredible!
Belfast Why no Belfast gigs?
"May 15, 2011"
Massachusetts Keep questing!
"May 16, 2011"
California Do you know if the Richard Thompson Live at the BBC boxed set will be released in the US? If so when? I see the English version is coming out at the end of June.
"May 18, 2011"
Maryland A friend gave me Dream Attic as a gift about a year ago. I listened to it and thought it was ok and then something snapped. Now I can't get enough. Richard, great stuff, really. Oh, now Dream Attic is wonderful. I'll see you in Baltimore, MD in August. Can't wait!
Illinois Dear Mr. Thompson, so glad to learn a month ago or so you are coming to the University of Illinois Ellnora Guitar festival (many have been clamoring), your first visit. This must be the last Big Ten campus for you to visit. For once I will not have to travel far and I am looking forward to having you in town. If you want a local botanical field trip or need a place to stay, just say. Best wishes!
"May 22, 2011"
Tasmania I am addicted to Sandy singing Farewell, Farewell and would love to know the meaning of the words.
"May 24, 2011"
New Jersey Please add me to your email list. Thanks for your music!
"May 26, 2011"
Ohio cheers richard, play on
"May 27, 2011"
New York I'm pleased that Richard stays physically fit, so we may enjoy his art for many years to come!
"May 28, 2011"
California Just caught the show at McCabe's, amazing. You signed my program from the UCLA Cabaret Of Souls performance. Can't wait for the next time it is performed. Thank You.
"May 31, 2011"
Illinois Hoping for a Chicago date this September!!