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May 1-31, 2012
"May 2, 2012"
Alentejo come to portugal!!!
"May 4, 2012"
Newfoundland WOW!!
"May 7, 2012"
Birmingham Richard is an inspirational musician songwriter. Seen him live lots, and always enjoyed.
"May 9, 2012"
Arizona queued up 'Tear-stained Letter', but one's never enough. playlist is full now. i plan on listening to one of the greatest guitarists ever all day long...then I remembered he had a website too. (wish there was a FB page).
"May 12, 2012"
Arkansas I have been to 3 RT concerts and I am "past due" for another. I am hoping to be able to attend the Fairport Festival.
Wales Intend coming to see Richard in Pontardawe in August this year and looking forward to it. Have seen Fairport a few times
"May 16, 2012"
Arizona We will be in the fourth row on june 13 in Phoenix. Thanks
"May 17, 2012"
Victoria Bought my fist RT LP in 1977 (Henry the Human Fly - deletions bin). Been listening ever since.
"May 20, 2012"
Arizona I was happy to be able to hear and see you in the Orpheum T. at Flagstaff, AZ. You were touring with Eliza G.
"May 21, 2012"
Massachusetts when are you touring? soon I hope...
"May 22, 2012"
Texas Brilliant, witty, wonderful Singer and composer! I love his wit and music!!!
"May 23, 2012"
Ohio Has MGB-GT ever been put on a 7" 45 vinyl?
Berlin du you have in the next time a concert in berlin? friendly greets
"May 26, 2012"
California just heard RT's performance in the '94 interview with Terry Gross of Fresh Air. Became an instant fan. Plan to see RT at Santa Cruz on June 30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"May 27, 2012"
"May 28, 2012"
Ohio lookingtobuycds
"May 30, 2012"
Tauranga The Celtic DVD (2012) is stunning!! Thanks for all the music over the years
"May 31, 2012"
Surrey We have a new venue in Guildford - please come. Tis called G Live - was where you played when it was Guildford Civic centre