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June 1-30, 2012
"June 5, 2012"
Oklahoma Vincent Black Lightning got me hooked.
"June 6, 2012"
Colorado Best damned guitarist-writer since...since...since...nobody!
"June 7, 2012"
California I just hope to see him live again in the LA area - preferably small venue (like a Largo type stage - maybe with friends, like his son) .I don't want too much do I?
"June 8, 2012"
Sherington I've seen you live quite a few times solo and with a band always great, many thanks for the fine and interesting music. Kind regards
Sunshine Coast FIRST HEARD 'BEES-WING SUNG BY ROY BAILEY @Canberra folk festival years ago will be using some of it's words at my daughters memorial
"June 10, 2012"
Colorado Heard Richard on Studio c for the first time/ amazing
"June 14, 2012"
Oregon What can one say about RT's writing and playing that hasn't been said?
Victoria I WANT TO SEE HIM COME TO MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA !!! .. can't believe it took Sons of Anarchy for me to find him !
"June 15, 2012"
Colorado So delighted he is in the world
Colorado Love you, Richard! Sorry to have been out of touch.:-) Hope to attend the Boulder Theatre show!
Colorado Or just started, figure he is a songwriter so probably been hearing his work for as long as his songs have been recorded.
Colorado My troika of great song writers: Richard Thompson, David Byrne, Elvis Costello. But Richard inhabits my dream life the most.
"June 17, 2012"
Colorado He is my newest hero. Saw him last night in Boulder for the very first time. A true musician and gentleman!
Florida working up in Denver and saw the fine young lad for the first time in Boulder.....what a treat!
New Mexico Just saw Richard in Colorado twice, at State Bridge and Boulder. Both shows were superb, and especially classy was his giving a top quality performance to what must have been a disappointingly small audience at State Bridge. (Though it was nice to be able to watch from the edge of the stage!) Thanks so much!
"June 19, 2012"
Northern Ireland Awesome.
"June 22, 2012"
Missouri Kansas City awaits your return! Thanks for visiting us.
California Discovered Richard on Cayamo 2012. Will he be back for 2013???
"June 23, 2012"
Colorado I saw RT at State Bridge Colorado--one of, if not the, best show I have ever seen. I have an original copy of Starring Henry the Human Fly.
"June 26, 2012"
New York seems rather demograffic driven
Auckland inspiring.. first heard of rt several years ago and have heard bits and pieces in the mean time. have just learnt Pavanne for a guitar student of mine (my only student). am now happily hooked.
"June 27, 2012"
New York RT - awesome live. In the past 2 years have seen him at Town Hall (3X), NJ-PAC, Westhampton, Glencoe, & the Winery. All fantastic & uplifting. Also love his political & charitable involvement. His music enlivens the mind & spirit. My thanks to you Richard.
Colorado Thank you Richard for all the lovely music and your incredible voice.I have only been lucky enough to see you once, live at Chautauqua. LOVE YOU
"June 29, 2012"
Dumfries, Scotland Started listening when I was 18.
Jersey, Channel Islands on the one and up the clarets see you when you are next in jersey ?