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July 1-31, 2012
"July 1, 2012"
California I first saw Richard perform at The Palms Playhouse in Davis (where I still live).
California Just got back from Sacramento show, what a bloody good time!!! Thank you!
Devon Seeing Richard at the Beautiful Days festival this year
"July 2, 2012"
Massachusetts Thank you for this website!!!
Massachusetts Never been the same since hearing the solo in "Tam Lin" as a 13-year-old in late 1974…
"July 3, 2012"
Moscow Beautiful music!Bravo Richard!
California Saw RT 7/1/12 at Kate Wolf Festival. Unbelievably awsome. No encore allowed, which was a travesty. He gave the most dynamic and powerful performance of the 3 day festival, hands down.
"July 4, 2012"
California Big fans of great music, Thanks
"July 5, 2012"
California I've seen Richard numerous times in the bay area and he's always been one of my favorite performers and songwriters. It's always great to be able to see someone that's so talented in such an intimate atmosphere.
"July 6, 2012"
Lancashire In the short time I have been aware of Richard Thompson's music I have become a great admirer of his songwriting and guitar playing ability,he is without doubt,one of Britain's greatest musicians.
Ontario Keep up the good work/play
"July 9, 2012"
Arizona A good friend turned me on to your music - and I shall do the same. Thanks, & come west sometime.
"July 11, 2012"
South Shields love everything about the sound, music and words
Massachusetts Can't wait to see him at the Green River Festival
Connecticut Don't know why I came to RT so late in life, but I'm so glad I did. My new favorite!
"July 12, 2012"
Vermont As an attendant of Fret's and Refrains, I am many things. Emotionally I am a basket case. This is a dream, realized, it is worthy of an item being checked off on the bucket list. There are only three that I have ever wanted to do something like this with. Eric, Bruce, and Richard. I've been fortunate in that I have met and chatted with both Bruce and Eric, finally not only will I get to meet RT BUT, to work with him in this format is a gift from the Guitar Gods.......
"July 13, 2012"
Massachusetts You rocked the Norwegian Pearl!!!!
INDERØY RT just keeps on making music I never will be able to live without. All those feelings pouring out through his guitars. RT is truly one of the all time great musicians
"July 15, 2012"
Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland Any other Scottish tour dates apart from Queen's Hall, Edinburgh on 14th August 2012?
"July 16, 2012"
New York I enjoyed the concert at Caramoor but was surprised that the volume at times was so loud...given the small size of the venue (Spanish Courtyard). Couldn't your sound engineers have lowered the volume? Thank you. Hope you don't mind I'm using this form for "feedback".
"July 17, 2012"
Michigan Just heard Dad's gonna kill me for the first time on 88.1 can't belive I never heard of this music. Rock On
"July 18, 2012"
California 1st song Fairport ,16 years old.
"July 19, 2012"
New York Been attracted to the spirituality of the music. Curious, does Richard still follow the Sufi path?
Texas 52 vincent black lightning so very inspiring, i would love to see him in a live performance.
Massachusetts I saw RT & Crowded House & had a Fairport Convention all those years ago
"July 20, 2012"
Massachusetts Thanks, Richard, for the concert tonight. ALWAYS great to hear you play & sing. Great to see your son and Dave Mattacks too! Looking forward to your return...
"July 21, 2012"
New Mexico Blessings on you and your musicianship, not to mention the authenticity and delight you bring to the world.
"July 23, 2012"
Virginia Frets & Refrain camper
"July 24, 2012"
Bristol Looking forward to seeing you in Bath tomorrow.
Oregon The best lyricist
"July 26, 2012"
London I drove to Box Hill yesterday on hommage the brilliant Vincent Black Lightening and today I hear Anais Mitchell is opening for you tonight. I never want to miss an opportunity like this again. You, Burt Jansch and Davey Graham are the Masters. Bless your skills and bringing such amazing music to our ears! xxx
Worcestershire The world is a better place with your music in it
"July 27, 2012"
Lancashire Saw RT in Buxton last night. He never fails to thrill me with his fantastic guitar playing and wonderful songs.
British Columbia I saw you at the Island Music Fest in Courtenay - you were wonderful! Look forward to seeing you on Salt Spring Island? ( a rumour). I came to the Edmonton Folk Festival, some years ago, mostly to see you, and bumped into you at the West Edmonton Mall in a toy store! small world!
"July 28, 2012"
Illinois An amazing musician. Thank you!
Tennessee I've been fortunate enough to see Richard live at least a dozen times, and to meet him on a couple of those occasions. To my mind he is the greatest living guitarist, and very possibly the greatest who has ever lived. (Sorry Jimi.) And the songs...oh my God the songs!