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SEPTEMBER 1-30, 2011
"September 1, 2011"
New York Been a fan since Fairport's first album (that's not my whole life, but more than 30 years). Was in Portsmouth, NH Aug. 29, 2011. Brilliant! Does anyone have the set list?
Bujumbura i like this music.
"September 4, 2011"
Rhode Island Thanks for the transportation at Rhythm & Roots! What a flight!
Massachusetts Richard Thompson's voice and method blow me away. Please inform me when next you play near Boston. I just missed a concert because I don't know how to find all the concert places to plan ahead.
Maine I own about 40 richard cd's / related on my 11th live show i noticed richard using talcum powder and with the lights saw it float up to his face.Talcum is a carcinogenic and multiple use like this will cause copd, inhaled small particles. If you must do this put the powder in a bag and dip your fingers in the bag, s bottle propulses this all around your breathing space. I would not like a musician this great to die from an occupational hazard.

On a separate note if the masters from first light and sunyvista are lost, how about re recording them with linda, they might benefit from a new look , crisper sound and added experience, better than nothing. Cheers Shakespeare with a guitar, thanks for being a guiding light in the age of dead gutless music.

New York Hi Richard, Just saw you at a small theater in Westhampton Beach, NY. Your guitar playing is extraordinary. Thanks for the years of great music and for a good time!
Victoria RT has been thrilling me for longer than I can say, from the first. Bless his amazing heart (and his fingers and his throat etc.)
"September 5, 2011"
Rhode Island Thoroughly enjoyed the show at Rythm and Roots
"September 7, 2011"
Montreal, Quebec It's been a while since I last saw RT live (Ottawa Folk Fetival 2002. I'm front row centre in the photo posted). Last night, was the most recent, at the Corona Theatre in Montreal. It's hard to believe, but I think you are even more brilliant than before. I was moved to tears with the final song. Thanks for another wonderful experience.
Oxford wish I could play guitar like you..
"September 9, 2011"
Ontario Thank you Richard Thompson for an electrifying concert last night in Toronto. Your performance was awesome, in the original sense of the word! And it was such a pleasure to hear you in our new concert hall - the sound was gorgeous.
"September 10, 2011"
Bristol We fell in love when we shouldn't have watching you at Cropredy. Then married queued for your autograph at cropredy recently & were front row at Hop Farm. Alan died of a brain tumour 3 weeks ago - now I want to drown in your melancholic songs forever.
"September 13, 2011"
Florida As a musician and songwriter I'm always inspired by his music. My favourite musician
"September 14, 2011"
Cadiz Genius, pure genius!
"September 16, 2011"
Maryland saw you at wolf trap with john prine. you were amazing and fabulous. My teenage son John loved your Vincent 52 song and is asking when we can see you again,thanks for the memories!
Oregon Was introduced to to Richard by Nancy Covey in Portland 13 or 14 years ago, and really love the music. Terrific!
"September 17, 2011"
Essex First saw him and Linda supporting Traffic at Lancaster University in about 1973. Been a fan since then.
"September 20, 2011"
Michigan Looking forward to your next trip to the Detroit/Ann Arbor area!
"September 21, 2011"
Georgia Big, big fan. Have more than 60 Richard Thompson, RLT and Fairport releases. Always happy to add more!
Pennsylvania Oh Richard!! I remember so clearly when you accompanied Sandy Denny...after Fairport convention had last played together, at the "Main Point" in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. U.S.A. and though i was a young man, and the girl i had brought with me was even younger, we were captured in the moment, and so much in love, and the band played only the best of love songs. I still wonder what happened to that girl, and i still hold dear the moment. Thank you mate. It did indeed mean so much....
"September 23, 2011"
California Love his solo work & also the old songs w/Linda. Teddy is incredible, also. (found TT & LT on Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man, but 1st heard RT on local Americana radio statons, KPIG & ??)
"September 24, 2011"
Kentucky It has all been said, but Richard's music has touched me since 1969. Hearing "liege.." blew me away - a fantasy-world wistfulness that has become almost palpable to me throughout all his brilliant career.
Virginia Saw the recent performance at Wolf Trap in Vienna. So glad to have been there, fantastic. Had never seen John Prine before so was happy to have that experience as well, but could have listened to a whole show of just Richard. Such a complete sound from one man and one instrument.
"September 27, 2011"
Ohio I've been a fan since early Fairport Convention days
"September 28, 2011"
Wisconsin RT's skills as a musician and songwriter are unmatched, and his sly sense of humor adds to listening enjoyment.
"September 29, 2011"
Yorkshire Feel like a right pillock taking so long to treat my body and soul to Richard's work!