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OCTOBER 1-31, 2009
"October 2, 2009"
Florida Heard you on NPR today. Love your music
Ireland the mans a genius
Oregon Actually, I've been listening for many years but didn't know it.
New York Listening to the interviews on "Fresh Air." Will be buying the new box set.
Alaska richard is one great songwriter,picker,singer and a hell of a funny bloke. plesa come to fairbanks, alaska and play.
"October 3, 2009"
New York I thought I was on this list, but I didn't hear about Richard's 3 shows at City Winery in NYC 10/21_23 until it was too late!!! Will signing up here put me on the list for announcements for upcoming NYC shows that sell out quickly?? If not, where do I sign up? Thanks loads!
"October 4, 2009"
Pennsylvania I am searching for Richard's version of Season of the Witch,Where can I find it?
California In love with your music since I first heard Fairport Convention approx 1968!
California Love all the CDs, plus the live performances in the Bay Area.
"October 5, 2009"
Yorkshire First met you and Fairport at Midsummer Nights Dream, Burton Constable June 1968. Bought the album and followed you all ever since
California Great website! I got me Live Warrior downloaded. Thanks!
"October 6, 2009"
Texas I've heard your songs for years, but I didn't start paying attention to who wrote them until recently. Now I'm learning them! Thanks for keeping it going. You're a treasure.
Oregon Just wanted to say thanks for comming to Portland from time to time. You are greatly appreciated by many of us in this area.
"October 7, 2009"
Maui, Hawaii So glad you're coming back to Maui! Really looking forward to seeing you in a "decent" venue! Aloha!
"October 8, 2009"
Illinois I met Richard and band after a show at the Park West Theater in Chicago. What a great evening!!
Rhode Island see him every time he is near
Pennsylvania Wish I had realized who Richard Thompson was much earlier in my life... :-)
"October 9, 2009"
Massachussetts I appreciate the immense devotion you give to develop your talent. We saw you at the Calvin. Thanks
Ohio I've attended 2 shows in Columbus and Nelsonville, both were exhilarating, can't wait til the next show!
"October 10, 2009"
Connecticut Enjoyed concert in New London CT yesterday (10/9/09). Fourth time we've seen you, Richard...still as talented as ever!
Lincolnshire Speaking as a guitar player of about 5 years, Richard Thompson is the guitarist who inspires me most.
"October 11, 2009"
New York saw Richard and Loudon last night in Westhampton, brilliant show
New Hampshire I've been a fan forever but had never been to a show before last week. It was amazing. I'm a bigger fan than ever.
"October 13, 2009"
Illinois Nah, I'm just a fellow musician who is also a fan.
"October 15, 2009"
NSW thanks
Indiana Heard an interview and sample on Fresh Air
"October 18, 2009"
Massachussetts I recently saw the Loud and Rich, and I thought it was the worst selection of songs that I have ever seen Richard perform. How about doing Pharoah again? or Wheely Down?
"October 21, 2009"
California keep at it richard, you're getting pretty good at this guitar/songwriting thing. also, how about teaming up with bob dylan, sometime?
"October 23, 2009"
Lancashire great site
"October 24, 2009"
USA Very Interesting and Incredible Music!
"October 25, 2009"
Leeds Hope there's a UK Loud and Rich tour!
"October 26, 2009"
Budapest Can Richard come to Hungary next time he's in Europe?
Pennsylvania Saw your concert in Pittsburgh last night with Loudon. Fantastic show and I'm a new fan of both of you!
"October 27, 2009"
New York Just saw the show in Ann Arbor. 16 years ago in Los Angeles I yelled from the audience, "The Sun Never Shines On The Poor". You responded jokingly and appropriately with,"Well, I'll have to feel out the audience". Tonight, 16 or so years later, I finally got to hear the request I made. Thank you Richard for helping me through life with your music. Your the best!
"October 28, 2009"
Michigan Hi Richard, I was the one who called out thank you last night after the concert. I really wanted to thank you for the absolutely beautiful music. I have a lot of friends who are suffering right now (breast cancer, divorce, child abuse, loss of a mother) and you provided an oasis of beauty from the sadness. Thank you so much. - Jill
east kurrajong Just keep playing! Met up with you in Rhyl after your show, with your biggest fan Michael from Liverpool theater. Us Ozzies all look the same!
"October 29, 2009"
Tyne and Wear I have been a huge fan for about thirty years now. I've seen RT perform solo and with various band line-ups as well as in partnership with Danny Thompson and also on his recent '1000 years' tour. His live shows never disappoint. I have met him on a couple of occassions and found him to be a first class GENT. My only question is when are 'first light', 'sunnyvista' and strict tempo going to be re-released on cd?
California corpsman sta hosp nsa danang / 1969-70 neurosurgery
Maryland Too bad, my musician husband teaches Tuesdays, couldn't find a sitter to see Rich & Loud in Towson. saw Todd instead on Wednesday (music was good, sound was lousy), I hope we can see you next time you're in town. You touch our hearts with your lyrics and the hub says that you just get that fat rock groove going like no one else. The kids even like you - you're almost as good as their daddy (except for playing blues - sorry). Thanks for keeping the music coming. You make our llves richer by your craft.
"October 30, 2009"
Massachussetts Richard is a family tradition at this point: siblings, spouses (and ex spouses) and children, of course.
Colorado Come back to Colorado SOON!!!!
"October 31, 2009"
California RT is an ARTIST! What else is there to say?
Massachussetts A fan.
Offaly Great artist