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OCTOBER 1-31, 2010
"October 1, 2010"
New Jersey Your work on Grizzly Man is amazing. I especially love how the main theme captures all the different emotions in the film
Yorkshire Just watching BBC4 songwriters circle. Knew of him and obviously fairport etc. But he's blown me away tonight!
Piacenza I love the music of the 50's & 60's especially The Beatles & Tamla Motown and the singer songwriters of the early 70's.In 81 I moved to Italy and lost touch with the music scene in th UK. I discovered Mike Harding and Bob Harris on radio 2 about 10 years ago, love folk music but did not quite like the sound of Richard's voice. Last week I heard a track from his new live album on the Bob Harris show then saw the show on BBC four this evening. I did not realise what a fantastic guitarist he is, also just like Bruce Springsteen, whom I could not stand until I heard him at glastonbury last year I have had a kind of epiphany I now love Richard's voice and will be buying his albums as well as Fairport Conventions and Sandy Denny's(sadly missed) I always meant to buy Fairport's albums but never got round to it. The only downside is he has recorded 40 albums, where do I start? how much is it going to cost me? The upside is I have discovered an amazing artist who has been around since my youth. I have a relative in England who plays in a group called The Mean Fiddlers and is also a relative of one of the members of the group called Nizlopi who had a hit a few years ago. He was in Italy in august and I spoke to him about learning to play the guitar, now after seeing Richard in concert I am going to buy a guitar and hope that at the age of 57 it's not too late to learn.
"October 2, 2010"
Gweedore superb
Mayenne I'm a blues harmonica and tenor sax player and a great fan of Richard's guitar work.
California Richard,Even though I have discovered you late, I am so very pleased that I have. I feel very lucky to be able to hear you and see you perform your great music. Thank you!
California Thanks for a great show at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Wonderful to have the band there this time!
"October 3, 2010"
Tennessee "I just saw Richards'performance on the ""Sierra Soundstage ""(?) show and was absolutely blown away. Very moving. Very rich. I am looking forward to exploring his albums."
"October 4, 2010"
Missouri Looking forward to seeing him at Cayamo 2011
California Along with Bob Hebb's "Sonny" I love hearing your songs for the rest of my life. I missed the festival, but I want to catch your concerts more often.
"October 5, 2010"
Pennsylvania Brilliance on every level!
"October 8, 2010" "Just watched him, earlier this evening, here in Dallas. Fantastic show."
"October 9, 2010"
Ruby I believe Richard to be one of the finest kind.
Tennessee My beloved wife passed away in April of this year. Richard was her favorite rock artist, bar none, and he was the last artist she saw in concert (for the fifth time). His music means more to me now than ever. Thank you, Richard.
"October 11, 2010"
Essex Been recommended by an American gentleman
Texas Last nights show at ACL was great.
California Saw live (finally!) in Napa, CA. Introduced my wife to his music. Now she is a HUGE fan. Seriously bummed that we missed his performance at the SF Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Want to keep informed of upcoming performances so we won't miss him again. Thanks!
Tennessee Going to the show tomorrow night in Memphis and simply can't wait.
"October 12, 2010"
Oregon Best guitar ive heard since i discovered Stphen Hillage back in the early 80's. If you should find yourself in Portland I would be honored to show you the Town.P.S. people like you make me want to write more lyrics. With little coming down the Pike nowdays you are a blessing.
"October 13, 2010"
Ontario Richard Thompson what a pleasure to listen to i only wish i would of found out about him sooner
North Carolina He is the greatest!! I love his sound.
"October 14, 2010"
South Wales cant wait to listen to more
Michigan Saw you 4-5 times at Chautaugua Auditorium/Barn in Boulder, Colorado a few years ago (1992 - 2000). Heard this great song - "Dad's Going to Kill Me" on SONS OF ANARCHY on tonight and I absolutely knew your voice even though the credits did not show you and had to look you up! Glad you are still out there!
"October 15, 2010"
Georgia I love Richard's music. He is a great songwriter and a phenomenal guitarist. And a wicked sense of humor!
Ohio I attended wonderful show in Knoxville, TN last night. Richard just gets better with age; amazing guitar work and singing. Super band with him. Just the best in all respects. Don't feel the audience gave the band the enthusiastic response they deserved. We're surrounded by Philistines.
Tennessee I was at Bijou Theatre last night and was really impressed. Awesome talent!
"October 16, 2010"
Oslo Looking forward to the concert in Brussels on February 7. Say hello to Simon Tassano from me, the Norwegian photographer
Tennessee We last saw Richard at the Belcourt a superb accoustic set and now we get to listen to the full live electric folk rock tonight cant wait!
North Carolina Just keep coming to Asheville, NC!!! We love you here!
Virginia I always tell my music freak friends that RT is better than Clapton, and I stand by that assertion! Thank you so much for all the great music and mind boggling concerts over the years.
"October 17, 2010"
Nottingham Hi to all at Beesweb, thanks for pointing me in the direction of Dave Smith's book, an excellent read and I look forward to seeing RT and the band in Newcastle in January.
"October 22, 2010"
Pennsylvania I just caught his show in Wilmington, DE last night - superb! Per usual, Richard's guitar playing astonishes and his vocals were top notch - biting! His band, especially his horn and violin players, were fantastic as well...highly recommended for anyone to see - he did the whole new album for the first half and delivered a fine set of 'standards' in the second set...I love this guy!!
Delaware Thank you for a remarkable concert last night, Richard! You're fine as a bee's wings. Keep on doing what you do.
"October 23, 2010"
NSW Thank you for the music, it maketh glad the heart of man!
USA Just stumbled onto your music and I wanted to say, thanks, wish I had known your music a lot earlier. You have added a fan today
Illinois I love you Richard Thompson!
Pennsylvania The last four solo shows I've seen have been virtually the same songlist with the exception of a half dozen songs. I would like to see Richard do "A Heart Needs A Home." I don't think that's asking too much after 30 some shows.
"October 24, 2010"
Dorset My favourite lyricist...
"October 25, 2010"
New Jersey The Dream Attic/minor hits tour triumphantly visited Town Hall NYC this past Saturday night. One suggestion, which I hope is seriously considered: Among the Gorse is probably the dreariest song I've ever heard, even by Richard's standards. It's position as the second song in the set, as folks are still on a high from The Money Shuffle is a complete and utter downer. It's only saving grace is that all memory of it fades as the band rouses us from our funereal slumber with "Haul me Up". Please omit this death-march from the set for all future shows!
California since Fairport
"October 26, 2010"
New York Am a BIG fan!
"October 27, 2010"
New Jersey Great show last night in Collingswood.
New Jersey Love ya!
"October 28, 2010"
Washington I'm just hoping you make it back to Seattle soon.
Why doesn't this guy play for the troops he sings about in his music? No money in it, but it might lend some credibility to his "work". He says in interviews he says he has ""sympathy"" for the troops, so why not let the USO he is interested in touring in the war zones? Might be dangerous out there guy, but don't worry...they will give you a helmet to tuck your pony tail into.....
Ohio To dream the impossible chord
Connecticut Saw your show last night in Northhampton, MA. My wife and I loved it we were singing your songs all the way home.
New York Greatest guitarist EVER
"October 29, 2010"
Yorkshire going to see him in york uk
Essex dream attic is a fantastic album got the double cd set love them both great stuff
"October 30, 2010"
Maryland It just keeps getting better. Carry on. Morris on? Just keep doing it.
California Have always enjoyed RT music. Try to see every So Cal show.
Arkansas Your music shaped a heavy part of my life. Come back to Memphis sometime because your show at Minglewood alone blew me (and I'm sure quite a few others) away more than any other performance I've seen.
"October 31, 2010"
New York I was amazed to see the new album received so well by the (Albany) audience last night. I've neverseen anything like that before! Love ya man.
North Carolina

(orig) from Cheshire UK

Thanks for coming again to Asheville NC, LOVED the concert, you are the best.