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OCTOBER 1-31, 2011
"October 1, 2011"
Connecticut Nice!
"October 2, 2011"
Oregon Please come again to the Britt Festival in Oregon!
Staffordshire Would like to know about future uk concert dates
"October 3, 2011"
Merseyside my beloved brother has been a lifelong fan of richard thompson. He passed away on july 5th at the age of 57 from secondary lung cancer We played Haul me up at his funeral not realising how poignant your wonderful lyrics were. Thank you so much x
Maryland 1952 Vincent Black Lightning - fantastic story - I love it!
Wisconsin I just was treated to an unbelievable acoustic show at the Stoughton Opera House in Stoughton, WI. Can't get "Crawl Back" out of my head. What a pleasure to hear one of the top guitarists in the world.
Manchester More UK tours please. Not seen since 1000 years of popular music
Wisconsin Saw the concert in Stoughton,WI last night. Ive heard him before and can't remember where
"October 4, 2011"
Ohio I am going to see Richard Thompson this evening 10/04/2011 at the 20th Century Club,Cincinnati. I would love it if he could sing Poppy Red for Ron. Thank you!
Ohio I see you at the Kent Stage every time you perform. I'll be there Oct 6...looking forward to it.
"October 5, 2011"
Yorkshire first heard Beeswing & Vincnt 1952 at a folk club 4 years ago. Now a student.
Ohio Just arrived home from the concert at the Southern Theatre in Columbus, Ohio. The music spoke to me on many levels. Thank you for a wonderfullly entertaining show.
"October 6, 2011"
New Jersey I love the twisted characters in your songs (so much like myself), and the variety of moods and rhythms of the music from sinister to heart touching to high energy that won't let you sit still. But, just to comment, when I checked Town Hall to purchase tickets, since they never proofread their stuff, they have promised that you will sing from 8PM October 15 until 10 AM the next morning, an astonishing feat for anyone! Do you really plan to sing for 14 hours (LOL)? To close, just saw the streaming of your new stuff and love it. Am thrilled to see you still creating and performing. I first heard you back in the 60's with Fairport Convention, being one of the 60's wild childs.
Ohio Was so fortunate to join Richard on Cayamo 2011 and see him in Columbus, OH last evening. My, but we are getting better with age...I will be on Cayamo 2012 as well. Can't wait!
Ohio Just attended an awesome concert tonight in Kent, Ohio--my third live Thompson concert.
"October 7, 2011"
Oregon SO EXCITED about your upcoming Eugene concert 11/4/2011!! Can you please perform my latest favorite song of yours, Big Sun Falling in the River? I love your melodies, your poignant and smart lyrics, and your sense of humor. Thank you for being a fantastic musician all these years. A huge fan whose grandparents come from Penny Lane, Liverpool, England, and mother from Heswall near West Kirby
"October 9, 2011"
Michigan I want to see the bright lights was the first disc I bought, in fabulous vinyl with earnings for clerking at the bank of England
"October 11, 2011"
Connecticut just love richard !
"October 12, 2011"
California Thanks for doing what you do. It gets harder and harder to find folks with your quality...and fun!
"October 15, 2011"
Vermont Awesome at Tupelo Music Hall, despite man-with-toomuchwine in audience - please come back!
Pennsylvania seeing RT for the first time on 10/16/11 at Keswick Theatre - excited!!
"October 16, 2011"
New York Town Hall Show was powerful..Great sound..Richard was in fine voice, flawless playing. WOW!!
"October 17, 2011"
Pennsylvania We attended the Keswick event last night and it was WONDERFUL. Bravo and thank you so much for the wit and integrity you bring to music.
North Carolina When are you heading back this way?
Ontario Thanks Richard for all the great music. I saw you recently for the first time at Kroener Hall in Toronto.I was sitting dead centre 5 rows back.Amazing show and I hope to see you with your full band some time in the near future in Toronto. Dream Attic in my opinion is one of your finest moments. I decided on the deluxe edition and am glad I did. Cheers and assalam alaikum .
New York I wrote a review of his show at The Egg in Albany, NY on 10/13/11. It is on Please add it to concert reviews.
"October 18, 2011"
Hertford Was the Nutmeg and Ginger tour recorded and if so will a CD of it ever be released
South Carolina My son is a huge fan. Attends multiple concerts each year. I saw you at UCLA a couple of years ago. Now, I want to explore your music.
"October 19, 2011"
New Jersey Very happy to have been introduced to this fabulous musician.
England The more I listen, the more I believe RT is a musical genius.
"October 23, 2011"
Virginia Roanoke, Va.The finest,most fullfilling night..Thank you for sharing your gift!!
New York My pic w/ RT absolutely upped my facebook cool, just as I told him it would!
"October 25, 2011"
Kentucky Through the years we have seen you perform many times, and most recently last night in Lexington (10/24) --dating all the way back to Fairport Convention. You are one of a very few _folk singers_ who has endured and have remained relevant. Who knows where the time goes brought us to tears..who does know..
"October 26, 2011"
New Hampshire Just stumbled onto your live take of Gene Clark's "Here Without You". Until now, I could never have imagined a treatment to rival Gene's original version with the Byrds. Succinctly put: 'Gob smacked'.
"October 27, 2011"
Michigan R.T.keeps raising his own bar.
Dorset just love the music
"October 30, 2011"
Dublin I loved his observation that creativity comes from without and not within. At first I disagreed, but now I know he's right.
Cambridge Looking forward to Cambridge
"October 31, 2011"
England Big fan - any chance of CD releases for First Light & Sunnyvista.
Louisiana I love your work, it always takes me to another place. A very good place!