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October 1 - 31, 2012
"October 2, 2012"
Wisconsin Come back to Milwaukee Wisconsin and autograph my guitar...Peace
"October 4, 2012"
California I heard RT at a concert in northern California about a week ago. The performance was, of course, stunning and electrifying. He played a song from, he said, his upcoming album. It was particularly powerful, and I recall a word from the refrain- "Valerie". When might this album be released?? Richard: You surely hear this all the time, but I want to say it loud and clear: You are an international treasure.
"October 7, 2012"
Minnesota I have seen Richard perform three times in the Twin Cities.
"October 9, 2012"
Bolton I've discovered Richard over the last few months. Helped me to recover from a recent illness more than anything else. Thanks Richard!
"October 14, 2012"
Dublin I love the man. His songs still make me cry. My greatest happiness is that my kids love him too.
"October 15, 2012"
France Thank you richard for all...More and more
"October 16, 2012"
Lot region Any plans to tour the south west of France near Moissac?
"October 18, 2012"
British Columbia I just caught Richard's solo show in Victoria two days ago and I'm still dumbstruck. I'd never seen him perform before and didn't at all expect what I heard. I've played guitar poorly for almost 50 years and I saw and heard playing that should not be possible. I knew he was incredible from his recordings, but the level of virtuosity and musicality this man owns is without equal. I've seen many players considered the best in the world, but Richard stands above them in my opinion. Effortless improvisation with constant forays into harmonic, melodic and technical areas that should have been suicidal but always came off blindingly amazing. And I have to say that I would have enjoyed the evening even if he had put down the guitar and just talked. His remarks and stories were absolutely hilarious, not to mention insightful and occasionally incisively sarcastic, in his understated British way of course. One last thought: Vincent Black Lightning 1952. I had tears in my eyes, and I don't cry. Richard, you've turned a fan into a fanatic.
"October 20, 2012"
Kent What a wonderful album Cabaret of Souls is!! Where do things like that come from? I'm just glad there are people in this world that can come up with things like this to amaze and entertain people like me.
"October 21, 2012"
British Columbia My friends and I saw him in Victoria BC and I had one of the most enjoyable nights of music in my life thanks to Richard's fabulous ability and charm and humour. Quite the combination. I thought I'd never get to see him live (I get his mailing lists and he's in either ChristChurch, Minsk, or some other place that's not Victoria, heh) but magic happens, yahoo. Thanks Richard. PS - If you see that he's advertised as playing solo don't believe it as I could have sworn there were 3 people there all night.
"October 25, 2012"
"October 26, 2012"
California Going to see "Cabaret of Souls" 10/26/12! Enjoy your music immensely! Cheers
"October 28, 2012"
California Thank you for Cabaret of Souls. Great fun. Great work.