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JANUARY 1-31, 2009
"January 1, 2009"
New Jersey "And we'll sing hallelujah. At the turning of the year.And we work all day in the old fashioned way. 'til the shining star appears." New Year's Blessings to all!!!
"January 2, 2009"
North Carolina When's the next trip to North Carolina?
"January 3, 2009"
Utah I just bought an MGB GT, and it's ALL Richard's fault LOL
Ohio I saw Richard in Columbus, OH and he was gracious enough to autograph my favorite CD - Rumors and Sighs
"January 7, 2009"
Massachusetts Have loved most all of his music...I'm always pleased by his choice of covers either on record or in a live setting. For example, his version of Donovan's "Season Of The Witch" for the Crossing Jordan soundtrack is just beyond belief!
Maine My husband had a ticket for the concert that was canceled because of the scorpion bite. (Ayyam'i'Ha present(We're Baha'is)) Then, wouldn't you know, he missed it in October! He knew it was coming, he just missed the date! He's seen Richard a lot and owns a lot of his music. Can you send him a word of consolation? Thanks!
"January 8, 2009"
North Carolina Please come back to Greensboro, North Carolina, Richard.
New York Maybe some day I will be able to see Richard LIVE !!
Pennsylvania When is Richard coming back to Pittsburgh?
"January 9, 2009"
Massachusetts saw you in newburyport this fall. fabulous as usual.
Cork Please bring the 1000 Years Orchestra to Cork Ireland.
New Jersey Mr. Thompson is Awesome!!
New Hampshire Yes, please i am very upset I had met Richard at the tralf in buffalo june 2007 and i got his auto graph and it was stolen along with the ticket is there any way i can get another one sent to me?
Sofia simply briliant musician.
Massachusetts RT is the most amazing guitarist I have ever seen. How he can move all his fingers to diffent strings boggles the mind!
New Jersey When are you coming to Philly?
Pennsylvania Heard Richard Thompson first in 1969 - Fairport Convention. Have enjoyed his other efforts on a regular (all 6 cd's in my car for the last year) basis - 5 yrs
"January 10, 2009"
New Hampshire When is richard going to do a duet with bruce cockburn again? I think richard is an amazing guitarist I wish him the best in the new year
Kentucky Keep making music Richard
"January 11, 2009"
Leceister just great
"January 12, 2009"
Oklahoma Love You.
Sindh Saw Richard on HardTalk BBC. Interested in Richard and Islam-I too am a muslim convert but still searching...
"January 13, 2009"
London I saw your interview on bbcs hard talk, I was very impressed and I am very excited to learn more about you. will pass this web site on to my friends.
New York Here is 1 vote for a full-band show in Rochester, NY on the next tour. I'll bring friends!
"January 14, 2009"
Paris We miss U in Paris..waiting for your coming....plizzzeuuuuu
Rotterdam Love and Respect!
Alberta Bloody great music! Why did I not know of this when I was much younger ??
Leceister Found Richard late on, cant believe i missed his music all those years, catching up fast, i was the uninhabited man.
"January 15, 2009"
Lancashire Would love to find out more about this unsung God of music, is there a mailing list to be joined??
Fife, Scotland GOING TO SEE RICHARD 22/01/09 - CANT WAIT!
England hi i played lead guitar on the rereleased version of one sure thing. . It was great to meet and work with judy and i'm a massive fan of the legend that is dicky thompson . . Awesome
"January 17, 2009"
Essex Richard T you rock! saw you at the corn exchange in Cambridge last night . . .FANTASTIC However we waited around at the end to meet you but no such luck! Me and my sister were bought up listenibg to ure music and cant get enough! see you soon!
Essex Richard T we want to come and see Mirror blue and would travel anywhere! please e-mail me and let me know your a legend. ps. that was me shouting out legend at the cornexchange last night!!!! you rock my socks, a fan till the end always x x x
"January 18, 2009"
Colorado One of my favorite albums is Henry, the Human Fly. I wonder who else ever listens to it? Wonderful
"January 19, 2009"
Cheadle Hulme just been to see 1000 years of popular music at the Lowery salford.RT has to be one of the most versatile folk/rock artists ever to grace a stage, another masterpiece, cant wait for his next offering
High Wycombe Just seen the 1000 years show at HW - excellent stuff !! Was also well pleased to see that you sold 3XL T-shirts ( a rareity for tour shirts ) ... but alas you had run out !! Is it possible to buy one from elsewhere ?
"January 20, 2009"
Henley on Thames Richard and girls, Thanks for a great time at wycombe swan. Thanks for signing set list. see u again
Bucks Great performance last night in High Wycombe. Thank you Richard.
London Great concert at the Barbican last week. And good to hear some British pop classics given the Thompson treatment. Thank you for a great night out.
"January 21, 2009"
Glasgow, Scotland Hi Richard Coming to see yer gig at Celtic Connections & so looking forward to it.See you been getting rave reviews in the press.I used to work at Silverwood Pit in South Yorks between 1974 & 1988.I was involved in the great miners strike of 84/85.I hope you sing it tonight my man.I'm sure i don't have to explain what the song means to people like me All the best
Maryland I've seen you so many times I fear you will think me a stalker next time I appear in line at the Birchmere, in Virginia, to shake your hand after a show. Please don't! I'm only occasionally dangerous, and more often on the job, than when I'm relaxing with your glorious music.
Victoria Went to a solo concert in Melbourne and was completely blown away not ususally interested in solo performers but would definately go again, have a dvd which we play regularly Richard you are number 1
"January 22, 2009"
Falkirk, Scotland RT i one of the (very) few artists i can listen to at any time regardless of how i feel....and he always makes me feel better....long may he continue
Crawley, West Sussex A genius and altogether good guy.
"January 23, 2009"
Troon, Scotland at the gig in the concert hall in glasgow,really enjoyed the first part of the show,the second was even better.judith owens voice was amazing and of course the guitarist was oustanding as ever. don't leave it another 15months until you return tae bonnie scotland.
"January 24, 2009"
Tyne & Wear Richard Thompson is my favourite performer bar none. 100 Years of Popular Music is the biggest load of tosh I've ever had the misfortune to sit through. Please don't bring this show to Gateshead again - stick to what you're good at.
Glasgow, Scotland Was at the Celtic Connections show in Glasgow recently. Just wanted to say thanks. Cheers
"January 25, 2009"
bucks Saw 1000 years, fantastic!
"January 26, 2009"
Bedfordshire Saw the "1,000 Years" show at Milton Keynes: stunning musicianship and singing, as ever. Great version of See My Friends, and now I have to try and learn Friday On My Mind...will report back next year!
Cardiff, Wales Richard Thompson is the without doubt one of the greatest living singer songwriters and in my opinion, one of the greatest guitarists who ever picked up a guitar. He has redefined music, particularly on the acoustic guitar in the way that gives the impression of at least two people playing at once. He has been a huge inspiration to me and my meager efforts and I look forward to seeing him again tonight at St David's Hall, Cardiff.
Glasgow, Scotland Ta for a great gig at the GRCH last week. If your kid is even half as good this week it'll be good too.
"January 27, 2009"
USA Obviously I've been keeping the wrong company, if I'm just now discovering your music. Thanks so much for your Oct, 2008 Brattleboro, VT show. We were blown away!Hope to see you with a full band soon!
"January 28, 2009"
Manitoba Great show in winnipeg !!! Hope you like the guitar !!!
"January 29, 2009"
Georgia Richard, You naughty boy. You get me hooked on the news from your home and then you cut me off! I thought you to be a caring soul with decent intent. Am I wrong?
"January 30, 2009"
Georgia A legend. Richard's music continues to deliver. Keep writing, my friend.
Maryland Please come back to D.C. I missed RT at Lisner last year and don't see our area in the tour dates! I hope he comes back to play The Birchmere again soon!!!
Georgia he is brilliant, the best songwriter and guitarist i've ever heard. his live shows are devastating. in the best possible way.
"January 31, 2009"
West Yorkshire It's all good stuff