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October 1-15, 2003
"Wed Oct 01, 2003"
Colorado Please let me know if a more comprehensive songbook might be in the works. Homespun is wonderful!
Brisbane Still waiting for news of your next Australian tour. Hope the band comes as well this time. Your music is played each week in this house-our teenagers know every note as well now & tell their friends about you!
Sheffield What we did on our holidays was the first LP I ever bought.
Sarajevo Wellcome to Sarajevo
Washington More official bootlegs
cheshire What about a secure credit card ordering site for the UK? Faxing? Post? A bit old-fashioned these days.
New York Love the Music.
"Thu Oct 02, 2003"
doorn "My whole life' means: from my 15th. I hope Richard will remain in his nowadays condition until his 100th! We visited his concert in Amsterdam (`Melkweg') and were as thrilled as at last year's Cropredy Festival. Hope he'll be there again at every Fairport-lustrum. Goodbye"
Victoria "Awestruck and moved by RTs guitar expertise and lyrics, and how they both intertwine to tell stories that I seem to easily relate to (scarey)."
"Fri Oct 03, 2003"
Tasmania My partner saw Richard on a show on SBS at a folk festival somewhere in America we just loved his music
Virginia "Got my tickets for the Birchmere several weeks ago...but when is Richard going to play at the Wolf Trap?! Please, please, please?"
British Columbia "When's your next BC gig, Richard? How 'bout a small venue accoustic tour? I'll let you stay at my house;-)"
Pennsylvania "saw you at kimmel center , in philadelphia, 4th row. Seemed like you were not permitted to play any longer but you did want to?"
New Brunswick Probably been listening more than 30 years starting with Fairport. Its amazing to still be so fresh after so long. Keep it up!
Texas Please come to Texas (Dallas)!
California "I recently purchased ""Ducknapped"" and ""Two Letter Words"" from the Beesweb and Mr. Thompson should consider recording all of his albums live. I have seen him 3 time and the studio records have never captured the solos like these live records. I absolutely love the solo on ""Mascara Tears"" and Dave Mattacks is also brilliant on that track. ""I Ride in Your Slipstream"" is also a standout on the live album. Along with ""Old Kit Bag"", these are the best CD's I have purchased this year. If I ever make it to heaven, I hope Richard Thompson's music is piped in."
Washington I just had to write a note. I was listening to your music this morning on my way to work and I just wanted to thank you for being so good; it's a joy to listen to your guitar. Thanks for coming to Spokane this year; hopefully you'll be able to come again soon.
"Sat Oct 04, 2003"
Alabama What a grave injustice that RT is not more widely acknowledged for the masterly musician and songwriter he is!
Hertfordshire Great concert at Sadlers Wells on the 18th September
New Jersey "Rock on, forever, Richard~!"
"Sun Oct 05, 2003"
Maryland "His guitar playing, oh sigh! I know what it is that he does, but I still don't know how he does it."
warrington "1000 years of pop music gigs somewhere accessible from the north west of UK, please. What about the Parr Hall, Warrington?"
California "Just saw the show (10/4)at the Mystic in Petaluma, CA. Great show! I spent the day in the city at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival then headed home to hear Richard--a superb way to end a fantastic day! Thanks."
Monmouth Any chance of a DVD of some of his concerts sometime?
Washington I need to catch up on Richard's newer albums. Have never seen him live. A damn shame.
Surrey Long may it continue
"Mon Oct 06, 2003"
California "Interested in back catalogue, & wish to be informed of tour dates - will try to make every concert I can! Just saw him in Petaluma last nite - oh, lordy, my heart is still singing!!!"
Tunbridge Wells Brilliant!
"Tue Oct 07, 2003"
Devon "rain came from the east, has endured and led me back to your wonderful music"
Glasgow Scotland i am constantly amazed at richards brilliance and origonality
London "The Shepherd's bush Empire gig in March was one of the best gigs I've seen in recent years. Fantastic. The 1000 years gig at Sadler's Wells was excellent too - does this man give a poor performance? Thanks!
Illinois "So thankful that there is a Richard Thompson. His music has consumed alot of air space in my life. I love it. Met him in Califonia while on vacation with my sister. He was very pleasant and good sense of humor. Makes you like him even more. My sister and I try to make all of his concerts when he comes to Chicago. Fun. Fun. Say hi to him for us please? Hee! Hee!"
Surrey "Richard comes highly recommended from a friend who describes him as ""England's finest guitarist"""
Greifensee "Best Live Shows: 1985- Madison, WI; 199?-Albani Club, Winterthur, CH; 2003- Coal Exchange, Cardiff, Wales; Outside of the Inside is a great song."
"Wed Oct 08, 2003"
Florida Truly Original!!! He made me stop playing guitar....
California "I FINALLY got to see & hear Richard this past Sunday evening at the Celtic Festival in Grass Valley - I spent the whole time watching his fingers! I've been playing guitar - both electric & acoustic - for more than 35 years, and Richard is the finest guitarist I've ever seen! I STILL can't figure out some of the stuff he does! Thanks, Richard, for a great show!"
Cambridge I'd like to know of any good guitar books with RT's songs
Massachusetts there are rumors afoot that you will be playing at the RI School of Design. Dare I hope they be true?
California Thank you for your music.
California keep me posted on Northern California tours.
"Thu Oct 09, 2003"
Colorado "I have had the priviledge of seeing Richard live 3 times.eugene,OR, Bloomington IN, Asheville, NC"
suffolk i have been learning flee as a bird from flatpicking mag tab and the record and is it doing my head in? but its brilliant. funny to think of english music recorded in uk tabbed in us and relearnt in uk. a whole new tradition ?
great site
"Fri Oct 10, 2003"
Kentucky "I love the layout.The Local station does play Richard, but not often enough. Thanks for the music downloads."
Illinois Remember the Thompson Twins (where no one was named Thompson)? How bout the Thompson family? Whadda show!
New York "I work in the car audio marketing department at JBL. I'm putting together a CD for use as a tool in tuning high-end car audio systems and would like to use a song or two (acoustic) from Richard's body of work. I noticed that one of his quotes is that everything sounds better in the car. it's true. Please tell me how i might get permission to use a song or two on this CD and who I must contact about payment and arrangements for licensing. Thanks!"
Oregon When will Richard return to Portland?! Come back soon!
Hampshire "Avid fan!!!!!!!!!!
Not enough of Richard in the UK"Not enough of Richard in the UK"
Yorkshire "Engaging , intelligent lyrics. Superb instrumentals!"
Middlesex "I first got into Richards music when 'Amnesia' was released and I instantly fell in love with his raw emotional style. I love any music with passion and Richard is probably the only artist I have come across who can make me laugh, weep and shiver within the space of one album, or even one song. Long may he play!"
Sevilla I¥m promoter and I want contac with you for bing you to a festival in Sevilla in the next june. Please contc with me. øHave you someone in the next Womex (october 03)?
"Sun Oct 12, 2003"
"Edinburgh, Scotland" Excellent website. If only it was this easy to keep in touch with what was happening 30 years ago!
"Mon Oct 13, 2003"
"Clydesdale, Scotland" "New CD's for sale...can't wait to hear them. Sorry I missed your recent gigs in the Bonnie Land...1st time for many years. I won't let it happen again."
cheshire What is the new guitar he is playing. Was the Strat retired (because it did get 7 bells knocked out of it)
"Tue Oct 14, 2003"
Oregon "I mostly missed Richard in Fairport convention though liked related artists like Incredible String Band and Nick Drake. Have his first solo record so he will have to shake my hand some day. No idea why all gives Daring Adventures three stars or some such. Jennie My Love and others are terrific. I like jazz and Richard is one of the few ""rock"" guitarists who doesn't shoot the works in the first messure. He builds a solo and that is such a pleasure. Look forward to ordering the ""More Guitar"" and others. Salute. I am working on the mandolin and hope to see Richard play one live some time."
"Wed Oct 15, 2003"
Dr¯bak Time to 'map' Oslo in now isn't ?? - Now Be Thankful for RT
Dublin "Hello Red Molly, See you there. James, Maybe you'd fancy ride on my Vincent"
Texas 1000 Years of Popular Music is a great CD to play kids! My five year old has been listening to it constantly for the last week. Richard Thompson--children's music artist--who knew???