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October 1 - 15, 2004
"October 1, 2004"
edinburgh scotland Very good site.
Maine "Been listening since Fairport Convention times.Loved rediscovering him 6 or 7 yeras ago. Have enjoyed seeing him inGreat small shows in Camden,Maine the last 5 years or so !!!"
Maryland Thanks for all the great music.
Connecticut "I've converted most of my fifty-something friends to Thompsonphilia, so once a year we trek up to Northampton or down to New Haven for the goods"
Ontario "The first time I heard Richard's music was when he performed with Crowded House in Toronto in about 1991. I was an instant fan, with several songs etched into my brain upon the first listen (I Misunderstood, Read About Love, Shoot out the Lights, Now That I Am Dead). I really get such a good first impression. I became a fan and purchased a few CDs. I would love to get my hands on a copy of Richard singing Now That I am Dead. I'll keep looking. Thanks!"
"October 2, 2004"
Nebraska "I experienced Richard performing at the Guthrie Theatre in Mpls. MN in the late 1980s. The hair stood up on the back of my neck, and I realized I was in the midst of one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. It is hard to find accurate words to describe his huge impact/ influence on me, and so many others around the world. I am an artist, a painter, and his music at times touches that unspeakable magic achieved in a space and time that has no name.Thank you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all."
"October 3, 2004"
"October 4, 2004"
california "I am very thankful that RT has chosen to release non-label CDs, and now a DVD, so we can get great-sounding, non-bootleg extra stuff. More please!!"
"October 5, 2004"
Pennsylvania " You are a fine musician and great songwriter, and dashing to boot. "
Victoria Will we ever see Richard playing electric guitar in Australia?
Central Tilba Very good site.
Sevenoaks England "I saw him play at the Fairfield Halls about 4 years ago, then last March (2003) in Brighton with Kim Richey. Excellent music, brilliant songwriter - I don't know why I never discovered him sooner. I have a lot of catching up to do !!"
california "My taste in music is pretty broad, but I have an entire shelf devoted to Richard Thompson music, triple or quadruple your nearest competitor- which is most likely Dan Hicks. Keep touring, your live shows are also the best. "
Scotland Just make sure we know when he's touring. My 17 and 14 year olds both adore him and the house echoes to his CDs constantly and the sounds of us all singing along
"October 6, 2004"
santiago de chile "... am big admirer of Richard?s music and songs "
Corby I have learned a lot from your site.
Tasmania "I am practically BEGGING Richard to come to Tasmania on his next Australian tour...I have seen him in previous years when I lived in the States, but am REALLY missing his live music. Old Kit Bag was one of the best albums in years! Keep it up!"
Glasgow Scotland Another mouth watering re-release but again America first. You're oors Yankee Go Home
Georgia My daughter introduced me to RT about 8 years ago. Wish he would come down this way
"October 8, 2004"
california "love to hear show from strawberry w/ your band. 1000 years your son recommended. still to tear stain leather - great version to open the show."
Cumbria RT's music has provided the soundtrack to my life-cliched but true!
eastbourne excellent site which keeps me up with the great mans work
Perth Scotland Nicely-crafted web site!
Ohio "Hi,your homepage looks really good and gives great information!"
Sheffield Cropredy is not the same without you. Come to sheffield asap and visit Fagans loacal pub with real folk music just bring your guitar and your in.
"October 9, 2004"
Connecticut Its nice to see how many people stopped by and posted a message.
Arizona "I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Richard and his band in the mid-80's in Columbus, Ohio (USA). The gigs were offered by Curt Schieber/No Other Productions at a dreadful, wonderful hole-in-the-wall club called ""Stache's and Little Brothers."" Richard was kind enough (and fiscally wise enough) to perform twice each night both years he played at Stache's. Each show was awesome and completely different from the others. My fondest memory was of the second show on 31 October, 1986 (Halloween Night). The songs played were dark, sincere, and spooky, and I've always described my vision of the music as ""shimmering light across black snow."" I also saw Richard perform a solo set in Phoenix, Arizona at an ""alternative"" music festival in 1990 or '91 where he was a decidedly anachronistic and welcome addition to the dregs that performed that night. He declared ""I'm so alternative I'm NORMAL....!"" Richard is always great and dependable for the quote-of-the-night."
New Jersey Fantastic site! I really appreciate the section with Richard's answers to fan questions. Such candor and grace.
Colorado Huge fan and would love to know when his tours pass through the Denver and Albuquerque areas and his new music ! THANK YOU !!!
wisconsin I'm going to see the show madison Wi fri 10/15/04 cant wait!!!!
"October 11, 2004"
New Jersey "Saw you guy's for the first time in Philadelphia at the Kimmel Center with Shawn Colvin, what a night."
"October 12, 2004"
saitama GREAT MUSIC!
wisconsin thanks for this website
oudenaarde really good stuff
Kansas caught another great show last night at liberty hall.always good for the soul.god bless
Kansas Great concert last night but I was hoping to hear some Richard Thompson originals.
Fellabær "But most of the people are poor in the heart It's the worst kind of poor, it's the worst kind of poor you can be."
Washington "I wanted to see RT back when I lived in Portland Or (93?). Sold out, but have seen him since in Portland, Seattle & Reno. Can't catch him enough. Disc's can't make up for the live thing!"
Pembrokeshire Saw Richard in concert this summer in Worcester - thought he was absolutely brilliant - would love to see him again
california You are truly inspirational. Please keep playing beaucoup in San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks so much.
Oxford Bravo
Arizona "Would you let me know when the Live in Providence DVD is out? I would love to order it. Gracias."
"October 13, 2004"
Minnesota Going to see richard in st.paul tommorow with my Mother! She doesn't know what she's in for. She'll love it.
california "I just saw RT's 1000 Years of Music show at Bimbo's in San Francisco and it was a truly magical, joyous experience. I cannot imagine a more perfect show, although I said the same thing after seeing his full electric band at Villa Montalvo a few years ago. These two concerts show his incredible range in terms of musical styles and I'm very thankful that I live in a place where I have the privelege of seeing him on a regular basis. Thank you for providing many wonderful memories!"
Hampshire I've recently overcome years of prejudice and realised that bagpipes and silver/brass bands can be great! any recommendations for my CD collection?
wisconsin "There is no one else even a teensy bit like you in the singer-songwriter universe, Richard. More amazing music, please! :) "
Iowa Lived 1000 yrs last night in Lincoln Ne. Richard you were 80-90 miles due west of Shenandoah Iowa during that show. Thanks.
Pennsylvania "I took my kids to see you at the Keswick Theater in Glenside as there first ever ""Rock"" Concert last year. They are 13 & 11. They loved it!!!"
"October 14, 2004"
Nebraska "Richard Thompson, thank you for playing in Lincoln, Ne. last night! It was truly a night to remember- I loved the show like you wouldn't believe. I just read the RT biography, have bought many albums recently, and have just become a really great fan. Then I lurked here on this website and saw he's playing a gig here in Nebraska! Could life be any better!?"
Nebraska "R.T. is one of the greatest guitarists/songwriters on the planet, and I still haven't forgiven my (ex)friend Bill for not telling me when he performed at a small venue less than an hour's drive from my home!"
London OKB - Less is more
Minnesota "I attended Richard's brilliant concert last night in St. Paul, and I wanted to make it clear that Hank Cochran is not from Minnesota - he's from the other end of the Mississippi River, Mississippi. I thiink the audience member may have confused him with Eddie Cochran (who played for a while with Hank) who was from Albert Lea, Minnesota. Sorry about the confusion. We'll take credit for Bob Dylan, Prince, Judy Garland, and Garrison Keillor, but we can't take credit for Hank Cochran. Great show. Thanks."
new hampshire I am a red-headed motorcycle rider. Need any further expaination for my fandom?
Illinois "With talent like yours, you deserve to be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. "
"October 15, 2004"
wisconsin "Wonderful web site; just ordered a bunch of stuff. Wish I'd been able to attend the Wednesday, 10/13/04 show in St. Paul. Sent my kids instead, and they loved it!! Thanks Richard, for all the music you've shared with us over these many years."
Massachusetts "Looking forward to the release of the new Live DVD as I was lucky enough to attend the show in Providence last year and the show was electric even when it went acoustic. I told everyone it was the concert of the year, and know I will have documentary evidence to back up that delirious claim. Please come back to Providence soon(no more invitation only shows at RISD thank you)"
Pennsylvania "Expat.Brit; Fairport Convention music afficionado; my ex-hippy american wife is also a Fairport Convention fan from the early 70's. Going to see ""1000 years of pop. music"" next Weds. Listening to ""The old kit bag"" now for the 2nd time - it raises goose bumps down my arms. Just reading the lyrics is strong enough (my wife and I write poetry and short stories;she sings and plays piano as well as water colour and jewelry making) but made into music with Richard's voice and guitar, and those of his companions too, makes this into a stunning collection of songs. Incroyable, mate!."
california I need the sheet music for shady lies. I love that song...thanks.
Maryland "Have only heard a few songs..think I might be in love! How did this guy get past me all these years..he's incredible!! So many elements in his style I can't even begin to comprehend it all. Can't wait to hear as much as possible. Will miss the shows in Alexandria Va, this year..hope he tours the east coast of US again soon. "