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October 1 - 15, 2005
"October 1, 2005"
Rothersthorpe Britain's Greatest Living Songwriter - no discussion needed.
England "Great site, great pleasure to listen mr. Thompson's music...Keep up this great resource "
"October 2, 2005"
Tochigi I am waiting sincerely for the Japan tour.
"October 3, 2005"
New Jersey "I've loved Richard's music since the early 1970's when I was in high school (Fairport, w/Linda, etc., etc.). It's so wonderful that his songs/artistry are as fresh,innovative and brillant today as ever! He's written more classic quality tunes than any other artist I've know; no small feat these days, particularly w/the state of the music industry. I wish he was even more appreciated for all of these attributes by the general public. I'm bringing my 10 and 12 year-olds to his concert at the Keswick Theater this month - my son is an aspiring guitarist, and I think he can learn a lot from Richard's musicianship."
Kansas "Am traveling from Lawrence, KS to St. Paul to the concert at the Fitzgerald. My sister and I would really, really, really, love to hear Destiny. I am spreading the word through a class I teach on Rock 'n Roll...think the Outside of the Inside is the exact message this college generation needs to hear!"
"October 4, 2005"
vicars cross chester "i had the pleasure to see richard solo at new brighton on the wirral in the 80,s. beyond compare ,my fondest memory of the power of music .wit, charm ,saddness, glad to see he is recognised now as one of, if not the best guitarist in the world "
Brno in Monravia Play in Brno. I can guarantee at least 3 people in the audience <g>
"October 5, 2005"
Oregon "I heard the band likes to go bird watching while on tour. I'd be happy to guide you guys to great birding in the Portland, Oregon area this weekend (Oct 7 gig at the Aladdin Theater). "
Utrecht "Glad, I found you - Missed your last concert in Amsterdam, so I hope this will never happen again!"
California "Just saw Richard do a private concert at radio staion KFOG San Francisco. He was magical, I was spell bound. Thanks for the music Richard. "
"October 6, 2005"
Wiltshire Brilliant
"Clackmannanshire, Scotland" Looking forward to seeing Richard in Perth (Scotland) in January
Canada I am a novice guitar player. I really love listeneing to Shenandoah. Would it be possible to obtain the chords for the song ... so that I could practice the song?
New York Get that songbook out. Tired of trying to figure it out or downloading the wrong tunings.
Oregon "We are seeing Richard tomorrow night at the Aladdin Theater in Portland for the umpteenth time and just wanted to share how much we are looking forward to it. If he ever wants a home cooked meal when he's here, we make a great chicken pie!"
"October 7, 2005"
Arkansas Great website!!! Will RT ever perform with a band again? Make another dvd??
Devon "hi! could you please tell the meaning at the end of the song of vincent black shadow! please tell me when he smiles to see her cry is for love and not spite <as i think from my mind i couldent of thought of a better person to give my vincent to ride ?now thats love we are all bad at times but when you are on your death bed i would rather some one cry then (which means they care)then have nothingness, sorry for being deep but i have always wonderd, ps i love your music and i just hope you carry on , full respect!and if you could just let me no the answer to my question it would be realy apriciated"
California "Just saw RT live at fillmore san fran and i am in love. Him, his singing, everything"
"October 8, 2005"
New Jersey I am also a musician who is very influenced by his music
Illinois "Tickets? Chicago next week?Fat chance, I 'spose....."
California "great site! I understand there is some kind of forum for RT's communication, commentary and general banter. Is this true?"
Oregon "My husband and I had been fans for a long time, when we first saw Richard perform at the Hacienda Del Sol in Reno, Nev. Since moving to Oregon, we haven't missed a single one of Richard's performances yet at the Aladdin Theater!"
"October 9, 2005"
California RT is the best.
Washington "Last night's show at the Nordstrom Recital Hall was nothing less than amazing. From our second row seats, my sweetie and I marveled at the energy, the spirit, and the richness of the music as well as the camaraderie of Richard Thompson and Danny Thompson. After so many years and so many shows, Richard's voice is otherwordly wonderful and we remain convinced that he has to have three hands to play a guitar like that. I was on the edge of tears a couple of times, and laughing out of my seat at others. At all times, I was nearly breathless with awe and delight. Well done, fellas! Come back soon"
Maryland Can catch RT show anywhere within a few hours.
Washington "Caught your Seattle show last night. FANTASTIC. We continue to be blessed by your music, its beauty and humour. Best wishes for a fantastic tour. We'll come see you every time you come to Seattle. "
Washington "Richard and Danny's show in Seattle 10-08-05 was tremendous. Both were in fine form. It was the 4th time I've seen Richard. It was as good as one solo show I saw him give in Atlanta about 8 years ago (and that one was jaw-droppingly spectacular). What a mad brilliant hilarious cat! A performer's performer, a consummate professional. Hey Richard, if you read this - THANKS! I left the show last night not only feeling like I got my money's worth, but like I still owed you more. Love the new recording, too."
"October 10, 2005"
Oregon Another amazing show at the Aladdin. RT is now channeling Charlie Christian. It's just not fair...
Pennsylvania Hurry up with the songbook - I'm a customer-in-waiting! Going to see Richard next week and am jazzed!
"October 11, 2005"
Colorado "When can we pre-order the Box Set? Saw RT for the bazillionth time last night. He once more brought me to tears with Persuasion. Richard thank you for the spontaneous, or so it seemed redition of Shoot out the Lights."
Washington "We saw Richard at Benaroya Hall in Seattle last Saturday. Our 18 year old son is now a fan. Richard is an amazing musician and presents his music with light and humor. He is an old soul. Richard, come back to Seattle soon!"
Crowborough East Sussex looking forward to next UK tour.
"Clackmannan, Scotland" "I have a front row seat at Richard,s concert in Perth next Feb. Yess!"
Pennsylvania My brother got me interested in your music and I've been hooked since. Your live performances are amazing and guitar playing is melodic and rivoting!
"October 12, 2005"
weymouth dorset I think he's a fab musician
Wyoming I was turned on to RT by Public Radio.
Mosfellsbaer I love his music :-)
Great Britain "I have been listening to the documentary on BBC radio 2 this week,which just reminded me how much I like your music.Glad to hear about UK tour dates coming up-see you in York!"
Minnesota I just wanted to say that something about Richard's voice touches my soul.
"October 13, 2005"
"Gower,Swansea Wales" "I would like Richard to play in Swansea again. I saw him here once a long time ago and really enjoy his music.Hope to see him in Feb 06 in Aberystwyth,it's a long way but it will be worth it. XXXX"
Minnesota YOU'RE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Washington "My girlfriend saw Richard in 1989 and saw he was coming to Portland last week. We went to see him, and I've now got another collection of albums to buy <sigh>. I loved the music and the performance."
Minnesota "I saw you at the Fitzgerald last night and realized how old you must be when you sang ""I was 19 in the summer of love"" as was I. Nineteen love weaves through all the loves that follow. Oh to yearn that way again.Thanks fo all you do. And for keeping the flash in your eyes."
Minnesota "I just went to his show at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, MN, and it was amazing. Always a great show!"
Minnesota "Loved the concert last night at Fitzgerald in St. Paul, MN. UNfortunately the top balcony acoustics were not good. could not understand all the words, wasn't the dialect. Music mix sounded too heavy on bass. Lost some key words. Do you have lyrics printed/available?What an artist! how fun! my favorite was even sung in the encore! Break somebody's heart tonight. So witty. Come back to see us again! next time I will order tickets right away!"
New York "I have tried for years to inject some of Richards style and energy into my playing. What ever I play comes out sounding like American Mountain Music, but it's close enough for me."
New York love the solo acoustic shows. among the best live music I have ever heard! I heartily recommend releasing an extensive selection of solo live material on CD and DVD!!!
Camagüey Thanks you Richard for your music. I would like to have heard you aleady 30 years before. But I think that I have time left to do it.
Kansas Ive been lucky enough to see Richard 15 times now.God bless him and his loved ones
"October 14, 2005"
New Mexico Got hooked after buying Mock Tudor. I have to see RT in person.
Colorado I luv richard
"October 15, 2005"
Alabama Richard Thompson is one of the best musical talents I've ever had the pleasure to listen to.
Southampton England "Looking forward to seeing Richard at Basingstoke. Great music and great singing. I'd like a cd with I want to see the bright lights tonight and walking on a wire."
"Edinburgh,Scotland" "Can I order the box set now, to ensure the 6th disc ?"
Colorado My husband and I are big fans. We go to his yearly concerts at the Chatauqua Auditorium in Boulder Colorado every summer. We recently saw him perform at the Boulder Theater in Boulder Colorado. It was a truly great performance. We hope to see many more.