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October 1 - 15, 2006
"October 1, 2006"
Minnesota "Never miss his Minnesota shows and we travel to see him in other states too--now I bet he'll think we're stalking him! Seriously though, I've not heard such an inspiring artist as Richard. I'm humbled by his talent, and was pleased to see the young kids tonight drop their jaws in sheer amazement at his performance. Just thought I would say, ""Come back soon Richard"", for we'll always know that we're supporting an artist with solid talent, irrefutable humour, and poetry that leaves us wanting more."
Vermont "Smooth operator, wish I could get those tones. Amazing ability in timing frequency and tuning, I am refering to the sound tracks of the grizzyman documentary. I am 54 trying to learn guitar. "
London "with all best wishes, I heard your wonderful kids at a gig the other night and they were fantastic. "
"October 2, 2006"
East Sussex Keep up the good work
Minnesota I saw you at the Summit Big Brew in St. Paul and thought you were fantastic! Your voice is simply mesmerizing!
Minnesota "I saw Richard at the Summit Brewfest in Minneapolis this weekend. 10/01/06 Best musical performance there. I was there to see Cake and am overjoyed my friend talked me in to coming early. Amazing: a man and a guitar and I was captivated the entire set! The ""Sunset Song"" ""I got the hearts for smarts"" all of them enjoyable. ""Daddy's gonna kill me""(?) the song about the Iraq conflict (not a war, in my opinion was poignant and heartfelt. I am definitely as fan. Truly an excellent and honest musician. I was honored to see your performance. "
Weston Village Been listening more than 30 years but not my whole life ! Remember seeing him on Top of the Pops with Fairport performing their one and only hit Si Tu Doir Partir - how long ago was that ?
Ohio "He was magnificent in June while performing at the Southgate House in Newport, Ky. Just an incredible show! Would love to see t-shirts available on-site. Hope to see RT again SOON!"
"October 3, 2006"
England "Just Thanks!"
Florida I see that Richard upcoming schedule is including the east coast. He needs to come back to Tampa and play.
Alaska "We get it up here too.... I do a cover of one of your tunes and always get a warm response and smiles of recognition. Thank you- you're amazing."
Glasgow, Scotland Wonderful
"October 4, 2006"
Helsinki HERE WE GO
"October 5, 2006"
England The best songsmith of all time.
"October 6, 2006"
New York Am looking for lyrics. Glad you're coming up with an RT songbook.
California "i saw you @ kate wolf, you should play neil youngs bridge shcool benefit concert. i think you are great! what cd is the song ""hot for the smarts"" on?"
Leeds Please keep making wonderful music
"October 8, 2006"
New Jersey "Well, not my whole life, but from the 60's."
North Carolina "we love you,richard"
Pennsylvania "saw the 1000 yrs show in LA, and cant wait to see the show in Pittsburgh in Nov. "
London come back to England soon!
"October 9, 2006"
Trier "Hi, I'm a lontime friend of one Albert Lee (who played in my band in '63/64 and have been been enjoying your artr, too since Albert srired me to Fairport way back when!! However, there seems to be a rather ""syncless"" version yf you doing "Not fade away" (a song I had recorded with Albert in 1994 when I live din the USA) on That should probably be corrected...Have a great week and keep picking!!"
California My friends and I were blown away by the performance at Golden Gate Park yesterday and want to see Richard again soon.
California "RT was wonderful at the Hardly Strictly this past weekend! What a great thrill to have him there, playing with such force and delicacy. The music all weekend was superb, and RT's performance was, for me, the most satisfying and exhilarating. Thanks, Richard---see you soon."
Winterswijk "You never dissapointed me, musically. Reliably good and yet each time different. Go on and play in the Netherlands (or Germany) so that I can hear you perform live."
California " I never had heard of Richard. Yesterday everyone was talking about him. So I googled him. I MISSED HIM YESTERDAY at Strictly Blue Grass in SF. So I missed a legend. Which means I have to many interest and NOT FOCUSED ON THE NOW. I did not pay attendtion as to who else was on stage. Sooooo a lesson learn by me. If you don't know the name google. Get to know the artist. Thanks for reading this Be cool I'll try."
California "Just saw Richard at the Not Strictly Bluegrass Fest in SF. What can I say? He's at the height of his musical powers, towering above us mere mortals as a superlative guitarist/storyteller."
"October 10, 2006"
USA Great site! I loved it!
California Listening to Coyotes as I type. How it stirs my soul. Somethng I havn't heard or felt for quite some time in song.Thank you Richard for sharing your gift of song.
"October 11, 2006"
Missouri "There is nobody comes close to you, Richard, you are a consummate artist and I am absolutely in love with your work. May you live forever."
California "Thank you for performing at the festival this weekend, a transcendent experience for me and a lifetime highlight"
Buckinghamshire news on forthcoming uk tours please!!!
"October 12, 2006"
Louisiana Please please please come back to New Orleans!
USA I Think I'll just crawl back.....
"October 15, 2006"
Illinois "A friend lent me the 1000 year album a few weeks back. I was so taken aback by how great it was, I actually contemplated stealing it from him!! But in the end have ordered my own copy..... I guess I'd rather have the English greeting me at the door.....Please pass on my enthusiasm to RT, this is the most surprisingly wonderful music I have come across in years. And please, please, please escape from the O'hare jail the next time through and play in Chicago."
New Hampshire "turned on by a fellow musician friend recently, have seen DVD's of 1000 yrs. & Austin City Limits - loved 'em ... have tickets for upcoming show in Lebanon NH on 11/5, looking forward to it!"