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OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2007
"October 3, 2007"
England great
Cambs I've just bought sweet warrior and am bowled over, careful the road you choose has vaulted into my top five RT songs
Illinois so I'm old, so shoot me
California I had the privilege of attending your fantastic 9/7 concert at the Fillmore. I'm looking forward to the next time you swing by the Bay Area again. Thanks for all your great music!
"October 4, 2007"
California Saw both of his brilliant performances at The Fillmore and The Winery. What a great albumn of new music to go out and support.I enjoyed the the Fillmore venue much more, but my wife Judy and look forward to seeing you perform again early this Dec, at the carriage House and that the seating is better.
Arkansas "Richard, I just saw a documentary of your music set against the story of the grizzley bears. It moved me so much that I wish that I could have the soundtrack of your playing. How would I get one? It is absolutely amazing and hauntingly beautiful. Thanks"
West Yorkshire looking forward to the songbook.see you on tour. looking forward to it.regards
"October 5, 2007"
Surrey I saw you with Fairport in Leicester when I was 17/18. Huge encore - you came back and did Hound Dog - I've never forgotten that evening. Fantastic.
"October 7, 2007"
New York Whenever you are playing around here, it is guaranteed that you will see me in the audience. I LOVE your skill. I have performed some of your songs myself. Me and my mom argue who we would rather marry: You or Chris Leslie. She picks you...I pick Chris simply because I have met him and he is the nicest person I've ever met. You gave my brother some of your picks, once, but that was when I was younger and didn't listen to your music yet. Much love, and keep up the amazing talent!
Oost-Vlaanderen U r musically Divine!!!:-) Lookin forward to ur concert tomorrow in Belgium - Ancienne Belgique.
California I had the great pleasure of attending both the San Francisco and Mountain Winery shows. Both were incredible! The latest album (Sweet Warrior) is amazing! I really appreciated hearing "Guns are the Tongues" at the Saratoga show - yet another tour de force of your songwriting abilities. Thank you for all your truly great work. It is always such a thrill to hear you live, whether solo or with your fantastic band!
Massachusetts He is a national treasure and a true genius!!
Arizona I had the pleasure of meeting RT after his 9/26/07 show in Phoenix AZ. Not only one of the most important musical figures of our times, but a true gentleman. Richard, thanks for all of the great art you have created and all of the stellar music you will create in the future. On 9/26/07 you made my year.
"October 8, 2007"
Ontario Brilliant music in all ways!
Maryland You da man!
"October 9, 2007"
Antwerp Excellent concert in Brussels on Oct.8 2007; maybe more acoustic work next time?
Atlanta, GA I always enjoy your live shows and bringing new bees when you come to Atlanta Please come back soon. Love the new CD "Sweet Warrior". A latecomer but devoted.
"October 10, 2007"
Uffculme, Devon I'm grief stricken that my holiday in France clashes with the tour dates. Any chance of a gig in Bordeaux?
Waterloo Went to the concert 8.10.07 in Brussels and he and the whole band were just fantastic!
"October 11, 2007"
Leuven I had the privilege again to see&hear the " Sweet Warrior " tour , in Cleveland - House of blues ( OHIO), Brussels-Belgium(AB) and Brugge- Belgium ( stadschouwburg-theater ) Belgium . Still not dissapointed ""after all these years "" 30 years !...every time we had a great time ! Thanks for the great music.;How well you ,Pete,Michael and Danny play together is amazing . It eachtime makes my day ! .specialy the solo in "Hard On Me " was for us the best in Brugge ( Belgium ) . Thanks again from a lifetime fan , (loving the "hitlets " :-)
pennsylvania caught rt back in june once again i was totally blown away. all of a sudden other music seems so boring
"October 12, 2007"
East Flanders Richard , congratulations with the marvellous concert in Brugge , thursday 10.10.2007 . An outstanding band with much ' chemie ' and a wonderful playlist . We enjoyed your live gig very much . Hope your coming back soon . A lot of fun and succes next weeks on tour .
Brussels Hi Richard, we had a brief encounter near the Grand Place the morning of your recent Brussels show, which you rightfully promised would become fun. Smashing stuff. I also stood in honest amazement for your (very) special guest Diana Jones.
Ohio Keep up the great work Richard! LAlso, this is a wonderful webiste. Kudos to the webmaster.
Nevada Didn't know Beesweb existed. Great to know you're still plugging. Been a fan since Fairport
Dublin Richard been meaning to tell you I saw you in Dublin Irewand during the summer gave a splendid show, as always, but you may remember one of your strings brook and you started into ""Sam Hall"" as you tuned your replacement, brought back endless memories of my late brother Dick whose party pice that was , Yes I was the in "Vicar St." floods of tears. Thank you very much indeed for the show the songs and the memories. Come back soon.
"October 14, 2007"
Orlando, Florida Saw your work on the Sundance Channel Special "The Grizzly Man Sessions" Awesome show, the way the music and musicians were put together was great. I had a headache early Sunday morning and found the show just surfing the channels as it started. Anyway, this is way too long now. Take care and look forward to hearing more.
North Carolina I am truly pleased that Senor Thompson is coming to Asheville on Jan.20. I shall endeavor to make the 15 minute drive to the venue.
Kansas Would be very pleased to see the songbooks available.
colorado can I please sing with the band? also can you sign my children program that we sponser from Ireland every year? I have one for you and one for me?
"October 15, 2007"
Arvada, Colorado I sincerely enjoyed the Englewood show last month! Hopefully a video of this tour is in the works. The renditions presented were suprisingly elevated to the next level. Sweet Warrior indeed!
USA any word on when the songbook will be available?
Glasgow just back from tonights show in Glasgow fantastic night and great to see danny thompson playing with you another folk pioneer magic.