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October 16-31, 2003
"Thu Oct 16, 2003"
Colorado More showe dates in Boulder/Denver Colorado soon please!
"Fri Oct 17, 2003"
Ceredigion Such a lovely website-simultaneously nautical and apiarial(?)!
Freiburg They don't come any better!
Pennsylvania Enjoy the web site very much; Thank you!!!
Iowa Great stuff out here Richard. The commodity (RT) is ripe. See you in Ames.
Sheffield My wife and I really enjoyed Richard's live performance when he appeared In Sheffield with Danny Thompson.
Wiltshire Why do you need my age - is it relevant?
Tennessee "Richard Thompson is amazing...I can't believe how underrated """" is, great album."
North Dakota "If your ever in Minneapolis again, come over to Fargo ND. There are many fans here who would love to see you perform live."
"Sat Oct 18, 2003"
California "I loved ""Sloth"", I loved ""Shoot out the Lights"" then I bought the CD with ""Beeswing"" and ""I Can't Wake Up"" with all the broken Elvis statues on the cover (?) It's still one of my favorites to listen to. Then I saw him perform at the Coach House in Souther"
Hawaii "Just a note to let you know that Richard is now getting a great deal of airplay here on the island of Maui. Thanks to the altruism and blind naivete of two ex-commercial radio veterans, Mana'o Radio was launched as a listener-supported, all volunteer staf"
London have you heard prince's very folky and acoustic album called 'The Truth'?
"Sun Oct 19, 2003"
Texas Enjoyed Richard's performance at Austn City Limits.
Maryland Thanks for the great music!
Minnesota I just visited the web site to down-load words to Valerie. I love mixing RT songs into my set list during live performances. I'll be working on Valerie for my next gig.
"Mon Oct 20, 2003"
California "Richard,you gotta come to the Live Oak Music Festival. It's an outdoor event,amongst the oaks that happens every father's day weekend, sometime around June 14th. It's a fund raiser for KCBX public radio and I'm sure would dig to have you. It's been going"
Michigan "if wealth were truly allocated based upon the significance of ones contributions to music, Richard would be wealthy beyond imagining"
California "RT, you're neglecting your hometown. Come play some live shows here in LA. I saw you more when I lived in Washington, DC (3 straight nights at the Birchmere--what a treat!) than I do now!"
"Tue Oct 21, 2003"
Lancashire It's great to have all this material in one place. I especially like the audio downloads.
osaka I am really looking forward to see your gigs in japan again.
Co. Donegal Thanks for the great gig in Letterkenny 2 years ago.
New York I see you will be in the NY area in November... Any plans to return to the Tarrytown Music Hall then? We catch every show and bring our 2 kids (now 13 and 10). They were turned on to your music when we were in London in summer 2000 and saw your show in
Cardiff Wales He gets better with age!
Cornwall "I met Richard in a motorway services cafe near Birmingham (1986?), he on his way home from a gig, me on my way home from a Leyton Orient away match. We had a long chat, I remember asking if he would ever join fairport again. He said no, I was upset at the time."
Surrey At Sadlers Wells Richard sang of a mother (not a very caring mother I might add) who took the lives of her children only to be haunted by them later. A most tragic but beautifully scripted tale. Has this been released.
"Wed Oct 22, 2003"
Florida "Richard is one of those persons that I'd like to hang out with. Others are Frank Zappa (too late), Bob Dylan and Robyn Hitchcock. In other words, my heroes. Anyone with intelligent taste in music must be a fan of Richard Thompson."
Wisconsin I love you Richard!
"Thu Oct 23, 2003"
Australia "Haven't seen Richard Thompson play Asia Pacific (HK, Australia). Really liked 1000 years CD; can't wait for part 2"
North Dakota "Is there *anything* I can do to get Mr. Thompson to Fargo, North Dakota? Seriously. :)"
"Fri Oct 24, 2003"
New York last night I had lots of ale and cabbage. now I got the bubbles & sgueaks.
"Sat Oct 25, 2003"
Panama Are there any DVDs of Richard Thompson?
"Sun Oct 26, 2003"
New York "I have seen RT live many, many times and his virtuosity is always dazzling. In fact, I have tickets to see him Nov.1 at the IMAC theater in Huntington, Long Island where he played two years ago. Rolling Stone's ranking of RT as the 19th best guitarist i"
South Lanarks. Scotland Keep going.
Arkansas "Richard's music has been so important to me. I just can't express it. He is on a very, very short list of musicians and singers who have influenced my life, for the better I think. (Beatles, The Clash, Dylan, Beethoven, Duke Ellington, a few others may"
Louisiana I'm there!
"Mon Oct 27, 2003"
New Jersey "He just keeps getting better. Every time I see him play I say how can that be so but it's true the man is great! I saw the show at the musichall in Tarryrtown NY.OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't remember how many times I've seen Richard but it's been alot"
Texas "I just saw RT here in Austin last night. What a great show! Loved the Mummy song! I turned all my friends onto 1000 Years."
"Tue Oct 28, 2003 "
Texas "Your show in Austin on Sunday night was transcendent! You felt so good, you broke my heart!"
Illinois "Have had the pleasure of seeing RT live numerous times, most recently the 1000 Years of Pop tour...quite possibly the most phenomenal concert I have ever seen. Unforgettable. RT is my Guitar God!"
Pennsylvania "Thankyouthankyouthankyou and I'll be seeing you at the Birchmere Nov 3rd and 4th, just in time for my birthday."
"Wed Oct 29, 2003"
New York Had the pleasure of seeing RT in Nashville last night & was once again overwhelmed. There isn't a better lyricist/ guitar player around these days. Thanks for a truly enjoyable evening!
Illinois "Thanks for continuing to play in Chicago so often! I enjoyed the 1,000 yr. show at the Old Town School. RT is a favorite of ours."
Massachusetts "I'd like to hear Richard do ""The Highwayman"" a poem by Alfred Noyes previously performed by Phil Ochs."
"Thu Oct 30, 2003"
Massachusetts A friend of mine in Texas used to cover your vincent 52 song and I love the whole story of it.
London Any chance of Gloom & Doom from the Tomb being released on CD and being made available in the UK?
Kentucky "Just saw him in concert and it was phenomenal! I'm familiar with his son Teddy from Rufus Wainwright concerts and decided to check out the dad. I'll definitely be purchasing the newest CD and probably some older ones, too."
"Fri Oct 31, 2003"
New Hampshire "went to the show last night in newburyport, mass. was a great show. lots of great music. richard seem to enjoy the show as much as the the patrons who were lucky to get tickets. hope he returns in the future."
New Hampshire "Heard his live performance on the Boston ""The River"" radio station yesterday. Richard has a wonderful personality and he's an excellent player from what I can tell. I have been a big John Fahey fan for 35 years."
Bucks "I was interested to see several comments, both in RT interviews and on the site, about the origins of punk. Just listen to Roll Over Vaughn Williams - there's the origin of punk, I believe. Punk is folk on the move and that's what ROVW is. "
Massachusetts "Last night, I saw RT in Newburyport and it was an incredible performance - extraordinary. I am so grateful he is willing to play in smaller venues so I can actually see and hear him. Thank you RT!"
Massachusetts "Went to first concert in Newburyport, MA last night - he has to be one of the greatest musicians ever!"