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October 16 - 31, 2004
"October 16, 2004"
Tours When're you going to play in France? I don't get back to the UK that often!!
new hampshire "My favorite musician, bar none! When I introduced my wife to Richard's music, she thought there were two guitarists playing. When I took her to a show she was in complete disbelief!"
Illinois "Been a fan sine the Fairpoirt Convention days but really came to appreciate you with ""Shoot Out the Lights"". Have everything you have released since then. Have seen you solo at the MAC in DuPage Illinois last year - was a teriffic show in a great venue. Going to see you there again tonight. Please keep coming back to this area."
"October 17, 2004"
Virginia I play Richard's music on my 4.5 Star-rated Internet Radio Station
New Jersey "Like what you've done to the place. It's always cool to keep poppin in from time to time and see what new and unusual stuff you got a goin. See ya!"
Illinois "I had the good fortune of attending the performance at College of DuPage last evening. I brought my wife and two friends, all three unaware of your talents. We had a wonderful time! I only wish I had more of my friends with to share in the good fun. Thanks"
"October 18, 2004"
Illinois "saw your last 2 ""1000 years"" concerts at college of dupage. you only get better. what your doing now is great. better than anything in the past. thank you for a wonderful show saturday night and god bless you."
Illinois I always just miss the tour dates! I hope this will help me get email notifications!
Massachusetts "Curious...on Richard's ""Hand of Kindness"" album, Richard and his band are seen busking in the streets. Did he ever busk in his earlier years?"
Rhode Island thanks for all the great music
Missouri "I really loved the show on Saturday at College of Dupage. My husband, 8 yr. old daughter and I attended. We all thought it was great. My daughter was riveted by Debra. My daughter plays guitar, but I think she's going to start asking for ankle percussion now. What was the name of the band and song from ""down under"" that you played last? We really liked it. It was hard not to dance."
Missouri "Just saw the ""1,000 Years of Popular Music"" tour in Lawrence, KS last Monday, 11 October.Terrific show!"
Rochester Saw Richard at Cropredy with Danny Thompson some years back and was 'simply blown away' by the sound they produced. Seen Richard a few times since-what a sound-what lyrics !!
"October 19, 2004"
Sweden "I really love your CD ""Thousand years of popular music"""
Pennsylvania "You DA Man!!!! :-0Cheers"
Sydney "Had another listen to Two Letter Words last night ? disc one ? what an amazing work! Qwite apart from the scathing guitar, this album should be a reference disc for double bass playing. Danny Thompson, you are a legend. RT, can you please make this album available again - I want to buy some gifts. Thanks!"
"October 20, 2004"
Belfast Please play(anywhere in-but preferably Belfast) Ireland again someday soon.
"October 21, 2004"
New York "RT songs are one of the things that makes life worth living. I particularly love the dark emotiional songs. I will be Albany tonight 10/21 to see the show. I do hope that he and Judith do ""Poseidon"" tonight, as an encore. Than I can die happy!! Thanks for the music!!! "
Pennsylvania Just saw that show at the Keswick Theatre last night and thought it was sensational. I hope you come back to the Philadelphia region soon. I would like to have heard more of your music but I still think it was really great moving through all those genre and centuries of music. A real variety special as it were. Thanks again. We waited a long time to hear you again. We last saw you at Colorado College in 1988-89. And like fine wine....
manchester My trousers are full of pelicans!
"October 22, 2004"
wisconsin "I saw your show in Madison, it was one of the best musical experiences of my life. Great songs, great singing and Mr. Thompson's guitar playing is out of this world."
New York Thanks for a very good database of his songs. I am researching them and it has proved to be very helpful. Bravo!!
British Columbia "Just hunted down and obtained the ""Strict Tempo"" cd. It's beyond cool. Way beyond cool. "
"October 23, 2004"
Pennsylvania "Hi, I just saw the 1000 years concert at the keswick wednesday night. It was wonderful fantastic beyond what I can say here so I won't try. Debra and Judith were a nice unexpected...bonus...I really liked the drums especially. It was the first concert I have been to in my life so it was really special. I had tried to see RT twice before, 1st time I didn't have money for a ticket, 2nd time was at the Philly folk festivel and I was 8.5 monthes pregnant and afraid of going into labor all the way out at that farm. (I actually wasn't that concerned...but nobody would agree to take me for that reason) I took my mother to the concert for her birthday, she introduced me to RT when I was about, er, 10 or so. She was really excited too and kept thanking me over and over for taking her and told to me to write to your man selling CDs in the lobby who was so nice to us. Anyway, thank you for providing us such a wonderful experiance wednesday nite and for creating...I am madly in love with, your music. ;) Goodbye"
wisconsin COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
New York "Just got back from Tarrytown show,1000 years of music, great show, one problem, music stand blocked guitar. Real problem. Many of us spoke about it after the show was over. It was like watching a baseball game and not being able to see the pitch reach the plate."
Mie-ken "Dear Richard Thompson

I am your fan. Please come to my country for your Live."

England "I like your site, and I love your music."
Illinois "Saw the show in Glen Ellyn, IL last week. Great job!"
"October 24, 2004"
Indiana "Smart, Funny,Great Music. Come and Play in Bloomington Indiana Soon! We love you in the Hoosier State. "
Arizona "I first heard his song, The Dimming of the Day, on a best of Mary Black CD. "
Pennsylvania "The 1,000 years show was one of the best ever Richard shows I've seen. Saw it in Jenkintown October 20 and now am looking for other dates to take some more people."
"October 25, 2004"
Norway love your work. thank you for the brilliant observations and the comfort you have given me in my solitude.
Massachusetts Just that I think RT is a powerfully moving musician! Fantastic!
Essex Genius-another couple of gigs like Cambridge in May and I might yet convince my missus too!
Isle of Wight "GREAT show Oct 20 at the Keswick Theater in Glenside (PA, USA). Loved the repartee with the audience, especially the Scots accent."
Massachusetts "Has any thought been given to rescheduling this Thursday night's Boston show to a later date after the conclusion of the World Series? I love Richard Thompson's music dearly, but there's no way I'm missing the opportunity to see the Red Sox win it all for the first time since 1918. I suspect that many previously purchased seats may be empty, particularly if the Red Sox need only one more victory to win the Series on Thursday night. I, for one, would be delighted if the show were rescheduled for a later date."
"October 26, 2004"
Washington DC "My first visit. A beautiful site. I've only seen RT live once at the Birchmere in Alexandria VA, but it was an incredible show. I'll be back. In the meantime I'll keep listening to the CDs, tapes, and LPs I've accumulated. Thanks RT for all the great songs!"
Maine "favorite live song: ""The Way that It Shows"""
Suffolk makes me FEEL
"October 27, 2004"
New York "what kinks song did rt do at the tarrytown,ny concert 10/04?"
Louisiana Please perform in New Orleans again!
Washington DC Just saw the 1000 years of popular music show. Great!
NSW "I knew a little of FC in the late 60s and early 70s. Sometime last year I had dozed off with the radio on and woke to ""I'll tag along"" (yes, it was on the air at least once in Aust) and was hooked. Since then I have been catching up on everything in between. A remarkable career!"
Tennessee RT's music inspires me !!!!
"October 28, 2004"
Minnesota Great Website!
Virginia "The next time you do the Birchmere, please consider coming back to Charlottesville. I'll buy about 100 tickets!! For 100 tickets, please bring the band this time! Long live Sandy and Swarb!"
california "Thanks for the great website! It makes it easier to survive between RT concerts."
Massachusetts Am interested in US tour information. Thank you.
Montana "One of my favorite concert moments was at the Gallatin Gateway Inn near Bozeman, Montana. Great dinner where Richard was dining as well (I made the stupid mistake of offering to buy him a drink). Great show and it was my birthday -- what can I say? Come to Helena, Bozeman or Missoula and I'll be there. So many songs so well written and performed --thank you! They blow me away."
"October 29, 2004"
Germany Since a long time I'm looking for RT concerts in Germany. Unfortunatly I missed all possibilities in the past.
OSAKA I want to see RT live in Japan!!
Maine "As a professional guitarist & songwriter, I've followed & respected RT's work from Fairport Convention to Old Kit Bag. My 23 year old son, following in my footsteps, shares that respect. We're going to the Camden Maine show tonight!!!"
New Jersey Great show as usual in Montclair(Outpost In The Burbs)
Michigan "I saw you play in Grand Rapids, Michigan a couple of years back. I'm taking care of a guitarist who used to play in this area, but who is now a-bed with Multiple Sclerosis. He tuned me in to your music and true-to-life lyrics. The two of us wish you well, Richard."
Virginia "Thanks for all the great tunes. Play with the electric band as much as possible, and play Calvary Cross, a 'signature tune.'"
"October 30, 2004"
Virginia in 1970 or 71 you played the fallschurch comunity center in northern virginia. Ian was there i think maybe Niels laughgrin to. 30 years is long time.I hope to here your music for another 50 at least.thanks
Scotland Great website
Colorado I like the marketing directions bees web is moving in
Devon the official bootlegs are great!
Massachusetts I've heard *of* Richard for years (being a fan of several of his fans) but never heard the music. Got on Itunes and started playing clips and now I'm hooked!
"October 31, 2004"
Vienna "Started with Fairport in college,.. and have been there all the way through. Saw many a concert in US,.. but have lived in Austria for 8 years! PLEASE come to Vienna (Gasometer, Metropol,Aera, Cafe Concerto, Chelsea Club) It would be a thrill!!"
oxfordshire "good day all, good site, cant weight to get the new dvd, just wondered if there was going to be a song book coming out in the feature? keep it up Richard!"
Massachusetts "Hi.. I saw Berklee and Lebanon, and very pleased each time. I keep imagining the Trio doing Eric Carmen's ""Go all the way"" now. This was a rich experience. I would dearly appreciate access to audio versions ""Shenandoah"" and ""A-11"" someday. My best regards"
Dublin Keep it coming
Oregon "Fate smiled upon me the night I was dragged to see my first RT show. A buddy was raving about this guy I'd never heard of. I learned quickly that this is amongst the most prevelant MO's used to convert luddites into frothing, raving followers. The gig was at an awful dive of a place, The Club Soda, in Kalamazoo. It was the, Across A Crowded Room, tour. I couldn't have been more than ten feet from Richard. I hope he didn't notice I had wet myself. Just kidding. It was a life changing event for me. I think I've been to about fifteen RT shows since. Naturally, I, 'drag', as many of the unwashed as possible to each show..."
Dominica Thanks!!