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October 16 - 31, 2005
"October 16, 2005"
Texas please come back to Texas
Texas "your favorite fan of austin, tx turned me on to this. he and his wife are more than smitten. have a good day."
New York "Last show seen: Outdoors at River to River fest, World Financial Center, NYC, summer '05. A truly wonderful solo show…"
Wisconsin I just saw Richard last night at Alverno's Pittman Theater. It was fantastic. Such a full rich sound. Hate to admit I have none of his music. I have listened to him on public radio for years.
"October 17, 2005"
Wisconsin "I was at the Oct. 16, 2005 show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What a great show!"
Minnesota Just saw richard in st.paul acoustic with danny. Great as usual seems to get better with age. I do have to catch him electric tho.
Connecticut Went with a friend to the folk festival in New Haven. Wonderful!
NSW I read an article in The Sydney Morning Herald and was instantly curious. After looking through your site and listening to a few of your song's I can see why Rolling Stone thought you were kick arse. Good on ya for never giving up on your dream - best of luck in the future
"October 18, 2005"
Canberra "I started the connection with Fairport Convention, then via Henry the Human Fly to the rest. Saw you play at a little pub in Richmond (London)in 1974 and we had a beer together. Great that the wider recognition is finally there."
Washington I see him every chance I get! He is terrific!
Sydney Keep on
California "If I wasn't married, and if I was a little, just a little younger, I'd be your groupie!"
Ontario My cousin told me about this performer and I am trying to recall any memories I may have as I was raised in the northeast of England
California "I'm looking forward to the chance to see your show in Chico California at the SN Brewery. Tickets go on sale November 2, and I hope to be there at the right time to acquire one."
South Carolina "Loved you ever since Fairport Convention's ""A Moveable Feast""!"
"October 19, 2005"
NSW I'm glad you're finally having success.
NSW Saw Richard at Womad years ago when he played individually and with Louden Wainright III. Fabulous.
Amsterdam My girlfriend in Chicago is mad about you
Northants Appropriate name for a site: Richard is the bees knees!
Suffolk put a big smile on my face more time than i care to mention. love him.
New Mexico "I could swear that 'Precious One' was written for me. The night me and the love of my life fell into each others arms we were listening to Bees-Wing, he is a huge fan and has been a lead guitarist for over 25 years. Thank you"
Washington Richard Thompson's recent concert in Seattle was wonderful. I've only missed one Seattle concert in the past ten years. Richard is an artistic genius.
Melbourne "I may be a bit of a thicko, but I only realised last night whilst listening to Front Parlour Ballads that Old Thames Side seems to lean very heavily on Robert Burns. For anyone that?s interested have a read of Bonnie Lesley. It took a couple of listens to get into the music, but now I love Front Parlour Ballads. And Richard from us in Australia, please:

Return again, guid Richard, Return to oor antipode! That we may brag we hae haurd a lad There's nane aboot sae brawly!

(huge apologies to Burns)"

Virginia "Charlottesville, Virginia is 2-3 hours' drive from D.C. Lime Kiln fans would love to see you here."
Wisconsin Just saw Richard in concert here in Milwaukee. Thanks for a great concert.
"October 20, 2005"
Alaska "I just caught ""Hots for the Smarts"" on World Cafe - loved it!"
Nebraska "Hadn't listened to much music for quite a while. It all sounded the same. Heard Black Lightning and had tears in my eyes. You touched this old Nebraska farm boy, and life long motorcyclist. Wonderful music! Thanks Richard. Hope to see you in a performance here in Nebraska."
Maryland Back on the mailing list after an absence of a year. Web site looks better than ever.
New Jersey I continue to hear Richard on the radio and don't find his music in the store. I haven't given up though because I really love your music. Perhaps I will have to buy on-line.
New York Simply wonderful
New York I'm a long time fan.
"October 21, 2005"
Washington Saw the show w/ Danny at Recital Hall in Seattle; first show! Just the best! Thank you!
Cumbria "From my early days at university, right up to the present day, Richard's music has been with me. Never seen him live but planning to when he comes to Blackpool in the UK"
Ontario I saw Richard for the first time last night in Toronto and was absolutely blown away - brilliant!
London We had the pleasure of viewing RT from the front row at the Hackney Empire last year - just sublime.
"October 22, 2005"
Tasmania "Loved Richards work with Fairport. Heard many live concerts over the years since Fairport on Australian ABC Radio but never quite got into it. An acquired taste perhaps? Six months ago I bought a compilation CD in a bargain bin & was hooked, I have played it to death & I'm now buying up all the treasures I have belatedly discovered, they are like a breath of fresh air to me. Thank you Richard. Keep up the great work & please come & perform in Australia again."
USA Good Service
Braga "1st concert with Fairport 6th Feb 1970 Manchester, last concert Cropredy 2005 and many more in between"
Indiana seen him a few times in indiana....when are you coming back to play here? didn't see it on the itinerary
Massachusetts very cool - see you next time In Massachusetts
New York "Truly enjoyed the show in Ridgefield, CT over a year ago. How about doing the Bardavan in Poughkeepsie, NY?"
Pennsylvania "It seems, like me, that you enjoy what you do - this is a mitzvah!"
Dublin love the work
"October 23, 2005"
Virginia Heard you on iTunes radio thought I'd check it out.
"October 24, 2005"
Yorkshire "I had the privilege of meeting the maestro, after a gig in Bath some years ago, (sigh!), what a Gent!"
New York "FPB, great stuff."
Missouri "The Chicago concert was the best I've been to. Richard seemed more relaxed than at any other show. The acoustic ""Shoot out the Lights"" was probably the best live performance I've seen him give, though it's pretty hard to sort that at. Thanks, RT, for a great show."
Yorkshire How can I get hold of music ie. guitar tabs ?
Ontario "Trinity St Pauls....Toronto - What a wonderful concert. I think I saw RT beam at times. Great to be introduced to Eliza G also.Sitting above the stage looking down, we could see everyone was transfixed by both performances. Heard some interesting new songs from RT....especially the one about Bell, and dating a smart girl...very funny. RT would get a kick out of Woody Allen?s essay about the call girl for intellectuals.Now, I HAVE to wonder....why oh why, is Richard Thompson so unknown to the general public? He should be AT LEAST be playing at Massey Hall. Cannot find a review of last Thursday anywhere on the internet. This is disappointing.Eric Clapton said RT was one of his all time faves. WELL..... If Eric Clapton can play on Buddy Guy albums, and tribute albums to Stevie Ray Vaughan how about an ERIC CLAPTON - RICHARD THOMPSON album, or better yet......a TV show. Get your publicist on that. I am sure Eric is looking for challenging things to do ? and playing with RT would certainly be a challenge! We don't want to see poor old Richard at age 90 traipsing across North America cause he needs the money. He should be able to retire comfortably. Perhaps some Front Porch Ballads would come out of that???? We promise to buy. Cheers, from a Very Polite Canadian - too shy to ask for an autograph!!!"
Kentucky "I would like to see more entire concerts issued on CD/DVD, since they are so varied. Love the website!"
"Perth, Scotland" Thank you for coming to Perth. See you in January.
"October 25, 2005"
Massachusetts what were the other records in the top 10 that didn't make the New Yorker profile??
Massachusetts "Just went to last nights Sommerville Theater concert.Very Good!! Can't wait for a electric show too...Let us know"
Massachusetts "My daughter and I have a long commute to school/work and we spend the ride usually arguing over whose CD we get to listen too...At the moment Richards' ""Front Porch Ballads"" is going head to head (or should that be song to song) with Kanye West. The segue from ""Gold Digger"" to ""Miss Patty"" is actually starting to sound good.Aaarrgh...the perils of the road revealed! Saw Richard at Sommerville Theatre in Boston, MA last night?great acoustics,and ambience. A truly ""adventurous"" balladeer at his best..."
Massachusetts "RT is the supreme artist. I can't believe that he only uses two hands to play his guitar, while the rest of us would need three! I saw him for the 4th time last night at the Somerville Theater in Somverville, MA and he was eletrifying! He gets better with each appearance. He is the rarest of the rare; an intellectual, a comedian, singer/songwriter and virtuoso musician, what more can one say about him? WOW!"
Massachusetts "Saw the show on October 24 at the Somerville Theatre. Many compliments; I felt it was a great snapshot of RT's career (but admit I'm only just learning the library). I was somewhat disappointed that he played Persuasion, although it is certainly a most gorgeous song, mostly because the people were yelling it out between songs and to have him do it was giving them what they wanted, but it took something away from its preciousness for me. Thanks so much for being generous with your time; you played for a solid two + hours where many musicians now seem to play only for a bit more than an hour. Great time. And Danny is also top-notch!"
Maryland Nice site. Thanks for making all this available.
New York really liked the vitality of his recent show in albany's egg!
"October 26, 2005"
Rhode Island Just saw Richard again _ this time at Somerville Theater in Mass. Another superb performance.
New Jersey "I just saw Richard at the McCarter Theater in Princeton and was blown away by his guitar playing. I'm miles behind him.Danny is also an amazing musician. I got to speak briefly with him after the show, he is a great guy."
Massachusetts My wife and I immensely enjoyed the show at the Somerville Theater last night. First time we've seen Richard live - great.
Pennsylvania Will be attending first RT gig on October 29th @ The Keswick Theater. Cant wait.
New Jersey "Saw the show at McCarter theatre in Princeton last night. RT just keeps getting better, and let it be known, that Danny Thompson is officially a god of the upright bass. It was nice to hear Jimmy Shands again though some of us are still holding out for Smiffy's Glass Eye. This tour should be recorded, the empathy between the 2 un-brothers Thompson is simply sublime"
"October 27, 2005"
Sydney First time heard a great song on community radio five minutes ago - fascinated - will buy this music !!!!
Johannesburg "Since listening to the music so much so that the only other cd's playing in the car is Jacky Leven and watching the DVDs so often I think they may wear out, what is the chance of getting you to play in South Africa, which after Scotland my home country is one of the most beautiful in the world? You would surely be given a warm welcome, the beer is rubbish but the people are great"
Massachusetts Richard's Somerville Theater show hit the spot! When is that songbook coming?!
New Jersey "Great show in Princeton on Tuesday! Danny's great, too!"
Massachusetts "I first heard RT's music about 35 years ago, which doesn't quite qualify as ""my whole life"". Thanks for the show in Somerville, MA on Monday. It was the second time I've seen him play live. Would like to know when there are new tours scheduled."
"October 28, 2005"
California An ex-pat limey living in Northern California and loading my PC with Favorites from Home that I need to catch up with. Looking forward to the next concert at The Mystic Theater in Petaluma!
New York "i just saw richard last night at town hall. a wonderful show. i wish i could be there again tonight. all day i've been singing his songs to myself. what a treasure. i feel so lucky to know about him and to be able to listen to his wonderful music whenever i want to. all that, plus cute and funny! wow."
New York "Although I love the shows at Town Hall, please come back to Tarrytown! Despite the drive -- and the walk up the hill -- I prefer the Music Hall infinitely over Town Hall. Although I would really enjoy another Band show at Irving Plaza!!"
Connecticut "Great show at Town Hall, NYC (10/27/2005)! Come back soon!"
Connecticut Saw the show last night at Town Hall NYC. Bloody brillant! Question: What was the last song of the encore?
Banbury Oxon m.i.f. or t.i.f?
"October 29, 2005"
New Jersey Just arrived from your concert with Joan Baez in the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. I'm still moved by your guitar playing. Thanks!
Pennsylvania Still gaga over richard. wish I could have a chat with him
"October 30, 2005"
New York "You've been so good for me, and now you have become so good for my 19 year old son. He has just been cruely dumped by his girl of the past three years. He is calling me from college, requesting my RT collection. He feels that RT knows what it feels like, and won't give him uselesss advice, only commiseration."
Bucks "Please can we have some more comedy MP3s, everyone I know has been converted to this site by the Janet Jackson song! "
"October 31, 2005"
Connecticut "Richard T. is the best guitarist I have seen live, ever. Ever. (In case someone missed this.)"
South Carolina I love the picture of Richard smiling! I hope to see his smiling face at the Handlebar in Greenville this coming Saturday night…
Indiana Thank you for sharing your gift with us. I saw you back in the 80s in LA. Your work has always meant a lot to me.