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October 16 - 31, 2006
"October 16, 2006"
NSW "I have been listening to RT for not qwite _my whole life_! Hoping to make it to Cropredy in 2007 for another feast of blazing RT electric guitar. Career highlights: compositions like No Man_s Land, Genesis Hall and Crazy Man Michael; Birdtown with David Thomas, Hand of Kindness and Shoot Out The Lights albums, Amnesia, Rumour and Sigh, MIRROR BLUE, TOKB, Live at Austin City Limits DVD. Plus all the shows in Australia. Marvellous, thank you!"
"October 17, 2006"
Lincolnshire "An ex-boyfriend got me into your music in the 80's and I've been hooked since. One of my favourite tracks of all time is ""Simple Again"" - if I was stuck on a desert island this (along with the album) would have to be with me (hopefully). Thanks for making me and many others happy."
"October 18, 2006"
Surrey The greatest
"October 19, 2006"
California "I don't know how I completely missed RT for so many years; a friend sent me an unmarked compilation of various artists. Included was RT's ""I Misunderstood"". That was the wonderful beginning. I am so grateful for the many things Richard brings: authenticity, humility, humor, unmatched guitar artistry, and a songwriter who can make us laugh, cry, or feel amazement. My deepest gratitude. And...damn his eyes for raising the bar so high!!!"
Yorkshire Do wish that you had been at Cropredy this year
Leuven "Thank YOU , Richard :-)"
New Jersey First Concert last year at McCarter Th. LOVED All of it. Hits the heart!
Illinois "Those of us hapless midwesterners will have to wait until the next time around, I guess. "
Tyne and Wear Found Richard in later life - wonderful!
Nova Scotia I am listening to Beeswing as I am typing this. My friend gave me an MP3 of it. Loving it!!!!!
Vermont I love his music. First heard him with Fairport and was a fan ever since.
"October 20, 2006"
North Carolina "My mom was playing Richard and Linda when I was a tot...I am going to see him in Charlotte 10-26-06, with her, my Aunt, and a very good friend. It would be so perfect if :::Bees Wing::: was on the playlist. We all love it."
Ohio "When are you coming back to Columbus??!!I have new people to introduce to your live music!!! I know you are quite well received here - so why make us wait?! Hope to see you soon"
Maine listening since l&l 1969
Maine "Please come back to the Opera House in Camden, Maine. It's not too far from Lebanon. And you promised. There's a pining Englishman waiting there."
USA I want to be Richard's drummer.
"October 21, 2006"
Florida "In Philly, listened on WXPN and flipped...he never came to town...I move to Florida and he comes to Princeton, Wilmington, etc. BUT I do have CDs etc. COME TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA HARD ROCK VENUE SOME DAY!!!"
South Carolina Seeing him for third time this Tuesday at The Handlebar. Cant wait!!!!
bornem "Can you help to find (on the internet) dates and places of concerts of RT? Thanks Like to go to concerts on the continent."
Louisiana thanks for touring!
"October 22, 2006"
Wellington any plans to come to NZ? Would travel to either island to listen. It's a great place to perform and to visit!
Leceister Richard needs to play at Leicester venues more often!
"October 23, 2006"
Michigan "one of my favorite songwiters, players, musicians!"
West Virginia "We love Richard and Teddy and go see them whenever he plays Mountain Stage in Charleston, WV- Keep playing you inspire my artwork!!!!!!!"
"October 24, 2006"
Switzerland Hello
North Carolina I'm so excited about the upcoming concert at the Carolina Theatre in G'boro! I work there and can't wait for the show!!
California met you at Hardly Strictly with the Painter whose portrait of you you signed. I think I Love YOU!
Connecticut Is there a way I can be on a mailing list where I know when RT's playing in my neck of the woods? I always find out about the concerts after they're sold out! One of these days I'm gonna be in the front row!
"October 25, 2006"
Georgia "Saw your show in Athens, GA last night! I was blown away. Come back around soon!"
Liverpool "Been listening more than 30 years but not my "whole life", which had already been running 15 yrs before 1967."
Virginia "Looking forward to hearing you in concert in Greensboro, NC-at the Carolina Theatre on Oct 27th."
Washington DC Was introduced to your music with The Dimming of the Day. It sounded so Scottish to me that I needed to explore. So glad to meet you
Zaragoza I never get tired of listening to RT releases.
Lancashire RT only disappointed me once. At the Mechanics in Burnley in about 1983 he refused to sing Calvary Cross. He made a lame excuse that he didn't have a band with him and he'd forgotten the words. Lame excuses even then. I have forgiven him!
Maryland My Family and I are going to the concert on Halloween in Easton Maryland. We can't wait!! We would love to get a chance to meet Richard but seeing him in person will be enough.
Rhode Island "Actually, I've been listening to your music more like 40 years. Thank you for it."
"October 26, 2006"
Ohio "I got RT to play "Hand of Kindness" on my fifth try."
South Carolina "Richard, I'm grateful for the guitar pic pulled from deep within your wallet, last night's show in Greenville SC USA. Never told you how great thou art, and Thanks so very much.!!! 10th times a charm sure to see you again Godspeed!!! Much Love, Respect"
London Grizzly Man is just great I love it.
Massachusetts I'm sorry for those in the world who don't know what they are missing if they don't know Richard and his work.
"October 27, 2006"
North Carolina "It is presently 10:00 AM on Friday, Oct. 27. I am listening to RT's "MORE GUITAR" live CD on my computer at work. And I am going to see my first performance of Richard in person tonight in Greensboro, North Carolina, solo and acoustic. It is a concert I have been waiting for far too long. I am so excited that I hope I don't pee in my pants when he walks on stage. I know it will be a great show."
"October 28, 2006"
South Carolina "Thanks for the greenville sc show. how bout a "big" band tour. thank you!!"
Netherlands thanks for your music mr. Thompson!
Saskatchewan Hope to see RT again next time he's in Edmonton or Calgary -- or even Saskatoon!
Pennsylvania "Love to see you when you come to Harrisburg, PA"
Ohio "Seen Richard in Columbus, Ohio 3 times at least. Always a treat! Keep on playin!"
Kent "I just heard your version of "Danny Boy" for the first time and I'm still a good way. Was that the effect you were after? Sorry if it wasn't. From barbershop to Dave Edmunds produces Albert Lee with RT on vocals in one fell swoop (Albert is only my second favourite guitarist due to the sycophantic part where I have to tell you you're the best Mr. T.) After all these years you're still blowing what's left of my mind. Bless you mate, and more power to you."
"October 29, 2006"
Varese, provincia "many thanks for your music, richard."
Tennessee "I have never forgotten you from Be Here Now in Asheville, NC several years back. I love you."
Pontybodkin, Wales brilliant sums it up. thankyou richard
Maryland Interested in tour info!
"October 30, 2006"
Virginia "You can't fool me, Richard Thompson! There were about two other guys with guitars behind the black curtain in the Jefferson Center, Roanoke. There had to have been, because there's no way that one man made that many sounds come out of just one guitar. You had help from the Mighty Oz, Richard. Admit it. All kidding aside (briefly as I can stand it), thank you for that concert. Not only have you brought the art of the anti-war anthem raging back to the real world, you've breathed new life into the bawdy sea chanty (a corporate ceileadh band called The Drones? GROANS) and tickled the everloving heck out of bespectacled lasses of all ages. As a poet, a performer, an instrumental master and a voice, you are a virtuoso, and it was a privilege to witness the joyous passion that drives your work. Also, you're a hottie. Much love, much respect."
Virginia "Every show I've seen has been fabulous, and last night's was the best. I'm amazed and appreciative."
"October 31, 2006"
Massachusetts I am very much looking forward to my first (and second) RT concerts this week - Princeton and Fall River.
Virginia just saw you in c'ville. unbelievable. and amy was such a great fit to open. my father has a '51 vincent comet.....super song and thanks so much for the 3 encores!
New Jersey "Age is relative, my dears. Richard is a superlative example of that! "
McConnellogue He's an absolutely amazing lyricist!
Ontario Thanks for the words and music
Virginia "I am so glad to have seen Richard when he came through Charlottesville this year. I caught his show 2 years back and just had to have more. The passion and talent are what I need from musicians that no one else can seem to deliver. Just beautiful, live or studio. Thank you so much."