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OCTOBER 16 - 31, 2007
"October 16, 2007"
Tasmania Have only been seriously collecting RT music for the past 12 months, now I've just about exhausted my local music shop & will approach this site for some harder to get music
Interlaken We've been to the paris concert on saturday 13th. Mhm, what to say... it was unbelivable, incindiary and ingenious!!! Never heard such great live music! Thank you for an unforgettable concert!! Long live Richard Thompson and his Band, you are sooooo good!
West Lothian, Scotland Was at the Glasgow gig last night. Blinder ! People always (and quite rightly) say how impressed they are with RT's playing. I'd like to pay tribute here though to Pete Zorn. His all round musicianship including his understated but highly effective vocals is nothing short of stunning.
Kent See you at the Roundhouse on Saturday
East Sussex Looking forward to seeing Richard in Manchester on Friday caught his son Teddy last week in Brighton what a family!
"October 17, 2007"
Netherlands Discovered Thompson in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Came to see Dale Watson in the other room, but was so amazed by Richard and band that I stuck with them! One of the best gigs I saw in years!
"October 18, 2007"
California No comments, I use too many words as it is.
Bavaria The concert in July in Nürnberg was a great pleasure!
Tennessee Looking forward to the show here in Knoxville in January
Brittany he's my secret idol since 14 years ...
Doncaster Just seen another great RT show at Irish Centre in Leeds. Thanks for years of entertainment Richard!
Illinois After years of being stuck in the Pentatonic, I've finally discovered some riffs of yours that open up the whole neck to me. Trilling the B note against an open E, bending up the E flat on the 2nd string and then hammering the open E top string, etc. Such simple embellishments that suddenly add such texture to my playing! Send me the bill
Shipley Went to the Leeds Irish Centre Gig last night and have to say that R.T just gets better and better. Hope that he enjoyed it as much as his audience did.
California Lately he's all I want to listen to!
"October 19, 2007"
North Carolina Please, please, please (in the immortal words of James Brown) let me know if there will be pre-sale tickets or when tickets go on sale for The Orange Peel show in Asheville, NC. I called yesterday & they could not tell me. I know that the tickets will sell out very quickly & want to get 2 pair. Much appreciated.
Wisconsin WOW! A motorcycle friend sent me a link to Vincent Black Lightning 1952. Great song. Then I found Hard On Me, WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! Impressive, fantastic!
"October 20, 2007"
Somerset Yes; I'm really looking forward to the concert in Bristol tomorrow night. Thanks too for the downloads, they're really interesting.
Cheshire I've just had yet another great evenings entertainment in Manchester (19 Oct 2007). I am always amazed. Truly legendary and the band too Michael, Danny and Pete. Thanks to all.
London Going to the Roundhouse tonight (20/10/07) - can't wait to see the bright lights!!
Cambridge My woman always crys when we play Bees Wing
"October 21, 2007"
Lancashire Great to see you in Manchester last Friday - first time I've seen you live since your time with Fairport - hopefully won't leave it so long until I see you next!
Ohio Keep coming to Ohio!! How about Columbus or thereabouts? Summer of 08? Mid July? Ahh... C'mon, please? I'll buy 10 tickets in advance... OK 12. OK 16 but the check might bounce…
Sussex Saw you live at the Roundhouse last night didnt know that much about you musically but a great performance loved the banter with the audience one guy in the front row was too enthusiastic though!Great to see a musician with a smile on his face obviously enjoying what he does
"October 22, 2007"
Manchester Went to Bridgewater Hall on Friday night. I know that everybody in the band was brilliant but in the gallery it just sounded like a loud mush. I could hardly hear a word sung. Even the acoustic numbers were so badly mixed as to be an insult. The concert should have been brilliant but it ended up the worst sound mix I've ever heard. Sack the knob twiddler!! I was devastated.
London During Richard's autograph-signing session at Cropredy in August, I asked him if he would play Who Knows Where The Time Goes at the Roundhouse (London) show in October. He did not commit himself, and said, ""We'll see."" I have no idea if my request had any influence on Saturday night's setlist, but many thanks for playing it! It was a special moment in a great show.
"October 23, 2007"
Troon, Scotland glasgow gig was excellent best song for me was al bowllys in heaven it blew me away!
"October 24, 2007"
London I was at the RT Band gig at the Roundhouse in Camden on 22nd October. 4 extrordinary musicians - RT and the guys were so tight - giving it heaps of wellie!! (My girlfriend wanted to elope with the drummer!) Some intriguing dips into the back catalogue and the new stuff from Sweet Warrior focussing this time, perhaps, on skill, power and playfulness. Amazing to step out of the venue, dazed with the brilliance and generosity of the performance into the 'scenes from Hogarth' vision of Camden on a Saturday night. Come back soon RT - sanity is in otherwise short supply round here.
Louisiana Been spreading the word about your music.
California Thanks for your music. Actually, I found my girlfriend with 1952 Vincent Black Lightening.
Manchester Saw my first concert at Manchester Bridgewater Hall and was knocked out. Now scanning for other venues, maybe the states !
"October 25, 2007"
Montpellier, l'Hérault The music that Richard has been recording since the beginning of the 90's is amongst he best I've ever heard, and it just gets better with every new release. When wìll he ever come and play in the south of France?
London Saw Richard for the first time at The Roundhouse, Camden in London. One of the most enjoyable gigs I'v been too. I left wanting to hear and see more of him. Brilliant.
Liverpool oh my gosh i can't wait to see you tomorrow at the philharmonic! Been waiting for ages, hope you will sign my album!
Cambridge My husband and I have just been to see you play at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Wow. You were amazing. What soul you have, all of your band included. Modern bands just don't get it do they!!!! Keep on rocking!!!! Thank you!!!!!
"October 26, 2007"
Wrexham Highly impressed by Richard Thompson's Lewes Guitar Festival appearance!
Minnesota We've met on a few occasions, including once many years ago in Canada - at the Winnipeg folk festival. You did an out-o-doors guitar workshop with Greg Brown and several others. The experience was one that should have been made avaliable (there was no internet yet) to the rest of the world. Other people would understand and appreciate your music, as well as the others in the workshop. Too bad. On the other hand, screw them. I was privvy to one of the smallest best shows on the planet. Umph! Oh yes,I play a Line6 Vetta II amplifier. (One of my band mates runs the forum on the Line6 site.) Do you have any Line6 amp patches that you'd like to share?
"October 27, 2007"
Henley great night at the anvil thanks
Brabant Mister Thompson,I know you thanks to "Liege and Lief" and to "(Guitar,vocal)" (with that irresistible "Poor Willl and the Jolly Hangman").You were so marvellous these month in Bruges.I was there with a friend who's following and enjoying your music for a longtime. After the concert he lended me "More guitar", my God, thank you for playing the guitar!
Cheshire Just seen Richard at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and it was one of the finest Gigs I've been to, and I've been to many!
New York I am one of the very few 14 year old girls who would rather listen to Richard Thompson, Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, etc. than the horrible new music. I love your music and your talent. Why aren't there any new bands that actually HAVE TALENT? It boggles my mind.
France Other guitarists play; Richard Thompson kills !!!
"October 30, 2007"
Wirral My wife and I saw Richard and band last Friday at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.Wonderful concert with excellent support act too, thanks for a memorable evening. Afterwards, as we walked back along Hope Street to the car, my wife turned to me and said "He didn't do Copperhead Road"
Cheshire Liverpool, 26th Oct 2007: fantastic, as usual. I expect he'll eventually start to disappoint, which will be a great relief to us lesser talents. As it was, I felt compelled to say (loudly) at the end that RT is a notorious show off and that my version of tear stained letter is better because it's more economical and Cropperesque. This was taken to be a joke by those around me. But Jeez, isn't the audience getting old? This must be a worry to RT, as dead people don't buy CDs. Even the proposterous habit of writing ever better songs won't rescue you from this, smartarse. But I like to be helpful, so I can give you a list of gigs where you can discretely stand at the back and learn how to introduce a little more humility into your guitar licks. See you next time.
"October 31, 2007"
Pennsylvania Enjoyed the show @ the Keswick, Glenside, PA. A true pro who seems to be getting better.