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JANUARY 1-31, 2010
"January 2, 2010"
Florida Love your stuff Saw your show on cable at the apollo ,with elvis costello-Fantastic want to see you live. when? where-come to Fla. lots of fans here-Peace , Happy new year
USA I just learned of Richard from my Acoustic Guitar Mag listing the Essential Acoustic Albums from the last 20 years. I'd ,listened to Fairport Convention in the early 70's so I was pleasantly surprised to get an update. Looking to find "Front Parlor Ballads".
Halifax Richard is "simply the best".
"January 3, 2010"
British Columbia When Richard played a recent show in Vancouver, B.C., it took place in a church. Wanting to hear "When the spell is broken" but not being particularly religeous, I submitted a request in the prayer box at the front door. Richard opened with that song. Such is the power of prayer it seems! Many thanks for years of joy the music has brought me!
"January 4, 2010"
Colorado thank you
Washington Being an master guitarist and a suberb song writer is an accomplshment seldom if ever equaled by others. Having a wonderful voice is just the crowning touch to being the best performer I have seen and heard. Consider booking an outdoor venue in the summer time in Portland, OR.
"January 5, 2010"
Bedford Saw him first on Whistle Test where he reviewed guitars and play Tear Stained Letter with his big band - that was my intro to RT - I bought his latest LP and in about a month had almost his back catalogue.
"January 6, 2010"
Cheshire the mans a genius, a modest one, never has he released a better album than 'sweet warrior' a masterpiece.
"January 7, 2010"
Sande Moin, why can`t I order the Celtschmerz- CD by the U.K.Hive ? Will it be possible later ?
Washington Can't wait for the songbook!
"January 9, 2010"
Surrey RT rocks!
"January 11, 2010"
California Thanks for the 40 plus yrs. of a true musician's life
Iowa words fail me.
"January 12, 2010"
Alberta Please come back to western Canada soon!
California "I've been a fan since 1969 - that's 40 years, but not my whole life. "
Dublin Any more Irish dates in the pipeline?? :)
"January 13, 2010"
Norway I'm a great fan of both Richard and Fairport
Wisconsin In July of 2009, I got tickets to attend a taping of the popular Antiques Roadshow PBS program in Madison, Wisconsin. While my collection of 1950 Dad's Root Beer advertising did not make the final cut, look for me in the background sporting my 'vintage' Richard Thompson T-shirt that I got at the Barrymore Theatre when Richard and the band were there supporting the 'Old Kit Bag' LP. I made sure I got in the background of several appraisals. The shows from Madison air starting on February 15th and the next two Mondays. I hope to 'represent' Richard on the Roadshow! I saw the Loud and Rich tour in Milwaukee and hope to see a band tour in Madison sometime soon!
"January 15, 2010"
New York Love your solo work and especially your work with Fairport Convention....God Bless you and your old bandmates....wasn't Sandy special !!!
"January 16, 2010"
Cheshire My kids believe my interest in RT is essentially homoerotic. I'm prepared to believe this. I wonder why the songbook has been so delayed. Probably scared of having his licks stolen. I had thew same problem with the bloke out of the Plasmatics.