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NOVEMBER 1-30, 2009
"November 1, 2009"
Michigan Heard you interviewed on my favorite show Fresh Air, I must get your version of Oops I did it again. Loved it!
"November 2, 2009"
Derbyshire I dont know of any better
"November 6, 2009"
Cumbria Discovered Richard rather late in life after the 25th Cropredy event, great festival. My younger days were spent following Donegan etc. Thanks for wonderful performances at Cropredy 2009.
"November 7, 2009"
Antwerpen like the lyrics and the brilliant gitarplaying
California 52 vincent on what album ??
California Saw RT for the first time in Austin tonight...WOW!!! The word, 'amazing' is way over used these days but, if I may...He is AMAZING!!! How does he make the sound of two guitars come out of one?!!! Very powerful music! I so enjoyed it! Got a signed CD and a pic. Thanks Richard! See you Dec. 4th in Saratoga, Ca.!
"November 8, 2009"
Oxfordshire can't get enough - the man is a genius when is the next tour in England?
"November 9, 2009"
NSW What is the latest on the Songbook? We're in November 2009, the Wallabies are crunching the English and rumours abound that the songbook is about to be uncaged.... is it?
"November 10, 2009"
British Columbia Thanks, Richard!
"November 11, 2009"
Hayange Go on, Richard, go on !!
California Richards guitar and songwriting are incredible, and he makes me very happy!
Milan I especially love your beautiful song Cressidra!
"November 12, 2009"
Lanarkshire, Scotland looking forward to seeing Richard live in glasgow or edinburgh sometime soon
Liverpool I still can't quite believe how idiotic Zeinab Badawi was interviewing RT on "Hard Talk" on the BBC. I wrote to the BBC telling them this and to hector them about journalistic standards. Richard was magnificent generous and quietly forgiving of the interviewers lack of knowledge. See you on the ledge.
"November 13, 2009"
Ammanford, Wales Richard hi.. Was at your gig in Pontardawe earlier this year and you were absolutely fabulous. Please come back to Wales as soon as you can.
Texas "Started with Pour Down Like Silver, and it's still one of my favorite albums."
"November 14, 2009"
Manchester Not quite my whole life !
"November 15, 2009"
Co Durham most recently saw RT at the Gala in Durham in July - magnificent, as ever
"November 16, 2009"
Wisconsin Richard just keeps getting better, and he started out among the best. It was a pleasure to meet him after the Milwaukee show.
chesterfield worked in a coal mine outside Doncaster.Heard a band do "Bone through her nose" at the miners welfare (club) thereafter a convert
"November 17, 2009"
Nova Scotia First learned of Richard listening/watching David Gilmour perform "Dimming Of The Day". This led to becoming a fan of one of the most brilliant artists of our time. Thanks for the music!
"November 18, 2009"
Michigan I've been listening to RT since my brother gave me "Hand of KIndness" for Christmas in 1980 when I was 18. I just saw the "Loud and Rich" concert. RT's guitar work is as amazing as when I heard "Hand of KIndness". RT's work from Fairport Convention through the years to the latest "Sweet Warrior" never ceases to amaze me!
"November 19, 2009"
Zurich There is a small country called Switzerland with only 7.5 Million People but almost everybody is waiting for Richard
Indiana Nothing more than that RT is one of my very favorite songwriters and musicians. Absolute genius!
"November 20, 2009"
California He has a Lot of charisma, a wonderful voice, and magic hands with his guitar.
California Became a fan around the time of Mock Tudor. Wish I had started sooner!
"November 21, 2009"
Fife, Scotland Saw Richard at this years Cropredy with my son, my brother and my best mate.Truly amazing performance.When he played Substitute it was almost a case of "Take me now Lord!"Brilliant night.ThanksRichard.
"November 22, 2009"
Hawaii Just saw Richard tonight in Hawaii for the first time. Great show !
Hawaii Aloha and thanks for the wonderful concert tonight (11/21 Kaneohe HI)
USA Loved you in Princeton especailly Persuasion...
"November 23, 2009"
Arizona Yes, keep it coming! When is your next visit to Phoenix?
Oregon Please keep me posted with RT's Pacific Northwest tour dates. Thank you!
"November 27, 2009"
Peck Yes - what about updating News From Home - nothing since 2007. I've got withdrawal symptoms. Please, some more and soon!
"November 29, 2009"
London Very keen on the songbook esp nude 'She cut off her long silken hair' and baby don't know what to do with herself'