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NOVEMBER 1-30, 2010
"November 1, 2010"
Tennessee Thanks for the phenomenal Dream Attic concerts in Memphis, Knoxville, Atlanta, and Asheville! The RT Band (Joel, Pete, Taras, Michael, and of course RT)are truly a dream team!!
New York Saw the master and the band at Town Hall in NYC on Oct.23. Have seen him solo and with the band perhaps 30+ times. As usual this was another transcendental experience. He and his band mates blew the roof off the place and my favorite moment was the performance of "Sidney Wells", a deliciously creepy tune, the staggering conclusion of which lifted the entire audience out of their seats. Simply jaw-dropping. He is undoubtedly the greatest living guitarist, singer/songwriter and the band was absolutely brilliant on every tune. Thanks RT. You never cease to amaze me.
"November 2, 2010"
western australia please advise me on the next tour dates for both Western Australia and for July / August 2011 when I shall be visiting the uk Thanks
Oregon Hi Richard, I am very excited that you are coming to Idyllwild Arts. I have a junior there.
Pennsylvania Great show in Pittsburgh Nov. 1! Taras was perfect on bass -- complimented every song. Great ryhthm section & band overall!
"November 3, 2010"
Michigan Last night was my first concert. Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. Loved it!
Wisconsin Richard's songs and playing are a constant source of inspiration for me in my own playing. Thank you, Richard.
"November 4, 2010"
Ohio From the Fairport days to Richards new album "Dream Attic" he has been one of my favorites."Dream Attic" is Richard at his very finest. Congratulations Richard, I personally beleive that this album is a masterpiece. I hope it gets the acclaim it deserves. Sincerely
"November 5, 2010"
Ontario Absolutely love the guy. Just love his stuff. Sweet Warrior & Mock Tudor are landmark albums - directly from God!!
California Keep me updated! Just saw you on TV, love the music.
Illinois Thrilling and magnificent and a whole lotta fun_ tonight's show at The Vic in Chicago. Thanks so much, to you and all the band and crew.
"November 6, 2010"
Florida Please keep me aware of tour dates in the United States.
Essex I found myself crying at a gig in Bristol when Richard performed Sunset Song as an encore. I had so wanted to hear it and there is was, my then favourite song. Thanks for that and all those other songs.
"November 8, 2010"
Queensland I'm a Brit who has moved to Australia and I'm getting Richard Thompson withdrawal!
Dublin Have to say Richard I love "Dream Attic", always gerat to hear you play electric and that your fingers are back to normal. Now when are you coming back to Ireland again Richard it's been years. Hurry back and bring the band with you.
Iowa Too many.
"November 9, 2010"
Mönchengladbach Dream Attic is great!
New Jersey
"November 10, 2010"
Massachussetts Heard you at Berklee last week. Just transcendent. Keep fighting the good fight!
"November 11, 2010"
Maui, Hawaii I saw Fairport Convention a few times, but lost track of your music. Just listened to Plant's new album and loved your tune that he covered. Now I'm going to have to get caught up with your music!
"November 12, 2010"
Rhode Island I've known about you for years, yet never listened!! I recently saw you at Lupo's in Providence, RI because a new friend gave me ticket near the front row. You blew me away with the tone of your guitar, not to mentioned what you did with it. I am forever a fan and admirer. As a fellow performer, I salute you and would loive a chance to play along with you sometime. (I have to put it out there!!) Thank you for gracing our ears. Best
Tennessee I was SO upset that I was working out of town recently when you played in Memphis, finally a chance to see you & I had to miss it. Love your music, I especially love the unique way you play electric guitar, it really contains huge emotional content.
New York Thanks!
Israel you are a great guitarist. i have heard you playing in a # of bands. i am formerly from canada(a canadian who has moved to Israel). i have heard you live at the winnipeg folk music festival and at a concert in Edmonton. why do you not come and play in Israel? i would see you here. thanks.
"November 14, 2010"
Hertfordshire Dream Attic - brilliant album. Looking forward to seeing Richard and the band at Cambridge Corn Exchange in January 2011
London Is the signed lithograph available in the UK?
North Carolina Looking for your concert listings
Germany Own all RT music on CD
Cork you're still doin it, Richard. I'm still lovin it!
"November 15, 2010"
NSW Great musician/songwriter.
London Thanks for the music…
"November 19, 2010"
Curitiba the way you play the guitar is magic
"November 21, 2010"
Renfrewshire, Scotland A fantastic artist. He and Jackson Browne,Warren Zevon along with Rory Gallagher have shaped my taste in REAL music.
"November 25, 2010"
Milton Keyes Just started listening to the likes of Beeswing and Dimming of the Day and looked for tour dates. Typical bad timing on my part but my child is due when you are on tour in January..! lol ahh well.. hope to make the next tour. Please consider Milton Keynes Stables venue some time.
California Richard is my favorite artist. I was getting so many cd's that I had to build a separate cd holder in the den just for him. His music is personal, intelligent, beautiful. Always interesting. An amazing live performer and very cordial to his fans afterwards, I hope to be able to attend many more shows in the future. Thank you Richard!!
Illinois I love your music. You are the best guitarist in the world!
"November 27, 2010"
Oxfordshire knew leige and lief for 15 years, have just had my funky mind blown away by RT, I have no explanation why I was not really aware of him before
North Carolina I dig it all (guitar,vocals,lyrics & melodies) solid on all fronts..glad you've always stuck to your guns
Alaska Richard should come and let me treat him to a Hockey Game! IN Fairbanks Alaska!