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NOVEMBER 1-30, 2011
"November 2, 2011"
Melbourne Hi there, hopefully will see you down here for a concert in Melbourne shortly? Also wanting to know if you have other guitar lessons for the not so advanced players? Cheers
"November 3, 2011"
Washington Really enjoyed the solo show in Seattle last night!
Washington Thanks for the great show in Seattle (11/2/11.) Probably the best show of yours I've see/heard. (All the Seattle shows for the past many years.)
"November 5, 2011"
Oregon Saw your show last night in Eugene. Wonderful evening!
"November 6, 2011"
Michigan Why didn't I know about this guy 40 years ago? Amazing.. Saw him in concert last month in Columbus Ohio. Have tickets for show in Petaluma, Ca. on 12/6/2011
Kent the man is such an inspiration, so much i could say but the music does it all, and says it all.
"November 8, 2011"
Berlin I wonder if RT doesn´t like Germany or something. I wishfully expect him to visit Berlin again with a full electric band. Last time he was here it was to support Bonnie Raid. Excuse me, but what a waste. This short concert has been a pure pearl. Got a question too: Do you know and maybe like Elliott Smith? I could imagine...
"November 11, 2011"
Pennsylvania Just love listening!
Kentucky Brilliant artist!
Sydney Please tour Sydney soon!
Essex From Fairport to date! Thanks Richard.
Melbourne Not quite my whole life but started in 1971 with Fairport convention
"November 12, 2011"
NSW Dude...sweet, sweet happiness just watched the Grizzly man doco, extra-doco about the score for the film. The tracks are so lovely, reminded me (in parts) of some Chet Atkins, tommy emmanuel tracks but yours had more guts, heart and grit.Thanks. Best wishes - (doco/film maker...not quite in Werners league yet)
"November 14, 2011"
New York Love your music! Come to Buffalo more often. We drove to Ithica last October and loved the show!
"November 16, 2011"
Connecticut richard never fails to amaze me.
Florida Looking forward to the Feb. 3rd show at the beautiful Tampa Theare.
"November 17, 2011"
Colorado Richard, hard to decide which is more incredible, your artistry in the guitar or composing. Dimming of the Day constantly is with me, just as a breeze caresses the back of my neck, both bring goosebumps.....
"November 18, 2011"
Santa Ana We meet in London in 68 through a gringo friend of yours. In 72 just missed you in s.f. Through Katie.
"November 19, 2011"
Florida Still listing to my original Fairport albums. Please come to south Florida.
Rhode Island any time richard is within 200 miles of me i try my best to see him perform. he's an international treasure and not to be misses
"November 20, 2011"
California First saw Richard opening for Bonnie Raitt at the Berkeley Community Theater. While fixing a broken string, he told a story, and by the time he reached the punchline, the string was repaired, and the performance went on seemingly uninterrupted. Magic
Turin thanks in advance for the useful news about RT
California on california's central coast you are known as Richard The Great-thank you very much
"November 21, 2011"
England I'm trying to find out more about artist Hans Unger. I think Richard was his stained glass assistant particularly for windows at an RC church in Chester.
Wellington I was lucky enough to see the fabulous Richard play solo at the Festival Hall in the late 80s or early 90s. Stephen Fearing was the support act. Then again later in London with a band. I was so pleased to see him in Auckland, NZ as part of WOMAD. I'll be there if Richard ever decides to return to Aotearoa. Thanks for the great lyrics and being an awesome guitarist.
"November 22, 2011"
London Next uk tour
"November 23, 2011"
Florida Thank you for all the wonderful music.
"November 24, 2011"
Lincolnshire a RT songbook?-a chocolate fireguard would be better-i don't have enough fingers!
California Caught your show at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass a couple years ago. Been going every year since 2004. Typically catch 20mins of an artist then go on to other stage, as there are 6 stages going at a time. I stayed for every minute of your show. I found the performance...mesmerizing. Played 1952 Vincent, great. Loved how you admonished couple fans for leaving, in jest. Alot of competition between the artists onstage.
"November 26, 2011"
Ireland Keep it going!
"November 27, 2011"
Colorado Thank you, Richard, for the hundreds of hours of pleasure I've had listening to your music. There will be many more in the future.
"November 29, 2011"
Tennessee I had the pleasure of seeing several of your shows in October (OH, Roanoke, Nashville, Bama) and you continue to wow me! The beret of randomness was fantastic - what a great way to expose your incredible array of music to newcomer audiences (and oldcomers too)! And many thanks for helping me to get in touch with my inner gypsy!!
"November 30, 2011"
England Just brilliant - can't wait to see him again in England.
Southampton Simply the best live act there is