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November 1 - 30, 2012
"November 2, 2012"
California Please send me the newsletter. Rock on.
"November 4, 2012"
New York RT's music leaves me speechless. I would love to know when he comes to NYC.
"November 5, 2012"
Stoke on Trent Any plans for a UK tour?
"November 6, 2012"
Hemel Hempstead Can i suggest a support act for your upcoming uk tour? Dead Flamingoes - Well worth watching !
"November 7, 2012"
California peek a boo to you, too
"November 8, 2012"
Hampshire can we have some dates in the South of England soon please
Pennsylvania The Ghost of You Walks.
Dunwoody can't wait
Cheshire Keep on rockin'
Florida Love me some Richard Thompson!!
New York Can't wait for Cayamo!
Washington Woohoo!
New Mexico Mas southwestern dates, por favor. I don't mind driving to Colorado, and have, frequently, but I'd love to see another Albuquerque show in my lifetime.
East Lothian, Scotland Great music! Thanks!
Oregon i love you Richard!
New Jersey Can't get enough Richard!
Virginia So glad to see you collaborating with Buddy Miller
Herts A god amongst men!
New York moon, june, raccoon
California Waiting for the Danny Thompson version of the Richard Thompson Band to play in Santa Cruz again.
New Mexico More shows in New Mexico! More acoustic shows. More! More! More!
Baleares Listening to you from the word go. Always beautiful, timeless music! Thanks RT.
Ohio Richard is right up there with all my favorite musicians (if not my favorite musician)For me his lyrics are right up there with Dylan and Joni Mitchell, his guitar playing is right up there with Ry Cooder, and Tony Rice.
North Carolina Congratulations on your recent honors, long past due.
Leicestershire I've been a fan since the first Fairport album.
Washington DC Come back soon!!
North Carolina Please do tell me about upcoming concerts in this area. Would Love to see you!!
Iowa Orpheum Theater in Omaha Nebraska would be a fine venue.
Ohio 30+ years..........FC
New Jersey My absolutely favorite guitarist. Been covering his songs with my band for years. The BEST!!
Norway Since we were young in 1968.
New York First show: Richard & Linda at Lone Star in NYC.
California too much to say in such a small space. RT is my favorite musician of all time. Period. Cheers!
British Columbia Always have been a fan. So grateful for your sound and ability to connect the way you do!
Gloucestershire and my children who were brought up with Richard and Fairport
California I look forward to more SF Bay area shows! Thank you for decades of wonderful music!
Michigan Where did RT get the shirt to match the wallpaper?
Somerset My wife and I have seen Richard on several of our trips to the Cropredy Festival and thoroughly enjoy his music.
California Cayamo passenger
Ohio I think Richard is THE BEST live act ever!
Dorset Love it all!
Berkshire OK, not my whole life, but most of your playing life, certainly since IWTSTBLT!
Illinois I first saw RT at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in 1970.
Yorkshire I can't claim to have been there at the very beginning. My first album was Unhalfbricking.
California Richard has always been one of my favorite guitarists and songwriters, ever since I first heard him with Fairport Convention.
Vienna Come back to Vienna soon
California Big RT fan. We've seen shows in California, Portland, DC and most recently in Tokyo.
Warwickshire I'm pretty sure I already signed up, but I never seem to get any email updates and largely rely on Facebook these days.
Olso Maybe not my whole life since I was 19 when I first heard Fairport Convention in '69. But I bought "Henry The Human Fly" when it was released, and have bought every RT album since.
Massachusetts Can't wait to hear the new record. See you all on Cayamo!
Gelderland Old Kit Bag is the best!
Massachusetts A songwriter's songwriter, a guitar player's guitar player.
USA Love yer stuff, man!!!!!
Lymington What can I say? Nice shirt, Richard.
London Inspiring, exciting and just bloody marvelous.
Nebraska I discovered Mr. Thompson's music through glowing recommendations on internet guitar discussion. And I'm so grateful I did as for years now he's been by far my favorite musician.
South Carolina Come to the Carolinas Richard! We see you every time you come to the Southeast. Thank you for your gift to the world.
Vermont More Mingus solo guitar!
Connecticut Please come to new haven!
Kentucky saw you in Baltimore, MD at age 17 for the first time.... fan ever since!
California guitar instructional ??
Texas oops I did it again
Arizona From Fairport to now - loyal fan. Saw him in Scottsdale about 15 years ago. Would love to see him again.
California When are you coming back to the Bay Area?
Pennsylvania Met you at Appel Farm many years ago. Hope to see you there again soon!
Italy "I hope to see you live!!!
Ontario The only thing better than listening to Mr. Thompson is getting to see him live. Most recently at the Beacon in NYC (before the flood)
Oregon hip hip hooray
Ohio Been listening for more than thirty years, but not my whole life (RT and I are about the same age).
Bedfordshire Went to school with Richard back in the late 50's
Massachusetts please don't think less of me because I have an aol email.
Hants I'm so pleased to find this site . Looking forward to hearing what's going on
Amersfoort/Utrecht I am looking forward to see RT again in The Netherlands. I'll hope he visit Utrecht in 2013
Ontario Well not quite my whole life, but since the late 60's... Looking forward to the new CD, which has a promising title, and I do hope you'll come to Toronto with the full electric band very soon!
New York Hello RT. I love that you've been able to keep up such a high level of creativity through the years. Come on back to beautiful Buffalo some tome soon!
Wisconsin Only to encourage RT to keep up the great work. Love the music. Thank you for decades of great songs and guitar.
California Bay Area Baby. C'mon Down
Norway Listening since 1969 which is not my whole life, it was John Mayall before that.
NSW In Boston till end of any gigs that magically pop up in Boston in that period would be wonderful
England First saw him in 1972
Tennessee My dad played "Turning of the Tide" for me when I was like 12, and it was all over!
møre & romsdal I became a fan of his music after i bought the LP "Shoot Out The Lights" I have never looked back since.
NSW It would be nice to get any playing tips or practice tips for the guitar
Washington Fan, follower and ambassador for RT since high school! By far my favorite guitar player AND songwriter. Seen too many shows to count and hope to make that list longer!
New York "I feel so good I'm gonna break somebody's heart tonight!"
Illinois i usually listen to heavy metal but am obsessed with RT. best singer/songwriter/gtr alive
Massachusetts He's the best.
Ontario Only reason I sign on to Cayamo is RT! Okay, and Buddy Miller.
Pennsylvania Sir Richard, see again on Cayamo.
Illinois Cheers - and hi to Nancy from a Festival Tours alum.
California Huge fan for years. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift.
Tennessee O.K. technically not my whole life, but since the early days of Fairport and the Philly Folk Festival. Saw him twice here in Knoxville
Ohio I saw Richard in concert in 2000. I was living in West Palm Beach at the time. What a great show and what a wit.
Oregon Big fan (though I'm really only 5'9") since '72.
Nebraska Fan for 34 years, actually. Keep up the good work.
Quebec Excelsior!
California nice picture great web site
Virginia Huge RT fan, attended Frets & Refrains this year, looking forward to next year!
Oregon First saw Richard at the Middle Earth in Covent Garden with FC. And have seen him many times at Kate Wolf Festival, Nevada City, Bay Area.
New York met him after the Shoot Out the Lights show at the Bottom Line! I am a massive fan and have nearly everything he's done, musically speaking.
California One of the most exciting, innovative and outright awesome singer, songwriter and guitar player ever.
California Loved you since Fairport days. Had the honour of your using my tourbuses several times here in the US (when I still owned that company)...You still may from time to time. Please come to Santa Cruz next time you're out West...Lots of fans here as you know!
California Look forward to seeing you on 7th Dec!
Illinois He's the best. I've seen him many times.
Helsinki Folk on!
California Absolute love for this man's work!!
California Been listening longer than 30 years, but not an option. Last saw him on the Cayamo trip in Feb.
Maryland Time to hit Maryland again
California RT is possibly the best guitar virtuoso, one of the best singers, and definitely one of the best, smartest songwriters I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Long may he continue.
Washington Thanks for making great music.
Texas Keep on Rockin Richard!
Oslo Have been to 4 wonderful concerts in Oslo and have most of your albums including Fairport with Thompson.
California Walking on a Wire has the best guitar solo I have ever heard.
New York i love richard thompson. that encapsulates it.
Virginia Love the ole Fella
British Columbia Loved you at MusicFest in Courtenay. Come again.
Pennsylvania When are you coming to the Philadelphia Area? Keswick, McCarter, Wilmington Opera house????
New York I've been listening since I was 19, so well over 30 years (but not really my whole life)
Maine One of my idols and has been for years! Please play some dates in Northern New England 2013.
New York You guys are great at dragging folk music into the social media age! One of the best website engagements of any artist.
New Hampshire You and Buddy, 2 of my top 3 (with Tom Waits) can't wait for this album!
Texas Just one amazing man!
California Pls come back to McCabes!
California Love to see Richard at the Belly Up, in Solana Beach
"November 9, 2012"
London Thanks Mr Thompson.
North Carolina play Asheville!
"November 10, 2012"
New Jersey Thank you for that amazing set at Cropredy! It was my first Cropredy; your set stole the show and finally being able to see Fairport Convention was an incredible treat.
"November 11, 2012"
California Love the songs and the guitar work especially.
California I was just introduced to Richard's music this year. I was given his acoustic album and an electric band album. They are both fantastic.m I love his song "..words unspoken, sight unseen". Very poignant. My grandmother was sent here from Ireland at 14 yrs old as the result of an arranged marriage.
"November 12, 2012"
Warwickshire How I missed hearing his music in my teens I don't know. Must have had sand in my ears.
Illinois Just saw/met you at Techonomy in AZ. You are mythic, you are sublime, a trickster soul caller. You speak deeply, subtly and give the gift of catharsis. Thank you.
New Jersey Looking forward to the new disc and seeing Richard play live in 2013.
California LOVED SEEING you at McCabes!! When are you going to do a Sandy Denny songs tour?
"November 14, 2012"
Illinois "other" comments? I haven't made an initial comment so how can I have "others"?
"November 15, 2012"
North Carolina yes, When I was 20-21 ish BOB Mould did a short EP and it had a version of "Shoot Out The Lights"... He did you Honor with that version! I still LOVE you today as a child, reliving your songs and feeling like a kid again. Best Wishes!
"November 16, 2012"
Ontario Please upload the album and track info for Cabaret of Souls to the net. It's truly a pig to do this manually. Love the album
"November 19, 2012"
Lancashire Salford/Fairport; Lancaster Uni/Richard and Linda; Southport(the night the jack-lead broke); Manchester, Buxton etc. 60th birthday February . . . please release 'Electric' on the 18th!!
"November 21, 2012"
Chennai Enjoying the website....songs…
"November 28, 2012"
Arizona "Saw you/him? in Phoenix five or so years ago. It is, in fact, hell here--but would you please consider swinging through again sometime? I teach high school, and for years I've silenced the guitar-worshiping lads with your acoustic performance of ""Vincent Black Lightning."" They are, in a word, dumbfounded.
"November 30, 2012"
Ohio I have seen several live concerts in Kent, OH and intend never to miss another performance should you return.