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January 1 - 31, 2013
January 8, 2013  
Ohio your version of "Would You Go With Me" at Bonnaroo in 2006 or 2007 was one of the best solo tunes I have heard
January 11, 2013  
Michigan When is RT coming to Michigan? Soon?
New Jersey Looking forward to a 2013 Tour. Wish I had been fortunate enough to get a seat for the Joe's Pub show in NYC.
Missouri Can't wait to see Richard in St Louis!!!
January 12, 2013  
Indiana love this guy!
California I am a complete devotee of RT. I spread the word to everyone in LA (which is usually met with blank stares). Can't wait for LA tour dates. Play Calvary Cross!!!
January 13, 2013  
Cullercoats the music says it all ;-)
January 16, 2013  
Louisiana your music brings tears to my eyes Thank you
Massachusetts Saw Richard in concert in Austin, Texas a few years ago. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Looking forward to the next!
January 18, 2013  
Wisconsin Thank you for making music. Please come to Wisconsin if it ever fits into your future itinerary.
January 18, 2013  
Glasgow, Scotland  
January 22, 2013  
Alabama Hope to see him on this latest tour
Massachusetts Listening in Wales and US all the way back to the FC days
January 23, 2013  
North Carolina Have followed you from Fairport saw you a few years ago in Carrboro, NC you were great
County Kilkenny Genius
Creator of the two most sincere love songs ever written
January 24, 2013  
California Saw the Mirror Blue show at The Warfield in SF years back with a bud. Went to the Request show in December with the same guy - a true RT fan who, unfortunatley passed this last week, but we got to see Richard one last time in Dec.
Texas Richard T. in Austin is always a superb show.
Texas Always love your shows! I look forward to your next in Austin.
January 25, 2013  
Capelle a/d IJssel Eagerly awaiting the new album
Northumberland I present a weekly community radio show. I played a track from Electric (officially!) here
January 27, 2013  
Northumberland Richard is so talented I love his music.
Vale of Glamorgan keep up the good work
North Carolina I flew to Florida last week from NC to see a solo concert by Richard and it was everything I'd hoped it would be!He's coming to Durham in March and I won't have to take two flights to see him there!
January 28, 2013  
Pennsylvania Keep up the great music! Thanks!
Bolton Looking forward to see RT at the Lowry in Salford
January 29, 2013  
Ontario Saw Richard live in NYC and Toronto many years ago. I really admire his playing and songs. Just wondering what kind of tenor banjo he used on Dimming of the Day. I love tenor banjo when it is played slowly. Thanks. John
January 30, 2013  
Virginia a treasure
TOCHIGI-KEN Japan tours information, whenever, please!
January 31, 2013  
Scottish Borders He is just brilliant. A delight to watch and listen too.Never tire of listening to Richard. Every album brings something new, will be seeing him in Edinburgh in February. No favourite RT song, just too many to pick from. Keep going Richard, there's still plenty of miles in the tank.
California Just the usual accolades for being a great writer and player.I wonder how you feel about the other Arts?