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November 1- 15, 2003
"Sat Nov 01, 2003"
Massachusetts Went with friends to see Richard in Newburyport. The one who had never seen him before exclaimed in the middle of the show that this was the best show she'd ever been too.
New York "Have a great winter filled with mirth, hot rum toddies...."
Massachusetts "Don't like to miss him when he comes to town, but seem too sometimes."
Massachusetts Newburyport's Performance - I have no adequate superlative. I've been thinking about it all day.
New Hampshire What a great show in Newburyport! Even had the Northern Lights as a preview on the way in.
"Sun Nov 02, 2003 "
Oregon "From listening to Fairport during my sentence in the Deep South (circa late 60s & early 70s) to the live shows in Eugene, Oregon, RT has been one of the albums in the box set of the soundtrack of my adult life "
Massachusetts "Richard, Saw you perform in a Middle School Auditorium, last week. Makes me want to repeat 7th grade. You were awesome. Brought a friend, who was completely unfamiliar with your work. He was transfixed. Thanks for doing what you do "
"Mon Nov 03, 2003"
Lugo (Galicia) "When is Richard's next visit to the north of Spain?. Any concerts?."
Snow RT is one of the true Greats.
Newcastle "Why isn't 1,000 years of popular music cd available in ordinary record shops?"
Massachusetts I must admit I haven't been listening the entire 30 years.
New York Your performance at IMAC on Saturday just past was the most intense I've seen ... ever. Loved Beeswing & King of Bohemia... the acoustics were flawless.
New York "Just saw RT solo Saturday night(Nov.1)at the IMAC theater in Huntington, Long Island. WOW!!! I thought I might miss the full band on some songs such as ""Gethsemane"" but guess what? He is so great and plays his guitar so skillfully that even alone he fills the room with a sound that is simply jaw-dropping. I've seen him live maybe 20 times and he seems to get better and better and his voice has become so powerful and his range has incresed so dramatically that he can no longer make self-deprecating jokes about it. As a guitarist, songwriter, singer and live performer he has no peers. There is no one better, in fact there is no one nearly as good. NO ONE!!!"
"Tue Nov 04, 2003 "
Washington "I'm a dedicated R.T. Fan, originally from New York, now living on the west coast on Orcas Island. I'm pushing your music here for you man! Come up north of Seattle to perform on your next tour, Seattle at least?"
Virginia Great show last night (11/3/2003) at the Birchmere! Best of luck on your continuing success!
Massachusetts Just read about the show at the Birchmere which included some great old favorites of mine. If this is a testing ground for a retro show let me just say YES!!! This would be fantastic. Please bring it to Boston.
Maryland "Hey Richard - saw your show at the Birchmere last night (11/3/03) and you were fabulous, as usual!! It's always such a treat to see you solo!!!"
Massachusetts "Richard is the most talented singer, guitar player, poet, story teller I've ever heard of. His music saved me from taking my life once upon a time. -Simon, his ""mixer"" is worth twice his weight in gold. He makes other people who make attempts at quality sound clarity seem like complete novices. Plus, in Salem, MA he wasw kind enough to listen to my story...convinced Richard to come out to meet me...and sign his biography. So to both Richard and Simon, I will be forever grateful and carry them in a special place in my heart. Just caught the show in Newburyport, MA...brought three friends who were unaware of Richard and the next day they each purchased three CD's. I know he could be a huge commercial success, selling out arenas and such but he doesn't seem to want to and for that I am also grateful. Is Richrd certain he wasn't the guy who made the song ""Free Bird"" famous?"
Maryland "Great concert at Birchmere last night (Nov. 3, 2003)"
"Wed Nov 05, 2003"
Rhode Island "Love Richards music, always have - Thank You"
Pennsylvania "Propers to Henry Kaiser for the great job he did assembling all the gems on More Guitar. A few hardcore fans have heard some of these performances before, but HK has created a stunning set from (I would guess) hundreds of hours of Simon Tassano DAT tapes, and the sound is excellent. The title More Guitar says it all, a collection hand-picked by a guitarist to show off a fellow guitarist who tends to downplay his own incredible electric guitar work. $20 very well spent. I've got another hundred or so burning a hole in my pocket for more of the same!"
London the best!!!!!!
milano I knew only Fairport and Albion wonderful records but now....Richard you are very wonderful! Excuse the delay...
"Thu Nov 06, 2003"
Michigan "I heard Richard's 1952 VBL on AOL radio and was hooked. Bought one cd so far, and love it! Thanks"
Manchester "when are you playing manchester again,will it be solo or a full band?"
New Jersey Just saw Richard last night in NJ-he was fantastic. I've never seen/heard such a great guitar player.
Pennsylvania "Saw RT at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ last night. Went with a friend who had never seen him live. He was blown away!! RT gets better everytime I see a solo set... In many ways he is now at the peak of his performance prowess!! Makes us guitar weenies look at our fingers and say ""how?"". Thanks and keep up the great work!"
Virginia "What's your RT ""desert island"" disc? Moreover, what are RT's top ten fave albums? "
New York how bout hats for sale and email notification of when rt's going to play within 300 miles of me and i'm there
California "Cool website. Been a huge fan for a while now. Seen him a few times - each time in a different format: Solo(ish)acoustic, acoustic band, electric(ish) band. Each time was a treasure. Although he'll never cop to it, he really is the very best guitar player out there. Funny too. I'd go see a stand-up comedy show of him (a double bill with James Taylor would be a riot. Both very funny men), although I would, I admit, miss the guitar playing and songs. Every song is a Been trying to play some of them, but they're devillishly difficult. Cheers. Oi! Richard! Come play Santa Barbara again."
"Fri Nov 07, 2003 "
Pennsylvania "Richard couldn't think of many famous Scots during his concert in Princeton. Here's some for him: Robert Burns, Jack Bruce, Charlie and Craig Reid, James Doohan"
East Sussex I want a copy of shoot out the lights it is no longer available in the shops
New Jersey Great show in Princeton last night!
Utah "Your music has been on my computer for quite a while and it's been growing on me. You sure know how to make the guitar sound alive. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to see you in Salt Lake during the 2003 tour, but I'll look forward to the next time you come around."
Colorado Always a pleasure Richard. Looking forward to seeing you next summer.
"Sat Nov 08, 2003 "
New Jersey "Richard gave another great performance at the McCarter Theater in Princeton, NJ last night (Nov. 6).This is the third time I've managed to catch him in the area since last October's apearance in Princeton - I also saw him at the Keswick Theater outside Philadelphia in May. With such a large, and great, body of work, and alternating appearances as a solo and with his band, each show was as memorable as it was different. Last night was a chronological retrospective of his career. I managed to bring two friends who lost touch after Richard's Fairport days, and they were completely blown away. Thanks for making Princeton an annual stop."
New Jersey Just heard him live in Princeton. Wonderful performance!
"Sun Nov 09, 2003"
Kenilworth I am interested in RT's guitar technique
Ohio a very enjoyable site
"Mon Nov 10, 2003"
Connecticut Hi Richard. Please do some studio backup with Loudon Wainwrite III again. He needs it! Reader and Advisor has a great feel to it. Man how time flies!
"Tue Nov 11, 2003"
Virginia "Saw Richard Thompson at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA, last week. Great shows. He mentioned that Alexander Graham Bell is one of his heroes and played the song he'd written about him. I am the director of the National Geographic Museum here in Washington, DC. Alexander Graham Bell was the second president of the National Geographic Society; he married the deaf daughter of the founder, Gardner Green Hubbard. We have many Bell artifacts here, including his original office with many items of his. Our current chairman is his great-grandson, Gil Grosvenor. I have been with Gil to Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, to visit Bell's home there which is still in the family. If Richard would ever like to come by the Geographic when he's in the area, I'd be happy to give him the behind-the-scenes Bell tour. It would be a pleasure."
"Wed Nov 12, 2003 "
New Jersey Enjoyed your show at The Strand Theater - it was a fine and mellow evening
Texas "How wonderful that my honey started me on a lifeling relationship with another man! Great guy, my honey is!"
"Thu Nov 13, 2003 "
warrington "Every time I see The man play, I lock my guitars in a cupboard for a week, What's the point? I took my 9 year old daughter and 11 year old son to the Lowry centre gig - two more fans dragged up the right way. It's now too long since you played the North West of England, already. I couldn't get to the 1000 years gigs in London, distance not a problem, but I teach and mid-week was not possible. How about one in Warrington, my front room is at your disposal. I will even provide the food. Chugg-a-lugg
Georgia "At last count I was up to 26 RT CDs, numerous RT-related recordings (FC, etc.), a few LPs in storage, and several ticket stubs. Have I earned my free concert yet? Keep 'em coming; I ain't broke yet!"
"Fri Nov 14, 2003"
Arizona Keep up the fan club live releases!
Frankfurt Am Main "Was fortunate to talk a bit with RT in the ""Fabriek"" in Hamburg (just after Germany beat Scotland in a World Cup Match)and his set and pleasant manner cheered me up. He played to around 20 as all Germans were glued to their Tellys that night and it became a nice intimate gig. What would i like from RT - A DVD of live performances old and new..PLEASE..."
"Sat Nov 15, 2003"
California "Lucky to be at the 1000 years concert at the Getty. Glad to see it will be shared."
Kentucky just heartfelt thanks for some of the best music on the planet!