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November 1 - 15, 2004
"November 1, 2004"
Pennsylvania I've never enjoyed a live concert so much! It's always fun to go see RT! Thanks Richard!
Auckland Basically I love Dick's music
new hampshire "The show in Lebanon NH last Saturday was even better than I expected, since I got to hear Judith and Debra as well as RT. Fantastic selections, and I loved the fact that they came in from the back of the auditorium. Suggestion: how about letting Debra loose on a Sippie Wallace or Billie Holliday number? I'd have liked to hear her do one on her own. Richard, please come to New Hampshire every year!"
Vermont "I was in Lebanon, NH for the 1K concert Saturday, 10/30. I was absolutely blown away. Even though I am a longtime fan and have seen him live with the band, the range of material, his versatility and his wit and stage presence made this something special. I am a musician myself of many genres, and I am in awe of his intelligence and his mastery not only of his instrument but of music - a true musician!"
"November 2, 2004"
california "Saw the show at the Barclay in Irvine Oct. 2004 - it was beyond superlatives. Even better than a spectacular show at the Wilshire-Ebell Theatre, several years ago. Thanks!! Thanks for music unlike any other!"
Illinois Got my first few doses of RT on WXRT-FM in Chicago and progressed to be a big fan. Proud of it. Exceptional guitarwork and honest songwriting.
Illinois "A fan forever. Met RT in Boulder, CO, 7 years ago. Excited to hear about DVD and Box set."
Vermont "Just saw the New Hampshire 1,000 years of popular music show. Really special treat. Anyone wavering on a decision to go see an upcoming show on the tour, go for it. Imagine RT solo, then add two equally talented co-conspirators providing vocals, percussion and a some keyboards on selected numbers, an ecclectic mix of songs and styles, RT's sense of humor, and you have one thoroughly enjoyable evening."
california Thank you very much -- please keep playing at the Fillmore (SF).
Nova Scotia "Saw Richard twicw in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thanks for playing ""She Twist the Knife"" twice in one night at my howling angst-ridden behest. My heart, my brain and my ear are wickedly tickled every time I hear RT. Merci Beaucoup"
"November 3, 2004"
Queensland Your site is great!
Northamptonshire Any date on when the Chrono CD and DVD will be available in the UK?
Gävle "How do we in Sweden get access to the ""1,000 years"" album? Even my local record dealer, who's an extreme fan, and a conaisseur, with all distributor connections, still doesn't have a clue! Hoped to be able to be able to go to the NH concerts, but - alas..."
"November 4, 2004"
Singapore Love to hear about new releases.
New York please let me know of any upcoming concerts in my area.
Bishops Stortford "Hi,your homepage looks really good and gives great information!"
Köln "Hi, what about the Richard Thompson ""chrono show"". When can I order it ?"
california I enjoy turning others on to his music.
Pennsylvania he is one of the great troubadours and a wonderful entertainer he is a pleasure to listen to and i love how he interacts with the audience
New Jersey "I saw Richard Last night at McCarter Theater in Princeton, NJ for the 1st time. My sister is a fan and now I am!"
Groningen Beautiful music and musician. I hope you come to Holland very soon.
New Jersey Saw Priceton show Nov 2004. Great. Looking forward to next time.
New York Good site....
"November 5, 2004"
Maryland i saw richard in concert about 4 years ago and ive been a fan ever since
Pennsylvania loved the concert in Princeton last night--great lift from gloom of US election results--our daughter has known you forever. Where was I?
Auckland I just love Love Richard's style and sound its that simple
Indiana "I remember seeing FC open for Jethro Tull in '87 at the UIC Pavilion Chicago.I loved FC & I knew that I'd be ""hooked"" from that point forward, & I also was aware that a gentleman by the name of Richard Thompson had been involved with them years before. However, when I first heard Daring Adventures at a friend's party during the summer of 88, I suddenly realized that I'd been ""hooked"" yet again.I subsequently went out & bought every CD I could with Richard's name on it.I couldn't then (still can't now) get enough of the man's writing & playing.Every new album is a treat, & I've never been in the least disappointed by any RT performance, band or solo, over the years.""Inspired"" would be a more appropriate word, although it doesn't even come close to capturing how I feel.He's one of the few truly spiritual artists making music today, & I feel blessed to have been exposed to his stuff. Life wouldn't be the same without his musical observations, twists & turns as he strives to find the perfect musical & lyrical phrase, humor amidst the darkness. Thanks, Richard, for being the incredible musician you are & for influencing me the way you have.Peace be unto you & yours."
New York "I was at the final concert of the 1KYears tour at the McCarter Theater in Princeton, NJ. Mr. T was in rare form, as were the two young ladies who were an integral part of the show. As a Brit import of a certain age, I particularly enjoyed the performance of the Kinks' ""See My Friends"", which I had not heard in over thirty years, and which sounded, in Mr. T.'s performance, even more powerful and ominous than it did in its heyday. I would pay real cash money for a DVD of the 1000 Years live performance. Is there any danger of that occurring?"
surrey "For 47 years I've been in the musical wilderness, 2 years ago I discovered RT's music and have started trawling his back catalogue, what a journey...he's actually made me listen to lyrics for the first time in my life! If you see him tell him he's changed my life and I'd like to meet him to say thanks."
New Jersey "Excellent show Wed. night at McCarter. Can't wait till next year. Will be 6th or 7th in a row there. Everybody should check out Judith Owen too, she's got a great voice and stage presence."
Pennsylvania "I just heard your 1000 years show in Prinston NJ with my brothers it was so inspiring thank you.I grew up in UK and , summer is icumenIn was quite a memory to say nothing of the Mikado which I had to witness with my mother in the lead role !!I loved it all and Judith Owen oh those wealsh realy know how to siiing oh yes my mother also sang Dido we had a blast good memories,and the jokes always so good, a bit of familiar humour , and last but not least the amazing guitar that became anything from a harpsicord to a banjo and so much more I never thought the guitar could sound so many ways keep doing this show come to Philli or Prinston again soon."
New Jersey Thanks for bringing 1000 Years of Popular Music to Princeton! It was one of the most remarkable and enjoyable shows I've ever seen. (Nice recovery after your string broke!)I hope you put out a second CD with the other material.
South Australia I came to Richard's music through my love of Sandy Denny's work. Hearing his fantastic guitar work behind her vocals in Fairport etc got my attention. For the last 10 years I've been getting to know Richard's work and buying his CDs. I missed out on seing Richard at The Governor Hindmarsh in Adelaide early in 2004 - a great disappointment and now I'm kicking myself. I'd love to catch him live. I love his viewpoint as expressed in his lyrics - they strike a chord of recognition in me.
"November 6, 2004"
lancashire When you coming back to England?
Washington "Hello to Nancy, Jack,Danny T. and all at Festival Tours.Hope everyone is happy and healthy."
"November 7, 2004"
Sao Paulo We'll meet on the ledge.
New Jersey "Richard i love you and your music. And amen about us buying your belly button lint if you were willing to sell it. do you wear contacts? you have amazing eyes."
"November 8, 2004"
california Loved the 1000 year show in SF - would travel a long way to see it again
"November 9, 2004"
Vienna if EC was god - RT was the whole universe.... never heard such a brilliant and touchy guitar like his...
Vermont thank you for your political/humanitarian efforts! And for keeping in touch with your muse - don't ever stop sharing your gifts. And thanks for all you have shared so far - my life is richer for your music. :)
"November 10, 2004"
North Carolina Thanks for the Janet Jackson MP3. And the Kenny G. MP3. Classics.
Connecticut "Thank you, RT!"
Whyalla Have seen Richard 3 times solo wish he would do an Aussie tour with the band
"November 11, 2004"
Victoria wish i had something more humorous to add.
california The Providence DVD is outrageoulsy good! Thanks to everyone involved in its production and release. Fantastico!
california Please come back to Eureka!
"November 12, 2004"
England I would like to order RT stuff direct from web site.
Kentucky Your site is fantastic-- ...Thanks for all of the work you do!
"November 13, 2004"
Massachusetts "Just purchased the Providence, RI DVD - it is excellent!"
california "If Richard would like to stop by my HS English class next time we're going over ballads, I could leave the CDs at home & the kids might be even more impressed with the lesson... a whole new generation of RT fans in the making."
Kildare "Please send me tour dates, especially those in Ireland. Thanks!"
Portsmouth "I grew up listening to RT, and he just gets beter with age. I ordered the tour DVD and the service was incredible. 2 days from posting the order form to receiving it. Many thanks"
"November 14, 2004"
Essex "Hey Richard :-) You have to bring the band over for Cropredy 2005,now that it's on!!!Especially with the (hopeful)prospect of new-lung Swarb.And my mate will only come over from Sweden if you're there!!!"
wisconsin "Fantastic,down t earth,humble,and brillant, I was very fortunate,I met him three times after his shows and we talked for a time."
marham Just received the Live in Providence DVD. Excellent choice of material and it was delivered in 4 days!
Indiana "I discovered RT on his Mock Tudor album. I was blown away by his songwriting, his guitar playing , and the heartfelt emotion that comes through his singing."
"November 15, 2004"
wisconsin "My friend introduced me to Richard about ten years ago.The first time I saw him it was the big smile and the cute quips between songs that drew me in -- and of course the music! Everytime we see him in concert, we like him more and more -- and we think he gets better and better.The very first time I saw him, it was the big smile and cute little quips between songs"
Leicestershire "Hi,your homepage looks really good and gives great information!"
Georgia "Hi, very nice site. Keep up your good work."
Hawaii Looking forward to Friday Nights show at the Academy. Aloha and Mahalo!