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November 1 - 15, 2005
"November 1, 2005"
Massachusetts Saw Richard and co. at Orpheum in Boston few years ago: absolutely outstanding!!!!
British Columbia I love 1952 Vincent Black Lightning -Thanks
Auckland Love Old Kit Bag and looking forward to buying Live in Texas DVD. Great website.
California I have always LOVED Richard Thompson's music - because it rocks and because it is gaelic (sp?). His voice is deep and rich and his music is celestial :)
Harrow "Inspirational, comforting, brilliant, when I was 16 just as I am 55."
"Denham, Bucks" Just keep it going.
"November 2, 2005"
Kent "Am watching Live in Providence, gut-wrenching version of Walking on a wire!!When did you transpose from G to D??"
Lincolnshire "Love your stuff, saw you in York Opera House a few years back. Great Night, can't wait till your playing again. Please put me on the mailing list."
South Carolina XXX
Massachusetts I've seen Richard perform live approximately 11 times both - acoustic and electric. I hope he tours the East Coast of the USA again soon.
"November 3, 2005"
Virginia "Just saw you (RT) and Danny (DT) play at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia near Washington DC on Halloween. Loved the concert and introduced my girlfriend to you music. She especially loved HOTS FOR THE SMARTS and the intelligence in all you songs!"
North Carolina Stellar performance last night at the [Glenn Yarborough] Carrboro Arts Center-- very educational! How about bringing the '1000 Yrs' tour to the southeast?
Ontario We've seen Mr. T numerous times when he plays Toronto Ontario. And it's always a stunning performance.
"November 4, 2005"
Alabama Looking forward to seeing my ?6th? RT show tomorrow night at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. We would love for you to come back to Birmingham or maybe the Chucker in Tuscalossa again! Great web site!
North Carolina "I first heard Thompson's ""Season of the Witch"" on public radio, I am now a fan for life. He has a great talent."
"November 5, 2005"
Canberra looking for your version of donavans 'season of the witch '
Washington Love to see you in Spokane sometime!
Pennsylvania have seen richard in concert a few times and absolutely love his music!!
"November 6, 2005"
South Carolina "Exceptional, first-rate concert at the Handlebar in Greenville. Come back soon."
North Carolina "Attended show in Greenville, SC last night (11/5/05). Wonderful opening act with Eliza!! Thoroughly enjoyed!! Great interaction with Danny! Missed hearing ""Misunderstood"" and ""Beeswing"""
North Carolina "my wife and i at Greenville, SC concertlast nite(5 Nov) and were ecstatic that another old fart is still going strong. long time between concerts. last time was in albany,ny in sept,'75. thanks for continuing to do intelligent,irreverant, ball-busting music. "
Derbyshire love the current releases. more dvd's of old concert footage please. any chance of the 'solo' and 'richard and linda' back catalogue on 5.1 ?
Maine hope to see you at camden opera soon thanks
"November 7, 2005"
New Jersey i just saw richard thompson at mccarter theatre in princeton and was so impressed i'd like to buy tickets now for his show there next year - please keep me informed - the best concert i've seen!
South Carolina very much enjoy the music.wish linda were still on the albums-her voice brought such a contrast.
cirencester how about playing Gloucester?
"November 8, 2005"
North Carolina "Got to meet RT, briefly, waiting tables in Atlanta -- he ate salmon. Was already a guitar-playing fan. Seen many RT shows in the south and love RT music."
"November 9, 2005"
UK "Will ""Some Enchanted Evenings"" EP be available via UK Hive fairly soon?"
California thanks for all the great meaningful music
Massachusetts "love to have regular info on tours and releases, r.t.'s music has remained a constant source of deep enjoyment over the years, and its heartening that a musician of his calibre continues to play, tour and have an audience."
Georgia "Thank you for coming to Atlanta on a more regular basis(once a year!) For a long time, it didn't seem as if you were here all that much. I have been listening to Richard's music since I was in high school in the late 70's. He ages so incredibly well!(Damn sexy man, I think) His last two performances here in Atlanta have been inspiring and flawless. My heart aches when I hear him sing Persuasion and my heart sings when I hear Jimmy Shands! Great work...thank you so much for so many years of pleasure. see you soon, I hope."
"November 10, 2005"
Pennsylvania Husband has been a fan for 10-15 years. He has 3-4 CD's. We enjoyed hearing you play at the Keswick last month.
"November 11, 2005"
West Virginia "Saw Richard in Morgantown earlier this year and gained some understanding of what it means to be a master of one's art. The songs are in many cases what I would describe as ""inevitable."" As Cynthia Gooding said of Bob Dylan, the songs don't have a sense of having been written. They were simply there, and Richard found them for us. Thanks."
Illinois RT ROCKS!
Massachusetts Could you put out a cd of you're parody songs ?
"November 12, 2005"
Ontario "Caught your concert at the intimate and wholly appropriate setting of Trinity-St. Paul's in Toronto. Was my first time to see you perform live, and was more than impressed! Thanks for a great evening!"
"November 13, 2005"
s wales uk patiently awaiting another gig near our home the last one was at Huntington Hall Worcester and you waved up to us on the balcony - I spent all night watching your bum
"November 14, 2005"
Japan I love your music Richard!!!
Amsterdam "Beesweb is a Beautifull site"
Ashton-in-Makerfield always enjoy listening to your music keep it coming
Kansas See you next time in Lawrence!
Yorkshire You never get a bad performance with Richard always look forward to his gigs
"November 15, 2005"
Flanders "The first weekend of september I was in Brussels. We arrived at the Great Market and there was a free concert that evening, we were unknown who was going to play. A very nice lady who was doing the personal artist musicshop explained us that it was Richard Thompson. For me it was the best concert ever, the guitar, the lyrics, the voice, the two men on the stage: they were a real gift. Now at home I'm searching to get that feeling again, the music is sublime but can never get near the experience of the concert... One of milestones of my life. I hope to be on a next concert. With much love and greetings (also to the lady of the shop)"