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November 1 - 15, 2006
"November 1, 2006"
New York Please Keep me posted on his US concert dates
California Richard played a wonderful accoustic set at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Concert. Most of all my 3 year old daughter was on my shoulders swaying and clapping. High praise indeed
Illinois Best website I've seen in ages --- fitting really for the best guitarist/songwriter out there
New Jersey Still yelling out "I Still Dream" when others get up the nerve to badger you for requests. Still no luck. I truly believe that the combination of the volume and auditory range of the men's voices gives them a slight advantage over me. I think you may want to maintain a record of how many males' requests are heard (not necessarily performed) and how many females' are. Another place where we get the shaft. Hmmph. But more importantly, another heart-wrenching performance. I realized tonight why sometimes I hesitate when purchasing a ticket to see/hear you perform live: By the third song I'm already in tears (not merely the sumptuous lyrics and music--hell, you could be singing "Woman or a Man"--I'd still be in tears, but your unsurpassed ability to control both of your instruments and take them to a world where new life is created), and I'm contemplating the fact that each song you play is one song closer to the end of the evening. Sappy, self-indulgent thinking? Yes. But catharsis seems to hold an addictive property for me. It's probably a side-effect of that high IQ. Finally, where's the swag? If you need a salesperson, I'll be out of another non-paying job after the election. Hopefully a large portion of United States Congressmen and Senators will be, too.
"November 1, 2006"
London Great web site always worth a visit.
New Jersey How can one not respect a musician whose sound engineer wears a "Hello Kitty" cap and flip-flops?
New York I am 13 years old, and I am going to your concert tomorrow, November 3rd!!!! I am so excited. I think you are the BEST guitar player ever. I also love Fairport Convention. (I saw them in concert also a couple months ago) I hope you give out autographs...cause my brother already has yours...and I need one for myself! =)
"November 3, 2006"
Pennsylvania Great concert at McCarter theater last night. I hope the song that closed the second encore makes it onto a cd soon.
New Jersey I love his voice he sings from the soul and really feels the words and inturn we all can feel them. RT's delivery is what makes him a star tried and true.
Massachusetts Traveled to Princeton NJ to see you at the McCarter Theater last night (first time I saw you live - so there were new faces in the crowd). It was a fantastic show - I was blown away. Can't wait to hear more of your new music. Loved Poppy Red! And Dad is going to kill me. Any chance you will come to the Sanders Theater this spring when you will be touring with your band (I hear)? Or anywhere else near Boston?
"November 4, 2006"
New Jersey great show in nj
Maryland Love the song Dimming of the day.
Wisconsin Dude! It's a head and a hand! Floating in space! How'd you do that, man? Also I love Mock Tudor.
Massachusetts Thank You!
North Carolina My new favorite song Vincent Black Lighting 1952. This is a great song.
"November 5, 2006"
New York Tarrytown on 11-3-06 was perhaps the best solo show we've seen. Then again, how can they be compared? We say the same every year.
Massachusetts Just saw your most incredible performance in Fall River (MA)at the Narrows Arts Center. I am so lucky to have witness in person your musical genius. Thank you.
New York He moves me from the inside out... brilliant musicality, his guitar embracing all of the orchestrations of his mind and then some... and his lyrics poignant, ironic, and NECESSARY... as is he.
Massachusetts Richard, thanks for all the music. Fantastic performance at The Narrows in Fall River, MA, last evening - Nov. 4, 2006.
New York Just saw RT for the first time in Tarrytown...wonderful concert. Picked up a CD and now diving into his music big time. Wishing Richard all the best & hope to see him back in the area soon.
"November 6, 2006"
USA Thank you!
"November 7, 2006"
Birmingham has never lost the passion or drive in his guitar playing or singing
New York Just saw my first Richard show in Tarrytown, NY. You'll be seeing more of me!
"November 8, 2006"
Scotland Still knocking out quality..maked it easy to get new converts!!!
Florida Richard is one of a kind, He has not sold himself out and continues to create great original tunes with Lyric's that equal Dylan, or any other renown artist. His humor is write on key with this whole crazy world.
"November 9, 2006"
New Jersey Saw you twice at McCarter. A great show as usual. Wish you would do a few more shows in this area. Each year you are sold out before I can get tickets.
Rhode Island Went to concert at The Narrows Center For the Arts in Fall River, MA and fell in love. Asked about guitar-
Massachusetts Richard, please come back and play at the Iron Horse!
Leicestershire RT is one of those recording artists you never get bored of: he always comes up with something new and surprising.
New Jersey Election night '06 set in Red Bank and Hudson River Fest '05 both awesome. "Vincent 52" by Del McCoury at Celebrate Brooklyn '05 - Magic. Richard you have to play Celebrate Brooklyn 2007.
Pennsylvania I've always greatly admired your music; your songwriting, guitar playing and singing. I was at your solo show last night in Wilmington, DE; it was great! My hair stood on end at some of your songs. Keep it up, I'll see you next time you play in the Philly/Baltimore area.
Delaware I went to the concert in Wilmington last night. Richard was absolutely mesmerizing! thanks for performing "Persuasion" it's one of my most favorite songs! I got Teddy to do it when we saw him at the World Cafe in Philadelphia in August 2004.
Washington Well, I've just bought Fairport's "Meet on the Ledge." I had no idea there was anything so fine. And now I've heard Sandy Denny's extraordinary gift, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the beauty of it. Anyway, I wanted to pass this note along...and that I'll tell my friends and family.
"November 10, 2006"
California A student of the guitar myself for over 40 years, I believe RT is the finest overall player I've had the pleasure to hear. He is also my favorite songwriter and a dynamic singer and performer. I live in Fresno, CA and the central valley has several fine venues for performers, ranging from the Save Mart Center ( a large auditorium where Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Andrea Bocelli have recently performed), to mid-size (Fresno Convention Center with buildings that seat from approx. 1500 to 7000) and the smaller Fresno Memorial Auditorium. We also had the great opportunity to see John Renbourn perform in the very intimate Fresno Art Museum and meet him after the show. I can't begin to say how much enjoyment and inspiration Mr. Thompson's music has given me, not to mention the laughter from his wonderful wit and self-humbling humor. I hope my favorite musician will look into performing in the central CA area. Sorry to ramble and thank you so much for your fantastic website.
Lancashire Superb site for a genius guitarist that I chanced upon at a gig Richard did up hear a couple of years back. I was knocked out by his technique then but more by the fact that he is one of life's cowpokes in a white hat and an all round great bloke....excellent!
Ohio RT has been gracious enough to tour various Ohio venues for a long time. I've seen him many times. My Wedding song in 1986 was Wall of Death! Any raves I would write here would be insufficient. One word that often comes to mind for me after shows is transcendant! The Great Valerio was really something in Nelsonville this summer. I saw Fairport open for Traffic at Indiana U in 70-71. I was so lucky. I'm sorry not to be in Pittsburgh tonight.
"November 11, 2006"
Sunderland I've been a fan of RT since the golden days of Fairport (Unhalfbricking still does it for me) Long may you run.
California RT Rocks!!!
Michigan You're just one of my all time favorite musicians. Some truly beautiful music. Singing Vincent Black Lightning to myself has gotten me through some harrowing experiences (like getting lost and stranded in a snowy desert, alone, overnight). And you're damn good for the times when I'm feeling bitter -- Crawl Back Under My Stone is bolstering me currently through some girl troubles (yeah, I know, it's not about a girl, but still...). And seeing you live (once in San Francisco and once in Portland - snuck into the latter, sorry for not paying) has been among the greater pleasures of my life. So thanks!
"November 12, 2006"
Vermont when do you play vermont again? the vincent black lightning song ( i hear delmccoury band do it first) really rocks,'re a fabulous artist...i'd love to see one of your shows!
Utah I saw Richard in Fairport Covention in the early 70s. Been a fan ever since.
Pennsylvania Richard - I saw you perform in Pittsburgh last night and am still feeling the energy today! Thanks for dedicating "1952 Vincent ..." to me. Glad that I got a chance to say hello after the concert. Your music truly inspires -- thanks so much for sharing your passion and amazing musical gift. Please come back to Pittsburgh again!! Be well, Stay well -
"November 13, 2006"
New Jersey Saw RT in concert in Princeton, NJ last week and he was wonderful as always. Richard--Thank you for all these years of great music!
"November 14, 2006"
Alaska LOVE the Grizzly Man work. Would LOVE more of same -- instrumental/acoustic/mesmerizing!!!
Pennsylvania We just saw Richard and the band in Pittsburgh, at a Calliope Folk Music concert. The show was suberb! We've seen Richard live many times, but he was truly inspired at this show. Thank you!
Zagreb Best regards !
"November 15, 2006"
Dublin The guy is just brilliant and looking forward to seeing him again in Dublin
Texas RT is wonderful &&&& We need a show in the Dallas/Forth Worth area..
Hampshire Both my husband and I are keen fan and now the kids are getting into it too. When can we see you in the UK again?
California I am a songwriter and musician...I heard a few of your songs...and to be honest, before I found this site, I thought you would look just you do..but 20 yrs younger..haha anyhoo in particular, the song I'm wanting to learn..I dont know the name of..but if you actually check your comments perhaps you could send me the name of the song I'm lookin for, it goes...she was a rare thing, as fine as a bee's wing, so fine a breath of wind might blow her away...and so on. So hit me up plz..and good music by the way...Amazingly descriptive song writing
Durham I'm listening to mike harding's radio 2 show, now and it's a loving tribute to a great musician. many thanks richard. your songs powerful. i wish i was able to write songs that make people listen to politics and love. they move plebs like me into doing something to make this world a nicer place to live. all the best for a long and happy future.
Aberdeen, Scotland it would be lovely to be in contact again - plucked up my courage and went along to Brampton Festival last year and just marvelled at how wonderful an evening it was and felt how right it was to be there and hear some of the familiar songs and some of the new ones- felt just wonderful to be there and wanted to say hello again
North Carolina just heard Richard in Charlotte and want to purchase some albums that contained the songs I heard here. What do you recommend?