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NOVEMBER 1 - 15, 2007
"November 1, 2007"
Liverpool Hi I went to see Richard at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool last week and he was great. I would certainly go again if he ever plays Liverpool
"November 3, 2007"
London Awesome gig at the Roundhouse. Wish I'd caught Mr T. in concert before
California I'll never forget being cooped up with strep throat for 6 weeks in 1969 and hearing Liege and Leaf for the first time on KMET.
"November 5, 2007"
Wisconsin A few weeks ago, my dad, an erstwhile British motorcycle enthusiast, told me he saw some bluegrass band up North play a song about a Vincent Black Lightning. Just a few days ago, while looking up lyrics for my own cover band, I stumbled across Vincent Black Lightning 1952. I think I was fated to discover the music of Richard Thompson. I've loved everything I've heard so far.
Hampshire interested in tours, C.D's etc.
"November 6, 2007"
Lanarkshire, Scotland Seen Richard live around ten times and he never lets you down. Recent gig at Fruitmarket in Glasgow was ace despite feedback Problems.
California Saw the RTB band live for the 1st time @ the Mtn. Winery last Sept. After watching the "Providence","ACL" & "1000 Yrs" DVDs repeatedly, my wife & I were anticipating the best concert we would ever see. The performance far exceeded all expectations. It was a magical night of music in a beautiful setting. Great musicians and songs, and Richard's singular wit and humor. Specials thanks are in order for everyone who managed to get all that equip. to the top of that wonderful but very steep mtn!A mostly amateur guitarist myself for over 40 yrs.,I enjoy listening to Richard above any other. I would like to add that although I don't hear it spoken of as much as some of the other great tunes on "Swt. War.", "Poppy Red" is my personal favorite. I hope it's in the set the next time RT is in our area. Thanks for the great website
West Midlands What about guitar tabs? Share the beauty!
West Virginia I saw you once in a small club in Pittsburgh. One of the greatest shows i ever saw.
South Carolina Once sat/served as Richard's sound pedal helper at a courtside table at now-defunct Lloyd's of Hartford, CT in the late 80s.
"November 7, 2007"
England Haven't seen Richard live much since Fairport for some reason. He played Falmouth on his own recently. It's in my top 5 gigs, which also includes the Doors in 69. A perfect evening. THanks for coming to Cornwall.
Wilshire Saw Richard with the band at Bristol and Basingstoke recently.....too many highlights to single anything out, altho' Hard On Me was phenomenal. Any chance of a 1000 Years over here? Please..…
Donegal I sing your songs, and it usually takes a couple of months before I can do so without being overcome with emotion. And pretty much every night I gig I'm asked "Who wrote that?" whether its beeswing, dimming of the day, galway to graceland or take care the road you choose, amongst the many many instant classics you've written. So I hope that those people then preach to the unconverted as a small payback for the many years of past and undoubtedly future enjoyment and inspiration you've given me. Cheers Richard, you're a legend
"November 8, 2007"
Leeds He's one of the most creative artists I've come across.
California More bootlegs!!!
colorado I was involved in the email fiasco this morning--did not want to receive emails intended for the beekeeper, but did not want to be removed from this list either. Please reinstate.
"November 10, 2007"
Queensland Thank you Richard. For the songs, the riffs, the soundtrack to many of the happiest times of my life. And for those glorious, glorious Cropredy days.
Dorset Love it. Thanks Richard
Bristol Just Heard I'll Never Give It Up And I Love It!
Hertford Been a fan of RT since seeing fairport in Much Hadam in 1970 (i Think) loved RTB on later last night
California Just thanks to Richard for all the wonderful music he's created and shared over the years.
thornaby bril
"November 11, 2007"
Orpington Can't believe I haven't heard him before.
"November 14, 2007"
London just got sweet warrior.absolutely brilliant.thanks
Alabama Thanks for all your wonderful work. I wish I has been a listener for a looooong time, but better now than later(or never)!
Ontario Richard, I would like to thank you for your endless inspiration and undying fortitude to carry on all these years with relentless originality and style. Looking forwad to seeing you again in Ontario Canada, you should come to the John Labatt Centre/RBC Theatre in London, Ontario. I would be able to bring MANY adoring fans! I just love your approach to "Let it blow". Take care.
"November 15, 2007"
Los Angeles I actually bought all the early Fairport Albums 36 years ago and wore them out. Richard's music has inspired me and helped to shape my own musical path. Tonight I went to see son Teddy play at the El Ray theatre in LA. I have been listening to his country CD and loving it. So soulful and beautiful. I saw Richard there and I got to meet him. That was moving for me. Thanks for letting me say hi!