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NOVEMBER 1-15, 2008
"November 1, 2008"
Midlands Have tried to buy "Beeswing" and have bought wrong CD. I am enjoying the wrong CD very much. Look forward to seeing you when you are next in the Midlands.
"November 3, 2008"
benissa Unique guitarist I play and would love to talk with such a great musician, hey maybe one day!
California well, ok, to be truthful, not quite my whole life. I first heard Fairport in '68 or '69 (at UCLA as a young teen), later at the Troubadour and many other venues, and have been spreading the word ever since. Thanks for the cogniscent, adult life!
Est. Sucre Gracias a DIOS por todo
"November 4, 2008"
Ross shire Brilliant stuff!
"November 5, 2008"
New York Richard Thompson concerts make me very, very, very happy.
"November 7, 2008"
Oldbury when are you playing in dudley? ok in the midlands then, your welcom at the wagon and horses any time, thats in Digbeth, hope too see you one day
Ontario I'm sorry it took so long to find RT's music. It inspires me.
"November 8, 2008"
British Columbia What a great website!
"November 9, 2008"
"November 13, 2008"
Sheffield I first saw Fairport in 1970 and said to my girlfriend ""That guitar player's fantastic! God, just listen to that mandolin!"" I'm still a great admirer. Thank you, brother, I hope you have a deep and joyful life.
"November 14, 2008"
Michigan Heard "King of Bohemia" on cable-BBC with Jools. Nearly in tears. Love it.
"November 15, 2008"
Yorkshire Very impressed by your son's version of 'tonight will be fine', so looked him up and found refs to you. I am just tracing my finger along the map to see where it takes me. Will listen to Richard Thompson when I can. Cheers.